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Thread: [RESOLVED] xbox 360 game freeze - game breaker @ 27% after rope arrow

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    [RESOLVED] xbox 360 game freeze - game breaker @ 27% after rope arrow

    After acquiring the rope arrow, instead of going towards the blue smoke
    I used fast travel at the camp to go back to the mountain village.

    This is rather obvious, as there were a lot of rope arrow spots. A lot of players might do the same thing, so i'm curious to hear from people who remember doing this as well.

    The game froze. However, it seems to have saved my position there before crashing: restarting the xbox and selecting 'continue' now also freezes the game.

    So, either going back to the mountain village at 27% story crashes the game, or a random crash wrecked the save game.

    Anyway, the game is fun enough to restart, but a fix would be appreciated.

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    OK, I managed to get the game to work again. I'm not sure which of the following steps are necessary, but here's what I did:

    1. I copied the save game (not the profile data, only the save game) to a different medium, on a different Xbox.

    2. I started the game on this 2nd xbox, selected the new medium as storage device. The game then asks you to register your email and so, which I blissfully skipped

    3. I then selected continue, which worked.

    I guess I'll be able to copy my save game back to the first medium.

    This all could point to a problem with the game's cache on the first console. I'll try it out on xbox #1, if it crashes, I'll reset the cache and see if that changes something.

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