Thread: How To...let's hear how you did it!

How To...let's hear how you did it!

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    How To...let's hear how you did it!

    So, obviously there are NUMEROUS ways to get through all the missions, but let's hear how you did it.

    I'll deliberately skip the introdutory level, which is only there as a tutorial anyway and pretty linear and go straight to "King of Chinatown"

    The easiest way is this. Head from the start point, and at some point, mick up a bottle/brick/other form of distraction.

    Go to the alley to the King's apartment, where there'll be a cop sitting on his arse watching things. Flip the power switch to distract him, then sneak past him to the apartment.

    Go in, and wait in the closet. Eventually, the King will arrive. Sneak out, sleeperhold him until he's unconscious, take his clothes, and stash him anywhere convenient.

    Dressed as the King, you ca go pretty much anywhere your target ISN'T, since once you do meet him, he'll presume you're meeting to broker a deal and head to the apartment! Even the cops don't care where you go!

    Collect the evidence folder (again, the cops really won't care) and wait on the King! Once he meets you, he'll follow you back to the apartment!

    When he's snorting the coke (or before if you REALLY want) fibrewire his adam's apple through the top of his skull! When you're done, stash the body.

    If you REALLY want, you can change back into your suit and use a distraction to get past the cop. Otherwise, use the fact the cops really do't care about where the dealer goes or what he's doing to just stroll to the exit! Job done!

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    I think easiest way is to go where his car is. Distract cop so he will go to garbage. Subdue him, hide his body in garbage. Then start the car alarm. King will come, fibrewire or just snap his neck. Throw him in to garbage. Silent Assassin. Done.

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    My first try was poisoning him.
    After I'm through with stealth approach, I just try to have fun.

    U can see that here.

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    This pretty much shows you your way is not one of the fastest, and I've seen other people do it even faster. There are some crazy people on this planet man xD