Hi, first time poster here and I have an unusual request.
Does anyone have any links to some decent developer interviews on video or podcast? I'm making a sort of fan documentry/making of/playthrough video and it's very hard to find any decent material out there. Most of the ones I've seen have just been 3 minute E3 puff pieces with no real depth.
This is an example of what i'm tryng to do with my video series where my first episode focused on Bioshock -

I noticed that there were some links to the podcast but these links seem to be dead now, does anyone still have these podcasts?
The only stuff I've seen of any real interest was con panel interviews with Hill, Dini, Hamill and Conroy and Sefton Hills DICE 2012 Arkham City speech. Is there anything with that depth for Arkham Asylum and if so could someone please help me?

I love Arkham Asylum and want to do the game as much justice as possible in my video.