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Thread: Post Process causes flicker/stutter

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    Post Process causes flicker/stutter

    Heard a lot of good things of this game from friends that are able to play trouble free that are loving it.

    Enabling the post process option causes a strange what I can only describe as a flicker effect in the scenery this is even on the lowest settings with only it enabled.
    ITs not low framerate as you will see at the end of the video.

    Also the game crashes even when using the lowest settings without post process enbled after about 5 minutes or so.

    AMD phenom 2 955
    8GB RAMs
    AMD 6870 catalyst 13.2 build 7
    Windows 7 64bit

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    Have you tried disabling "Exclusive Fullscreen"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CameO73 View Post
    Have you tried disabling "Exclusive Fullscreen"?
    Yes. I turned everything off including that.

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    I would like to suggest submitting a ticket on and also please provide a DXDIAG. To access the feature on your PC go to run - enter DXDIAG - click ok - Save all information has a .txt file - please copy the information so we may see it.

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    That flickering happens when you turn the dept of field off or normal with post prossesing on; either turn pp off or turn dof to ultra and it will stop, that's how I fixed it. The new driver and patch seem to have helped a little but it still there.

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    I dotn like depth of field but will try it with FULL.

    After the latest patch it still happens using catalyst 13.3 beta.



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    Are you still experiencing this issue after the most recent patch?

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    I get the same "effect" when I set Texture Quality to High, and then the game just crashes. But I'm not really sure what could fix it since you apparently have it in Low. Try uninstalling all graphic drivers and reinstalling them again.

    You could try uninstalling the game too, cleanning Windows registry and reinstalling it again...

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