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Dissidia Duodecim: Lightning "How to Play"

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    First and Foremost, this thread focuses on Lightning's different skills, abilities, combos, and strategies to keep your soldier in action. Feel free to contribute, and discuss.

    Take Note:
    - Attack meanings are not official; they are self defined.
    - Whenever I said building up EX mode/Assist Mode, you gotta equip the right accessories to initialize them (Side by Side etc.)
    - When opponent has Assist bars, they can assist punish or suffice the assists if you are combo-ing.
    - A Natural Combo is an attack that when the first spell/attack hits, the remaining atack/spell will hit.
    - Assist punishing is done by summoning your assist to punish before you have the chance to perform the attack (startup frames)
    - Staggering refers to the animations when the opponents blocks your attacks/spells.
    - Limit Glitch refers to the animation that occurs when certain attacks "only works" when they hit an opponent, thus the game itself considers that it hits.
    - Flourish of Steel is a HP attack, I just include it in BRV. because it branches to Launch.




    BLITZ: Creates a homing and circling attack, ending with a gun snipe.
    Good For: If opponent's attack whiff in far range, you can whiff punish them with blitz.

    LAUNCH: Attack with a launching effect.
    Good for: Building up EX mode, and for combo-ing into a high wall.

    Branch: Flourish of Steel: Creates devastating blows.
    Good for: Killing off an opponent, or building up Assist Gauge.

    RUINGA: Creates a non-elemental heavy magic to knockdown opponents.
    Good for: Nothing really good in this attack. Can be used as a combo starter, but inconsistent.

    SMITE: Attack that smashes an opponent to the ground.
    Good for: Whiff punishing and low wall carrying.

    BLAZE RUSH: Attack with gunfires and end with a headbutt.
    Good for: Building EX and Assist Mode, wall carrying.

    RUIN: Creates three non-elemental magic to Chase opponents.
    Good for: Combos, Chasing sequences.


    FIRE: Creates three rapid fire spells that is a Natural Combo.
    Good for: Nothing good for this spell. It can be dodge and assist punish.

    ARMY OF ONE: Creates devastating furries of attacks that Chases opponents.
    Good for: Good in Combos, but sucks in other uses. It can be assist punished.

    THUNDAGA: Creates a devastating Thunder spell.
    Good for: Thundaga protects you from being attacked, and you cannot be staggered when blocked. It reflects back spells.

    AERORA: Creates an Air-based spell.
    Good for: ONE of her best combo starters. Use this as a whiff punisher on ground.

    WATERA: Creates a water spell that hurls down opponents.
    Good for: It keeps opponents at bay and limits their attacking. Great for giving advantages. It reflects back spells.

    THUNDER: Creates a thunder spell that chases opponents.
    Good for: ABSOLUTELY the best move. It doesn't stagger Lightning, and has great recovery frames. Use this as whiff punisher.

    BLIZARRA: Creates an ice-based spell.
    Good for: Keeping opponents at bay and dodging. It will slow their dashing and lure them into it.

    - MEDIC
    Notes: All spells in this Paradigm are BRV based, and thus optional to use. Unless you're low on BRV.

    CURE/CURA: Builds up BRV.


    RAZOR GALE: Creates a whirl of sword to chase down opponents.

    LIGHTNING STRIKE: Strikes an opponent that homes and tracks.

    CRUSHING BLOW: Headbutts an opponent in air. Good for a combo starter.

    THUNDERFALL: Creates a rain of Lightning. Has a decent range.


    JECHT -
    Since Lightning is a good EX depletion gal, and tends to build more EX, you're opt to optimize your gameplay in combos. Jecht's attacks are consisting of a ground smash ender and a high ender. You would always try to use the high ender one if you're above the wall, but if you're far from the high wall then you will use the ground smash ender. This way, you can build more Assist Gauge, in relation to many juggles in play.

    KUJA - Kuja is the same as Jecht, Kuja's one just have the chase effects.

    NOTES: Every member can post up a decent build for Lightning. Since we're opt to discuss something relevant here, I'm going to show you my build:

    LIGHTNING (Yoko)
    Equipment: Zantetsuken
    Armor: Lufenian Armor
    Helm: Lufenian Bangle
    Arnament: Genji Armor

    Battle Hammer
    Side by Side
    Hyper Ring
    Muscle Belt
    Booster: Opponent's HP<50%
    Miracle Shoes
    Booster: Summon Used
    Booster: Aerial in 10 seconds
    First to Victory
    Power Ring

    SUMMON: Iron Giant


    LIGHTNING (Symbiosis)

    Equipment: Lufenian Gun, Lufenian Armor, Lufenian Bangle, Genji Armor

    Accessories: Battle Hammer,Side by Side, Vengeful Soul, Hyper Ring, Booster: Aerial in 10 seconds, Booster: Pre-Ex Mode, Booster: Pre-Guard, Booster: Pre-Stagger, Purple Gem, White Gem

    Summon: Alexander/Bahamut

    * Feel Free to post up your decent builds.


    SELF COMBOS (Without Assists)

    1. Aerora - Army of One (chase)
    2. Aerora - Lightning Strike
    NOTES: When Lightning Strike's first attack whiffs, it will be a Limit Glitch.
    3. Army of One - Thunder (chase)
    NOTES: This impossible to do without a wall angle.
    4. Watera - Thunder (chase) - Thunderfall
    NOTES: Use Thunder upto to two hits and dodge away, and let Watera hit them while they stagger. When you dodge away, you perform Thunderfall.
    5. Blizarra - Thunderfall
    NOTES: Not considered as a combo, but rather a tech combo. When they recover from Blizarra, the rains of Thunderfall will hit them.
    6. Aerora - Smite
    7. Aerora - Blaze Rush
    8. Fire - Blitz
    NOTES: This is impossible to do without a wall angle.

    - TO be EDITED


    - Thundaga is a multiple hit spell. When done next to a wall angle, it can deal upto 6 hits.

    - Crushing Blow's effect can assist combo while the opponents recover.

    - You can set up Thundaga as a wall of protection, or "TRAP". e.g. use Thundaga and switch to COM and use Blitz. If opponents try to forward jump, they'll get caught in the Thundaga trap.

    - Expel unnecessary abilites like Cura/Cure or Ruinga.

    - Ruinga, like I said, can combo. But it has a small recovery window to begin, so your assist might whiff their attacks.

    - If you're going for combos, always try maintaining the reverse paradigm skill (RAV - COM - MED). It is a free ability.

    - Lightning is one of the best EX builders in the game, so if you're chasing down EX cores, give her Speed Boost II.

    - Zantetsuken's "Riposte" effect is a free ability when you equip the weapon, so you'll be saving 50 APs in your inventory.

    - Don't use RAV spells when you are very close to the opponents. The start-up frames are VERY slow, and the chance of being hit is very high.

    - If you're aiming for Ex Gauge Depletion rates, always do the HP combo enders. The greater the damage, the greater the deplete.

    - Blaze Rush keeps track of opponents movements, so they're force to dodge.

    - Ruinga, when done in a corner or wall, counts as an Natural Combo.

    - Blitz staggers opponents when they block the move.

    - When opponent try to reflect Watera, they stagger.

    - Spamming Thunder, because of its good recovery frames, will tend to increase your Assist Gauge more.

    - Razor Gale is a good tool to fish out opponents into dodging, rendering you at advantage.

    - ThunderFall's circling sword animation can hit the opponent; but it will cost the whole HP attack to whiff and miss.

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    I would swap Power Ring for a Booster. The higher the booster is, the greater multiplier of Hyper Ring. My build:

    LIGHTNING (Symbiosis)

    Equipment: Lufenian Gun, Lufenian Armor, Lufenian Bangle, Genji Armor

    Accessories: Battle Hammer, Side by Side, Vengeful Soul, Hyper Ring, Booster: Aerial in 10 seconds, Booster: Pre-Ex Mode, Booster: Pre-Guard, Booster: Pre-Stagger, Purple Gem, White Gem

    My summon: Alexander/Bahamut

    I also use Vaan as my assist partner. His wall carry can carry at a good distance.


    Anyway, why is Thunder a good spamming move? It has a very small range, and can terribly whiff punish you (or assist punish).

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    Power Ring nets you 3% Damage multiplier, that is the same with any boosters - unless you are using a 4x multiplier (like Ally level gap).

    I guess you are using the Ex Depletion synthesize item?

    Anyways, Thunder comes out at i10 - i15 frames, and does not stagger when opponents block. Yes it has small range, but it's one of the panic moves you're gonna spam with. It has good recovery frames.

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    Here's one of my matches. NOTE that this is last year's match, I just uploaded it today (yeah, AWKWARD). I had so many errors actually, possibly like we're drank lol. SInce this is a last year match, my gameplay could have improved now.

    Some Strategies and Errors I did:

    - Thunder will beat any Cecil's aerial attack in Paladin. Keeping close to him and dodge/whiff punish while he is in aerial Paladin is recommended.

    - Wrong Timing of Assist Combo-ing. You see that I'm timing my assist (Jecht) for using his aerial BRV attack (that slams opponents into the ground) once the second the opponent hits the ground.

    - Wrong paradigm I had selected while I EX Revenge my opponent. I had Cure cast instead -_-.

    - Using Blitz to counterpart Cecil's Dark Knight Ground Moves will make him go aerial dodge. He doesn't have ANY good attack in Dark Knight Aerial Moves, so I used that as advantage.

    - I am trying to be flashy in the match, so forgive me.

    - I did the link glitch combo Aerora - Lightning Strike, as well as Blizarra - ThunderFall.

    - I build up Assist Gauge so I can Assist sacrifice when Cecil tried to attack me in his Dark Knight Ground moves.

    - I got lucky to dodge his Paladin Laser Attacks a few times, that was a close call.

    - I have Speed Boost II here, so it will be a huge advantage for getting EX cores.

    - Summon was kinda effy, I didn't manage to half his BRV during the SUMMON gauge time.

    - Army of One for whiff punisher while the opponent has no Assist Gauge is your biggest advantage for BRV sapping.

    - I whiff my attacks so I can lure my opponent into attack me in Aerial Paladin/Dark Knight. That way, thunder will be a huge help in this fight.

    - Using Blizarra when opponent is near obstacle.

    - He whiffed alot of Saint's Fall. He is using that to counterpart my Watera, which I didn't use at all.

    - Always use Aerora at a fair distance. Stop using at point blank range 'cause its iX frames are very slow.

    - The reason why I had MED paradigm is that I'm shifting into that paradigm to mess out my opponent into attack me. Remember that MED doesn't have an attack, but switching paradigms will trick your opponent.

    - Avoid being hit by laser. Cecil will have a free Saint's Fall/Paladin Force when you got hit by it.

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    Nice Lightning Highlights. I can't seem wonder how Blizarra to ThunderFall connects. Is it a natural combo?

    I also tend to use Lightning more in RAV. RAV is her safest and offensive paradigm in use, rendering COM a useless. I only use COM when building up BRV and assist combos/assist gauge. MED was meh, you need to space your cures so you don't get to be attacked. Well it can be good when opponent tries to get Ex Cores etc.

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    The thunderbits from Thunderfall will hit a dodging opponent. It's not actually natural, but it goes consistent all the time.

    Yeah, I know. COM will probably be good if you have assist gauges around to mess. The only thing not good in that paradigm is Ruinga. It's pretty good to dodge and can be blocked. Well it combos like I said, but inconsistent. Having MED around is good for regaining BRV (from HP attacks), having a Watera around will increase your safety.

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    It might be interesting to note that performing Thunderfall close up, while a bit of a gamble due to startup time, will allow the revolving swords to also hit for Bravery damage.

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    Yeah I know. But the whole attack will whiff when this happens.

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    This is good stuff. Do you think you could post the assist combos?