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    Just started playing this, I had it in my games library and played it before but put it aside because life happens. WOW! This game is GREAT! I am playing the steam version on PC with an xbox controller (there are no on screen prompts for the buttons on the controller do I need to enable that, or does it always tell me keyboard commands?)

    Wow the animations are great! The feeling when she does a handstand going up ledges is fantastic! Love the acrobatics and just having her do them all the time. Think Im going to play a little of this and then get in on Underworld, since I never played it. The visuals are making me drool! Arghhhh, her animations are so good, and whoever is the camera person for these games is worth their weight in gold it can make or break games like this and it works! Also the audio team for this game and TR2013 they do such a great job, someone should buy them a lunch just because!

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    Me too,I like it very much!~

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    I love this game, too

    I think I will play it again asap!!

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    I feel you, it's one of my favourite games ever!

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    Ann and TR1 are pretty much tied as the best TR games in the series. The flop reboot can try harder next time.
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    Both the new and original versions of this game are ace. The graphics upgrade they gave the game brings it into a new era. I think Nathan Mcree was the one responsible for most of the tracks from the game but not on TR2013.

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    It is one of my favourites of the series along with the original. They did an awesome job of bringing up the graphics and still keeping the feel.

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