Thread: ONE unfound easteregg left!

ONE unfound easteregg left!

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    ONE unfound easteregg left!

    Guys, apparently there is one easteregg left to find in this game!

    JHS: I noticed the Mini Ninjas Hiro doll in the orphanage. Are there any other easter eggs/secrets in the game, to your knowledge, no one has found yet? If so, do you have any hints for us?

    TB: Well, to my frustration most Easter eggs were found in the first week of release.. but as far as I know there is still one undiscovered, which is a dancing crash test dummy…That should point towards the location of it as well.
    I'm gonna try to find it this weekend, wish you guys good luck!


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    I make videos of EVERY easteregg, check them out.

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    do you play on ps3?

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    No man, I play on Xbox