Thread: Rope arrows not viable?

Rope arrows not viable?

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    Well Blackman, I have always been a fan of Rope Arrows and this is a perfectly good use of them. I saw this video before and sure would like to try it.
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    Long time no see. How are you doing? Peter Smith and a few others are still around, BA, Little K, Nightwalker and one or two more. Clayman popped in a while ago, but I've not seen him since.

    Lazarus is back and offering to do Videos for FMs.

    Do drop in now and then and keep us posted. There are many FMs that are outstanding. I think the number is in excess of 1000 at the moment.

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    Thanks for the reply Mr. Blackman. Yeah has been a while since I was around. Haven't even played Thief in a while until recently. I got Gold and T2 up on windows 7. T2 was the easiest for some reason. Am doing a play through of Gold right now. You know even though Thief is from 1998 it is still big fun. Feels like home. Had a kick with Baffords, Assassins, and Bonehoard. Am on Guild right now. The only thing I need to figure out on T Gold with windows 7 is which texture packs are the best these days. I had a few and still have the files but don't remember which were the best. There may even be new ones. But I got widescreen working and of course the DDfix. Am playing on a 30 inch monitor these days.

    Nice to hear some are still around. Clayman I think was gone before I was. Glad he is till kicking. Peter Smith, BA, Nightwalker, and Littlek, wow, part of the old core group still around. Might pick up around here once the new Thief is out next year. Looks promising but I hope they don't fudge it with the focus system. And we better have saves anytime we want them.

    What's everyone using to run FM's these days? Any new proggies to run them? I probably should check up on current FM's. The last really great series I played was The 7 Sisters.
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    Use the current version of DARKLOADER for all standard FMs. Use GARRETTLOADER for all the T3 type FMs.

    Don't mix them. It seems that Darkloader is still the best for TDP/GOLD/TMA and Garrettloader for the TDS (T3) FMs.

    A new tweak is available in NEW DARK which is roughly a 1.19 version there is ample assistance and threads on how to use it.

    There are new texture packs and widescreen fixes available also.

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    So things are still the same for FM's. I always used Darkloader and Garrettloader separately.

    Not up on New Dark though. May have to check into that.
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    Hi Sneak. Good to hear from you.

    I'm still playing Thief FMs, mostly testing them for old friends. Seven Sisters is one good one, as you know. Since then, I think The Black Frog by Gaetane is one of the best - it's also a multi mission pack. You might also check out The Drymian Codex by Yandros et al.

    Thief 1.19 works great for both T2 and T1/Gold. There is a bug fix 1.21 out now. These can be installed on top of a fresh install of T1 or T2. They take care of all the technical problems in one shot. It works out of the box. It used to be with 1.19 that you needed to supply separately some external libraries for Direct X and Visual C++, but I hear that 1.21 takes care of all this. TTLG, Thief General Discussion, is a good place to get started.

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    Hi Peter, you too. So New Dark 1.19 or 1.21 have to be installed over a fresh install of Thief? If I already have thief up and running is there any advantage to using New dark?

    Am off to hunt down the FM's you mentioned.

    Playing though T Gold again. Has been a while. Still fun. Like riding a bicycle.

    Am in Caverns right now.
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    Wow lots of threads for New Dark. I could be reading for Days. Looks like new FM's require New Dark. Guess I will be installing T2 and T Gold again.

    Will old Fm's still work with it?
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    Given a previous install that worked through good fortune, the advantage of New Dark iis that limiitations of the previous engines such as polys and tearing artifacts are eliminated. So even older FMs that approach various limits will play better. New FMS are going to adopt it, as you noted, so it will be necessary. All fixes needed to make modern computers work are centralized. This means that if you ever need to reinstall you will be set. The fear of going to a new computer will be eliminated. Enjoy.

    Yes, Old FMs and OMs will work with New dark. Save games are forward compatible, meaning that old saves witll load OK on New Dark. New dark Save games are not backward compatible with 1.,18 because additional data are stored in the new save file.

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    Thanks Peter,
    I got the 1.21 version and will probably set it up with a new install of T2 tomorrow.

    Meanwhile I just finished a play through of Thief Gold. Still a blast.
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