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Thread: Ledge Glitch on PC *SPOILERS*

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    Ledge Glitch on PC *SPOILERS*

    I've run into a strange glitch. It contains spoilers so read at your own risk:

    If anyone can help with this, that'd be awesome

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    Hey there!

    I think this issue could use a bit more detail and some one-on-one troubleshooting with our Suport website. Any chance you can fill out a ticket here?

    Also, a photo or video might be very helpful!

    Here is the link, and a rundown of how to create a ticket:

    Creating a Ticket
    Click on the “contact” button
    When the next page loads, in the “Customer Service” section, click the “Get Support” button
    The next page will direct you to select a category and subcategory e.g. Technical Support > Video/Graphics
    In the Contact details, type a brief description of the problem and click “Next”.
    Click “Next” again
    This will provide an “E-mail Support” option, Click “proceed to E-mail Support”
    Fill out the required information and click “Next”
    Review the entered information and hit “Submit”

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