Hi all,

I started playing Hitman Absolution in November and had to stop for personal reasons. I was able to get up to Hunter and Hunted mission and had played on both Normal and Hard difficulties (Normal to get an idea of the mission and Hard to make it more challenging). I checked FAQS and forums to make sure that people could get the Absolution achievement by replaying a level.

So last month I began to play the game again after having time, I noticed that the first 5 levels had '0' scores. Regardless I continued to play the game and played each level 'Normal' then 'Hard'. I got to the end of the game and finished it on hard and no achievement popped. I played the first five levels on hard and again and no achievement popped.

I have spent so much time trying to make a perfect run through this and it would be frustrating to have to replay the game just for this achievement even though I've earned it on my own terms and the terms of the game.

Any advice?

I am Scraps007 on Steam. I am playing contacts mode atm so you can add me for that.