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Thread: Feature Requests / DLC Ideas

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    Feature Requests / DLC Ideas

    If you'd like to see something added or something changed in a possible future PC patch / console title update / DLC, post it here!

    Popularity of each item will be tallied with a count like so (0), so make sure to voice your opinion on feature requests that you like. I will not be going around to every thread on the forum that discusses these topics and adding the votes. If there is another thread where people are requesting things, please help by directing them here!

    To be clear - this thread is NOT for bugs. Bugs should be reported in our TR9 Technical Forum. Only for things that are working as they should, but you would like to see it working differently, or for requesting things that are currently not in the game that you would like to see added.

    Disclaimer: The devs *are* watching this thread, so your voices are being heard, but there are *no* guarantees that the devs will change or add anything posted in this thread.

    Player Progress

    - (26) Provide "chapter selection" / "replay mission" (could be related to "restart mission" permanent auto saves)
    - (26) Revamp the save system. (Partly addressed in PC Patch 3/25) - Still wanted for consoles
    • TR has small saves, we have hard drives!
    • Have unlimited manual saves in a list that scrolls - menu, press save, choose a save to overwrite or choose "new save"
    • Ability to delete a save game
    • Also, have three separate save slots that are used only by the game (and cannot be deleted by player). Every time the game does an auto save, it rotates between those three slots
    • Lastly, the ability to turn off the auto saving (for multiple reasons, one being causing game to hitch/stutter)
    • Also requested by some is for the game to remember your exact location when you save
    - (3) "Restart mission" option, in case something goes wrong in the quest (start of mission permanent auto saves)
    - (3) Make the saved games include your difficulty setting, instead of difficulty being global (multiple people playing, using different saves)
    - (2) In-game clock for time keeping, speedruns, etc., show time spent playing when select save file
    - (2) Ability to rewatch cutscenes

    Game Text / QTEs - Overall, players do not want the feeling of "hand holding" - teach once, then stop

    - (21) Option to disable the reminders to use Survival Instinct (don't need constant reminders after introduced at beginning)
    - (21) Option to disable helper icons (axe icon on doors, flame icons on burnables, etc.)
    - (15) Option to disable "you are near a Tomb" sound and text - visual cues are even too much! Tombs shouldn't be on main path!
    - (9) Option to disable the reminders of what my current objective is.
    - (6) On PC, option to make QTE icon show the keybind button instead of a symbol (fair, compared to controllers)
    - (6) Increase size of text in Camp Menus, especially re: upgrades, on consoles (text too small)
    - (3) Get rid of white ledges
    - (2) Various requested changes for how subtitles are displayed, here
    - (2) Option to disable the QTE prompts (for screenshot purposes... and "ultra hard" mode? )
    - (2) Do not have Lara give verbal hints about what to do
    - (2) Instead of subtitles "(speaking in Russian)", show the translated dialogue.
    - (1) On PC, add colors to QTE icons (so they're not all red) to make identification easier (especially when camera shaking)
    - (1) Option to disable HUD reminder when extra pickups or locations are made available on the map
    - (1) Game should have an optional help system like TR Underworld

    Game Options - optional settings

    - (31) Invert X Axis for Camera Control (PC done, most of these votes are for console players, still needs adding for consoles!)
    - (28) Turn off/reduce camera sway/shake/motion, due to motion sickness, headache, etc. (separate sliders ingame/cutscenes?)
    - (17) Turn off water/mud/dirt/blood/rain effects that hit "camera" lens (selectively?) (PC Patch 3/29) (consoles still need)
    - (16) Invert X Axis and Y Axis for aiming (PC done, console players are still voting for this!)
    - (11) SFX and Voice volume controls separate (example: quieter gun sounds, louder distant enemy chatter)
    - (4) Allow to change DirectX level instead of defaulting to highest - 9c, 10, 11
    - (3) Choose audio output: Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 ch, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, PCM, etc.
    - (3) In the pause menu, add "Quit Game" (Alt-F4 works on PC, but adding option would be great too)
    - (2) TressFX is demanding - add Low, Medium, High, Very High options
    - (2) Contrast slider
    - (2) Gamma slider
    - (2) Greater range for brightness slider
    - (2) Southpaw/legacy controls
    - (2) More options re: shadows, they don't totally turn off, to help framerates (details here)
    - (2) "Cheat" that will hide Lara, HUD, and playable MP characters to allow screenshots of gorgeous environments
    - (1) Do not reset system calibrated gamma (technical details)
    - (1) Separate aiming sensitivity for "look" and "aim" such as Gears of War 3
    - (1) Cuda cores for TressFX? (UT3 uses Cuda cores for PhysX)
    - (1) Option to turn off vsync on PS3 to improve framerate
    - (1) EQ settings, to reduce bass
    - (1) Option to turn off Lara's voice reading out the documents
    - (1) Scale down mouse sensitivity relative to the amount of camera zoom
    - (1) With graphics / detail settings on low, there are still high quality effects
    - (1) Survival Instinct should stay active when you move, with an option to set how long it stays active
    - (1) Menu to view, anytime, button features of Skills or Gear improvements, instead of only when you're at a camp.

    DLC - Overall, players want to see SP DLC

    - (63) Additional SP story campaign, which could include:
    • A new hub, possibly opening up new areas of map that say "Unknown Location"
    • 4-5 hours story, possibly with more lore involving Yamatai and Himiko
    • 3-4 massive tombs
    • New weapons, wildlife & costumes
    • Lost fleet? More exploration of ship graveyard?
    - (49) Additional longer tombs, more significant challenge, no enemies, *complex* puzzles, variety of traps, etc (ideas here)
    - (41) More Lara outfits for aesthetic value, maybe as unlockables? (Penguin Suit, Classic Outfit, TRU Outfits, Himiko-like Outfit, Holidays)
    - (38) New Game + (replay value shoots through the roof!)
    - (21) Optional more enemies in post-game free roam, respawn on every visit, full reset? (good idea here)
    - (14) Horde/Challenge/Wave Mode for SP and/or MP/co-op, could use existing MP maps (ideas here, here, here)
    - (13) SP DLC: The Mansion / Croft Manor, with full exterior (ideas here, here)
    - (12) Co-op online (multiplayer) missions
    - (11) Make the gameworld and story progress / paths more open world / less linear
    - (10) Co-op single player missions (perhaps travel through island with a friend or 3)
    - (8) SP DLC: Alex is still alive and you need to go back to the island to find him - idea
    - (7) Add default Lara as an outfit, to avoid progression of model ("Survivor" Lara model is distracting)
    - (7) Zombie DLC - just populate the island with zombies (or a story DLC with someone evil raising the dead)
    - (6) "Father DLC" - play as Mr. Croft and include Roth & Grim, show Lara's first find when she's 5? (suggested here, more here)
    - (6) Co-op non-pvp single player missions, such as Uncharted 3 arena/survival thing
    - (6) Elaborate tombs with tricky platforming/jumping, environmental puzzles, enemies, collectibles
    - (6) New locations, maybe hidden areas underground, or untouched by the Solarii (ie less junk)
    - (6) SP DLC: explore one of the really really old ship wrecks, the floorboards break, fall down into giant underworld
    - (6) Map / level editor, sell dev tools, Steam Workshop functionality
    - (6) Further character creation / customization, maybe unlockable by level and XP challenges? (hair, makeup, etc)
    - (5) A DLC pack entitled "Endurance" (full proposal here)
    - (5) A level with a large complicated tomb, with story re: Lara's "inner obsession" with archaeology
    - (5) A level set in Britain, rainy London streets would be incredible
    - (4) More documents
    - (4) Replay modes "Infinite Tombs", "Puzzle Mode", "Speed Mode", "Relic Mode" - proposal here
    - (4) Make "Tomb of the Lost Adventurer" and all outfits, MP chars, etc. available to buy on all platforms, all regions
    - (4) A true day/night cycle (ideas here, here)
    - (3) SP DLC: "Dark Heart" (proposed here)
    - (3) Playable prologue (idea here)
    - (3) Tomb Raider / Uncharted cross-over DLC
    - (3) Story co-op where puzzles can only be solved if each member is doing his/her task.
    - (3) Offline (split screen) co-op missions
    - (3) Less gore - all the bodies/sacrificial bodies/limbs, some of Lara's deaths - this is not Gears of War
    - (2) Time trials, such as get from one part of the island to another in a certain time
    - (2) More about the GPS caches messages
    - (2) Add cheats (Infinite Health XP Salvage Ammo, No Reloading, Super Jump, Super Speed, etc)
    - (2) "Left 4 Dead" style MP mode - 4 players against enemy bots and animals
    - (2) Sam's default and ceremonial outfits as alternate skins for *single player*
    - (2) 4-player co-op multiplayer mode, proposal here
    - (2) Team up with DC for a Green Arrow DLC
    - (2) Co-op Adventure, Co-op Survival, Tombs of Survival proposal here
    - (2) "Overgrown Airfield" hub - challenge tombs, hunting, enemies, really epic mountain climb, large plane wreck to explore
    - (2) Challenge Mode DLC "Cabin in the Woods" (proposal here)
    - (2) Savage ritual Lara (image here)
    - (2) A few discoverable dens. A bear? Alternative to tombs, much more rare, greater reward from defeating predator inside
    - (1) Higher resolution textures for PC
    - (1) Costume from other SE games (ie the Final Fantasy series, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman)
    - (1) SP DLC: Play as Roth / Grim prior to events in the game (ideas here)
    - (1) Exploration "Zero Combat" mode, with no enemies and no combat
    - (1) Raid mode from camps (idea here)
    - (1) New Game + 2: Spawn enemies, weapons, relics, etc. in different locations
    - (1) Remake some of the best classic levels with the new TR engine/Lara. For example, the TR2 Venice level.
    - (1) DLC multiplayer outfits that are solarii versions of each of our survivors
    - (1) Speedrun achievement/trophy for the next game and some kind of reward/unlock for doing it

    Skills, Weapons, Gear

    - (20) Dual pistols (possibly available in a New Game +)
    - (11) More weapons / new weapons for SP
    - (9) More weapon parts / upgrades for weapons
    - (9) More skills to unlock, a fourth tier? (nothing to spend XP/skill points on in free roam after completing story)
    - (8) Allow MP weapons, including Hitman weapons, to be used in SP
    - (6) Ability to change, once acquired, between diff weapon versions (example compound to makeshift bow)
    - (6) Add Swan Dive, Handstand Climb, Backflips, Sideflips, etc. acrobatic skills from previous Tomb Raiders
    - (4) More gear / equipment
    - (3) Don't allow player to retrieve flaming arrows, unrealistic, would help balance the bow
    - (2) Turok / Tekbow, arrows explode when they hit, guts everywhere!
    - (2) Diversified skill trees with specializations so you can only master some skills, not all of them, choices matter
    - (2) Parachute ability from high ground
    - (2) Multiple rope lines from a single post
    - (1) Orange Jet Gun (idea here)
    - (1) Ability to exchange extra skill points for salvage, ammo, or something else (nothing to do with leftover points)
    - (1) RPG stats system, so you can have more flexibility when choosing Lara's abilities
    - (1) Bow + Grappling Hook
    - (1) Shotgun suggestions - alternate ammunition types, upgrades, etc. (details here, here)
    - (1) When you change weapons, make other weapons NOT disappear from Lara's back
    - (1) Hold, nock, draw and shoot a bow correctly (better than other games, but should still be better for signature weapon)
    - (1) More types of arrows, some arrows can only be used with different bows
    - (1) You have to choose loadout at Camp, and then proceed
    - (1) Melee weapons (stick, light machete, katana...)
    - (1) RPG style Lara character creation with different proficiencies, import character to next game
    - (1) Perks or equipment that only come from discovering them somewhere in the game
    - (1) Weapons need more power, upgrades make no difference
    - (1) Binoculars or telescopes are a must especially in huge landscapes
    - (1) Lara need a torch (flashlight) and a mirror to send signals (or for makeup I guess)
    - (1) Need land, sea, air vehicles as part of gameplay, specialist items like skis, snowboards, bikes and more gadgets
    - (1) Use axe anytime - break apart wood for fire, throw it to kill enemies, animals, use as step to climb trees, have 2 axes
    - (1) Didn't like that game shows you when to use fire starter rather than having a manual option anytime
    - (1) Improve the skills/upgrades system (examples: Guild Wars or Diablo III)
    - (1) add trading system for skills or abilities or collecting gold or cash and use that to upgrade a skill level
    - (1) Rope ability on bow should have been included from start, no way of knowing how to bypass rope doors

    Combat - all of these could apply to both SP and/or MP

    - (14) Ability to blind fire (blindly shoot from behind cover to last aim position without exposing yourself)
    - (7) Make blood more realistic, it looks like jelly
    - (6) Don't dispose of enemy bodies so fast, hard to loot for achievement
    - (5) 3D crosshair for stereoscopic 3D (ideas here) (PC Patch 3/25)
    - (5) Ability to hip fire (take shots without having to back up and aim down sights when many enemies in confined space)
    - (5) Ability to fire while hanging off ledges (or really from any surface, at any time, such as when jumping)
    - (5) True stealth options - sneak past enemies / avoid enemies without being required to kill them
    - (3) Less combat, more options for wits/traversal (rationale here, here)
    - (3) Punch / kick, include multiple types, hand to hand combat
    - (3) Female scavenger (seen here)
    - (2) An option so that when shoulder swapping (left/right), the game remembers what side you were on, also swap faster
    - (2) Bring back health packs, no auto health regeneration
    - (1) Option to remove blood from enemy kills
    - (1) AI dive to ground or get behind cover if Lara does suppressing fire
    - (1) If enemies are hit, they fall to the ground in pain
    - (1) an unlockable tanto or wakashi for finishing moves, no more choking people with bow, tanto thru throat or throat slash
    - (1) More than one kill camera sequence for a single weapon
    - (1) Guts after kill (so if headshot, brain splatter)
    - (1) Female deer, not just male deer
    - (1) Auto aiming
    - (1) Diverse enemies: aliens, more dinosaurs, endangered animals , ghosts, zombies, demons/angels and also pirates
    - (1) Please, please do not introduce aliens in TR - ever
    - (1) Enemy AI too easy, or they always seem to be able to throw grenades and know exactly where you are
    - (1) Lara should have supernatural strength periodically as a result of pick ups to tackle like for like bosses
    - (1) The combat with the wolfs is annoying. There should only be ONE button to kill them not several.
    - (1) Get rid of glaring spotlights near machine gun nests. That can be an annoyance in a darkened room.

    Game Balance - Overall, the game is too easy

    - (29) A *harder* difficulty level - no survival instinct, no hints (Survivor / Tomb Raider / Master Mode? Ideas here, here, here, here)
    - (18) Reduce ammo (way too much) by half or more, to balance current levels and for new, harder difficulty (some ideas here)
    - (9) Reduce hint text when playing on hard
    - (6) Difficulty mode where if you get hit with one bullet, you are dead (ideas here, here)
    - (5) More puzzles / make the puzzles harder (particularly in tombs)
    - (2) Allow player more time to press the correct button in QTE
    - (2) More enemies, at least twice as many, for a new, harder difficulty level
    - (2) Make QTEs more challenging (not the same button every time)
    - (1) Make collectibles stand out more in survival instinct (different color, brighter, visible through walls/trees)
    - (1) More enemy encounters in the "Pit" section of the game - "Descent" style fight
    - (1) Comments about various aspects of game balance here
    - (1) Easy mode should be easier (details here)
    - (1) combat more deadly for Lara and opponents: you get hit on the body by full auto-fire with no armor, you die.
    - (1) reduce number of enemies somewhat for fewer one-woman-army scenes (they are great, but happen a tad too often)
    - (1) Make hidden tombs actually hidden

    Gameplay / Game Mechanics

    - (12) Hunger / Starvation / Survival mechanics (ideas here, here, here, here)
    - (7) Swimming ("with hidden underwater caves and other claustrophobic, hard to reach and find locations")
    - (7) Make the game (the story) longer
    - (5) Add a health bar
    - (4) Add a "sprint" option
    - (3) More dialogue between characters in the game
    - (3) Manual grab (explanation here)
    - (3) More encounters / side quests
    - (3) Option to disable camera auto center, enable a free camera mode
    - (3) More actual archaeology, in relation to relics (idea here)
    - (2) When you are climbing and evading rocks at very beginning, make this more arcade (description)
    - (2) More animals to hunt
    - (2) Provide rewards (NG+, costumes, etc) for completions (%, difficulty, etc) to encourage repeat playthrough
    - (2) Fewer / get rid of QTEs (rationale here)
    - (2) More free roam, multiple ways to reach locations, do objectives in different order (like first Crysis)
    - (1) With keyboard, walking is too slow, make standard animation speed of "walking" like second speed you get with gamepad
    - (1) Less blue magic at end, make it more subtle like how the Oni were treated (so good!), doesn't match rest of game
    - (1) More SP achievements/trophies - difficulty related, no deaths, completion time
    - (1) More collectibles in previous areas that were originally inaccessible (no incentive to return to areas, found most on 1st playthrough)
    - (1) More challenges and collectibles to find (skull totems, sun discs, gps caches, etc)
    - (1) Don't have optional / alternate parts of the game / story lines (Assassin's Creed)
    - (1) A backpack system like RE4 making you try to use as much space smartly as possible
    - (1) Include every traversal move ever performed by Lara
    - (1) Meanness (? link)
    - (1) More platforming
    - (1) Walk backwards and sideways
    - (1) Need for exactly timed jumps
    - (1) Specific injuries to Lara, related to what happens in combat, matching field medic skills / gear
    - (1) Add more depth to psychological effects of actions, not limiting hardening to physical attributes and ease of killing
    - (1) The old "secret" finding music and "uh huh!"
    - (1) More climbing, hard to reach locations (I like idea of going back to previous areas, unlock new paths with new skills/equipment)
    - (1) Instead of fast travel, go by foot/boat, we can use river/stream system with canoe/life boat/raft (Far Cry 2)
    - (1) Outfits affect movement, ammo capacity / stealth / acrobatics / armor (like light bulletproof vest)
    - (1) Hunt for food supplies for Lara / teammates, with strength from food Lara can jump higher, etc.
    - (1) Keep Lara alive and real, like her touching walls, etc., would like to see her fix her hair, or clothes or interact with environment
    - (1) Implement point/reward incentive for NOT using Survival Instinct (solve puzzle without using it, get more XP)
    - (1) Less variety of pickups, they're a distraction with no real incentive, goal would be better such as constructing a radio, etc.
    - (1) Lara seems less nimble, slower than previous games, running/jumping not quite strong enough, speed her up
    - (1) Have the other characters take more of an active role as Lara's companion in some of the levels
    - (1) Do not have the other characters take more of an active role, they were fine the way they were
    - (1) Didn't like that treasure map didn't show ALL tasks, such as mine locations on beach
    - (1) Walk button needed, useful when approaching the edge of a cliff or setting up hard jumps
    - (1) Fast Travel should be allowed in ALL camps
    - (1) Add the search for suitable drinking water in remote environments

    Multiplayer Matchmaking / Settings

    - (15) "Party" feature, party up to 4 players can stay on same team to play together (MP promoted as playing *with* friends)
    - (12) Global option to mute all voice chat (instead of muting people individually)
    - (10) Proper MP lobby, search matches by *DLC yes/no*, *level range*, game type, ping & view all active games/lobbies
    - (5) Disable your own mic while playing, so that you can still Skype, Google etc using your mic while playing
    - (5) Push to talk voice chat option, instead of always on
    - (4) Remove "Switch Faction" option - high level players gang up together on low level players
    - (2) Add a "Create a Public Match"/"Create a public Lobby" (or whatever) option
    - (1) Show ping on lobby and when pressing View Scores (TAB).
    - (1) Ability to mute one/all players during matches, not just in lobby.


    - (7) Bots, for playing MP maps offline and to fill empty spots in online matches, with appropriate levels
    - (7) More skins in general
    - (7) Himiko as a MP character
    - (6) More MP modes
    - (5) Aviatrix, Hunter, Guerilla skins for Lara in MP (could be Prestige?)
    - (4) Sam's Ceremonial outfit as a skin
    - (5) Add non-TR characters (Kane/Lynch/Agent 47/Hoshi[?])
    - (4) Unlock Zachary Levi MP character on PC/PS3
    - (4) Communication shortcut buttons to make your character say things such as "good job", "follow me", etc.
    - (4) More prestige characters
    - (3) "Kill Lara" MP mode (proposal here)
    - (3) Extra Game Types like Double XP or Triple or even Quad XP weekend
    - (3) MP modes that don't involve killing (which team can solve a puzzle first... marathon race...)
    - (3) Taunts for each character
    - (3) Offline split screen mode
    - (2) Offline LAN multiplayer
    - (2) Kick players who kill teammates more than once, with a penalty
    - (2) "Shopaholic" achievement should be Gold not Bronze trophy due to work involved, or, remove General from requirement
    - (2) Make object pickup / activation more "forgiving" / increase object detection, they're hard to activate
    - (2) MP maps in earlier history of the island
    - (2) Improve melee, make it stronger / more powerful and not as awkward
    - (2) Tomb Raider doesn't need multiplayer (forget it, unless it's done right)
    - (1) MP is unbalanced if many players exit during a match, so re-balance the match while in progress (based on rank)
    - (1) "I'm All That" achievement - for FFA match, requirement should be top 2 or 3 rather than win, to make it more achievable
    - (1) Cry For Help capture progress distracts crosshair, move it to another position on the screen instead
    - (1) "Allow us to play with survivors or solari only, even if we play at different teams" - explanations here
    - (1) User Created Content Maps only (For STEAM Works)
    - (1) Social integration Bring Friends in to the game also Video Uploader For YouTube Facebook Live stream Ustream Twitter
    - (1) Spectator Mode let players watch others play in a Match (Developers on community night or Event)
    - (1) General should not be such a high unlock since there's nothing special about him
    - (1) Dynamic spawn points (when can't spawn on team mates, to stop camping)
    - (1) Reward unlock pace needs slowing with matchmaking balance (explanation here)
    - (1) Add Hardcore Deathmatch And Hardcore TeamDeathmatch (only for level 30 and above)
    - (1) Add Hardcore maps such as Wall of Death with Spike Traps/Pits that activate at random
    - (1) Implement cool-down on grenade launcher enabled weapons to avoid abuse.
    - (1) Escort Mode: Escort an NPC/Player through a specific SP or MP area.
    - (1) Treasure Hunter Mode: Search for randomly spawning treasures across the island, who gets the most in a given time wins
    - (1) Non-red shirt for Jonah, he's so easy to spot
    - (1) Endurance hoodies for everyone
    - (1) Classic Lara skins for MP
    - (1) Switch Shoulder Swap and Duck due to use of Swap often, Duck almost never
    - (1) Getting a medpack to safety while being attacked by CPU waves.
    - (1) Add Collectibles to MP (proposal here)
    - (1) Do not kick player from spawn areas, warning message is a problem (explanation here)
    - (1) Different character abilities (eg. Jonah is strong melee attacker but slow, Alex can upgrade traps but bad melee)
    - (1) MP auto hide behind cover and controls more akin to story mode
    - (1) MP map in Bulgaria (where Sam and Lara partied hard)
    - (1) TressFX hair for Lara in MP
    - (1) Remove Lara's deep breathing in MP, gives Lara a disadvantage (details here)
    - (1) More MP traps
    - (1) Play Whitman as a Solarii in the MP
    - (1) When you successfully escape from a snare trap you get rewarded with some salvage


    - (77) Lara Croft in Playstation All-Stars / Battle Royale (maybe both classic and new Lara?)
    - (9) Allow PS3 users to install the game to HD
    - (5) Full, proper manual that explains in detail *all* aspects of game for both SP and MP (could be in-game like Mass Effect 3)
    - (3) Remote-play support allowing Ps vita owners to play and stream TR to the ps vita
    - (2) Online and offline stat tracking that is accurate and offers a more complete set of stats
    - (2) Cross-controller support allowing Ps vita owners to control Lara / select weapons / etc on Ps3 using the vita
    - (2) Port the game to PS4 with better textures and effects
    - (2) Keep all aspects of Lara the way she is now, she's perfect
    - (2) Braiding of Lara's ponytail
    - (2) Lara's shorts (rip off her pants into shorts?)
    - (1) On PC, add generic/full controller support, instead of only Xbox controller
    - (1) Remote-play & cross-controller support for the ps vita (full details and explanation here)
    - (1) Lara's shoulders deform, should be fixed
    - (1) Option on Steam to upgrade from regular edition to Survival Edition, other games have this ability
    - (1) Copy the original Tomb Raider (1st game) to play on the PS3
    - (1) Leather gloves for Lara's poor hands
    - (1) Lara's hair down instead of ponytail
    - (1) Price DLC fairly in proportion to content
    - (1) Stereoscopic 3D support for 3D TVs
    - (1) More unlockable artwork
    - (1) Choose the language of the dubbing (for example, listen to the audio in Japanese)
    - (1) Treat MP and SP achievements separately, so we can Platinum without having to play MP
    - (1) Good gamer pictures for Xbox profile, stuff for Xbox avatar (not a fan of apparel that is available right now)
    - (1) "Jaffa cakes" line/reference to make it into the next TR game
    - (1) Official Tomb Raider controller for PS3, not the crap 3rd party licensed controller
    - (1) Increase the size of Lara's chest
    - (1) Lara still looks Asian. She is supposed to be English.
    - (1) What happened to the original TR theme tune ?
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    Feature requests

    edit: handed the OP over to Relight


    I'll start off with some request I've seen people posting here in other threads:

    - SFX and Voice volume controls to be separate.

    (For example to keep the shooting sounds not so loud and the voices more loud so that it's easier to follow cutscenes and walky talky chatter)

    - Menu option to disable helper icons.

    (Some people do not want to see icepick icons on doors, flame icons on burnable objects, etc, and want to discover things by themselves) | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    Invert X Axis for Camera Control, please.

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    yes to disable helper icons will be a nice add-on for hard difficulty

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    I would love the ability to turn off or reduce the camera sway, It makes me get a terrible headache after 10 to 15 minutes. I know I am not the only one , hopefully some others will chime in too.

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    also creating a Lobby for up to 4 players and joining a match preferable on the same team would be nice

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    I also would like having an option to turn the camera sway off or reduce it greatly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midad View Post
    I would love the ability to turn off or reduce the camera sway, It makes me get a terrible headache after 10 to 15 minutes. I know I am not the only one , hopefully some others will chime in too.
    I can't play this game because of this shaky cam. I get motion sickness all the time.
    It would be great to turn it off!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNAFU23 View Post
    I can't play this game because of this shaky cam. I get motion sickness all the time.
    It would be great to turn it off!!!!
    I agree with this, I have migraines and sometimes this kind of thing get to me, I was also wondering if Motion Blur can have an on/off switch too?

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    Invert X Axis for Camera Control

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    Quote Originally Posted by midad View Post
    I would love the ability to turn off or reduce the camera sway, It makes me get a terrible headache after 10 to 15 minutes. I know I am not the only one , hopefully some others will chime in too.
    Please give me the option to turn off Motion Sway. I'm not going to be able to play the game unless that calms down a bit. Feeling like you're going to throw up does not induce one to enjoy a video game.

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    a bug on hair.

    ok well for the newest patch id like the tessalation to work with my nvidia gtx 680 i have the latest drivers. but whenever i switch it on and with he exclusive window mode it freezes after 10 minutes of game play. so i turned them off and now sometimes laras hair looks like its missing from its pony tail. a bit distracting from the game sometimes.

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    In addition to adding an Invert X-Axis for camera control, which is a real must, I'd like to see individual axis control for aiming, so you can use normal axis control while aiming the bow or a weapon, but invert for third person.

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    co-op single player missions and online missions but missions that are written for this purpose to make it worth having dlc.

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    My biggest problem with every bad port from NIXXES (yes, they are bad, since the TR Legend and up to 2013):
    Incorrect consolish gamma which is too bright on PC (it make everything that should be black looks gray, to put it simple) displays and which was calibrated to darker TVs
    + total lack of gamma slider (gamma and brightness are different things, gamma regulates contrast and brightness in same time in oposite direction to each other)
    + lack of contrast slider
    + low range of brigtness slider, which on lowest settings does not allow to make picture as dark as it should be.
    + lack of respect to system-wide display colors calibration.
    This is simulated comparision (warning - due of different display calibration gamma representation may not be accurate for you, i did it with gamma set to 0.70 in nvdia calibration panel, but screenshot still shows difference between good and typical NIXXES gamma. You can see difference by trying to run game in fullscreen and windowed fullscree nmode aka non exclusive fullscreen. However windowed mode is not a solution, it have no v-sync, no crossfire or sli support and lower performance.):

    (click image to enlarge)

    My request is simple:
    NIXXES - learn something about gamma, add missing gamma and contrast slider, double range of brightiness slider, make game to not reset system calibrated gamma.
    Also let NIXXEs to read this,
    In case if thread will gone, here is detailed explaination how to avoid reseting gamma:
    Anyway, the problem is, at least on the DirectX front, not a problem of what a game doesn't do, but rather a problem of what a game does do. Full-screen Direct3D applications do not inherently screw up color calibration. The problem occurs when a specific function is called--in Direct3D9 and earlier, this is SetGammeRamp(), and in later versions it was moved to the DXGI and renamed SetGammaControl() (simply referred to as SGR()/SGC() from here on). These are the functions that cause loss of color calibration. While I can't say with 100% accuracy whether the problem itself lies in Microsoft's design of the API or the implementation by the various graphics card vendors (nVIDIA/ATi/Intel), with the problem occurring on several vendors cards I would assume it is behaving exactly how Microsoft designed it.

    It's even more ambiguous when you look at the documentation. There is actually a flag that can be passed to the function, D3DSGR_CALIBRATE, which "If a gamma calibrator is installed, the ramp will be modified before being sent to the device to account for the system and monitor response curves." However, upon testing, I found that this either doesn't work as expected (at least on my 5850), or works exactly as expected but the "gamma calibrator" doesn't include installed monitor profiles and therefore is seemingly useless anyway. If it doesn't include the "curves" of monitor profiles, what does it refer to then?

    The reasons for even calling such a function to begin with are dubious. Originally, it seems this was used by developers to "fade out" or "fade in" a scene, or provide some basic color filtering, which was not very easy to do efficiently back in the day. This doesn't seem to be in practice in any game made in the last ~5 years that I've played, judging from my experience playing them both with and without Color Clutch in use (explained later).

    More recently, games seem to use it in a different fashion--to provide users who have no such monitor calibration some in-game adjustment. Ultimately, developers want the game to look the same way to the end user that it looked to them, and setting gamma ramps is a quick, though incomplete and incorrect fix for this. A better way would allow users to set brightness, contrast, and gamma using a shader, which is what I believe some of the newer games are doing. For instance, I recently purchased BF:BC2, and it has brightness and contrast (no gamma) adjustments which thankfully never call SGC().

    The easy fix for those who want full screen gaming while holding on to their monitor calibration is to simply not call the function. Unfortunately, most games call SGR()/SGC() no matter what, even if there have been no adjustments to the gamma in the settings. That was why I wrote Color Clutch. The theory behind it is simple--prevent the games from calling these functions, and your color calibration will survive. There aren't a whole lot of good ways to do this, so I took what I thought was the best way; injecting a DLL into the process, and then, whenever it tries to call SGR()/SGC(), instead it calls my "bogus" function with the same parameters. The only difference between the real function and mine is that my function doesn't actually do anything.

    As for current plans regarding Color Clutch, I'm working on support for some older versions of DirextX (specifically 6, which I think is the first version to include a SGR() function, and 7). This is made difficult by the complete lack of documentation pertaining to these old APIs, but I should eventually be able to get something out that works. OpenGL, though, has no apparent analog to SGR()/SGC(), so I don't believe I can do anything there, and I'm not entirely sure how, why, or even if some users are losing calibration on OGL games.

    Sorry about the long post, but I thought it was better to be thorough than lacking.
    Also this
    and this

    Seriosly - nixxes must release a minor hotfix patch for every of games they released (from Tomb Raider Legend up to DXHR, Hitman Absolution and TR 2013) to adress gamma issues. Is they cant code proper sliders for brigtness, gamma, contrast that actually works or so lazy to that, they should at least simply remove all calls for SetGammaRamp()SetGammaControl() to keep system callibration in fullscreen mode, which requires 30 seconds of work and few minutes to recompile exe, sign it and upload to steam and other distribution channels, removal of this function is so easy so it does not even require a testing.
    Any portions of code could be borrowed from Color clutch source.
    Graphics option like "use system gamma" on\off would be really nice and must have addition to every game nixxes ported.
    Also i wrote a simple shader, that corrects gamma to a proper value, 0.7 stands for value equal to nvdia and ati driver settings with gamma 0.7 (that suits the best to most of PC display judging by my expirience), changing it to 0.5 would be the minimum control panel allows to set, 2 would be maximum.

    float4 GammaPC (float4 colorInput, float2 tex)
    	float4 color = colorInput;
    	color = pow(color, 1.0 / 0.7 );
    	return color;
    NIXXES, its so easy to fix for you!
    P.S. - i learned MESSES style so well during previous years of expirience with their ports, so before release of DXHR, HA & TR i predicted that gamma issues would happen again, posted in various forums trying to prevent this from happening before release, but seems like nobody from NIXXES listened or nixxes really give no crack about messed up colors in every game they touch. This problem must be fixed once and forever!
    And sorry for some typos, especially the one on screenshot ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Split Light View Post
    Please give me the option to turn off Motion Sway. I'm not going to be able to play the game unless that calms down a bit. Feeling like you're going to throw up does not induce one to enjoy a video game.
    But please make it optional, because I like it as it is now

    anyways, I have a request as well (for the PC version):

    I don't know if something like this happens later on as well but obviously I would like it changed there as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by TranceTrouble View Post
    also creating a Lobby for up to 4 players and joining a match preferable on the same team would be nice
    Yes, a Party Feature would be great!

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    A Camera/Motion sway option definitely. I cannot play this game because of motion sickness, so hopefully a patch will let you modify this feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Driber View Post
    If you'd like to see something new or something changed in a possible future PC patch / console title update / DLC, post it here

    To be clear - this thread is NOT for bugs. Only for things that are working as they should, but you would like to see it working differently, or for requesting things that are currently not in the game which you would like to see added.

    I'll start off with some request I've seen people posting here in other threads:

    - SFX and Voice volume controls to be separate.

    (For example to keep the shooting sounds not so loud and the voices more loud so that it's easier to follow cutscenes and walky talky chatter)

    - Menu option to disable helper icons.

    (Some people do not want to see icepick icons on doors, flame icons on burnable objects, etc, and want to discover things by themselves)

    Disclaimer: This thread is just for the sake of getting organized. There are no guarantees that the devs will change or add anything posted in this thread.
    About the sound: I actually thought about this today (though explosions and not all sfx.. all sfx do sound better than just explosions lol).. usually I'm so pissed about this in movies but this game really took the price (woke up alot of people in my house just because I had volume so high that I could hear the voices)
    About the icons: BRILLIANT!!!! TWO games in one

    My own requests:
    -Put the DIVE motion back that has been in EVERY other Tomb Raider game (correct me if I'm wrong). I can't stand having to feel like I'm at a parkour _workout session_ every time I press shift to go a little faster (and just bouncing also looks dumb).
    -Do something about the subtitles, it blocks alot of other text/prompts and it looks like a construction site tape.. /: Please make it white text on black semi-transparent background (not only 90% opacity) and why does it have to have mile high borders? And if subs are activated, move promps and other on screen text UP so they don't collide

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    Remove the invisible walls from everywhere. Let the hardcore TR fans fall and die and start over.

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    Please give us some way to turn off the shaky cam. I'm getting terrible motion sickness trying to play this game. I'm beginning to associate Tomb Raider with pain, headaches and nausea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creepy View Post
    Invert X Axis for Camera Control, please.
    Yes, please. Without that option, the game is barely playable for some people, me included.

    It's also one of the easiest things to add and standard in most 3rd-person games with free camera control - I really don't understand why it isn't there in the first place.

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    Please add option to invert x axis.
    For me the game is unplayable.

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    Camp Menu Screen

    See, I'm not even sure if this is a bug or something everyone is seeing, since others are saying they can see the Camp Menu Screens just fine.

    I'm on a 47" LCD HDTV, and I can't read anything in the Camp Menu Screen. All the other loading menus and main menu look perfectly fine and crisp. But the Camp Menu text is super small and blurry on my screen. I can't read it at all, even if standing right in front of my television. So, I have no idea what I'm upgrading til after I do it. Very annoying.

    Can someone tell me if there's an issue with my disc (Xbox), or if everyone's is doing this?

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    Invert X Axis for Camera Control, PLEASE, I definitely can't play a game whithout this option

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