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Fatal Crashing Issue

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    Fatal Crashing Issue

    I'm running this game on my home pc:

    EVGA 580 GTX 1.5 GB
    16 GB RAM
    Rampage III Formula board by ASUS
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    I have this issue where the game will occasionally crash. When it does, the screen goes black, the fan on the GPU kicks to max speed, and the only way to fix it is hard kill power cycle it. What's odd, is I've made it to part of the way through Part 2 in the game before this has become common.

    I had this happen once on the way to this part of the game, but I notice now that the effects in this level tax my GPU much more, as my frame rate is lower significantly.

    I attempted to fix this via a few different fixes I've read about online now, but to no avail. I turned down the speed on my GPU core, which did not fix the issue. I've read that some people found a fix in changing the Vcore, but I am unable to find a way to adjust this myself. I also have read that some people are suggesting turning off the in game AA, and use the control panel for this. I have not had the opportunity to test this quite yet, but plan to as soon as I get home.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions on how to fix this? Both my drivers for my GPU and the games patches are up to date also.

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    So disabling MSAA worked. Odd thing is, graphics look the same but performance has skyrocketed. I went from 20-30 frames to well over 60.