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Thread: Found Bug/Glitch Master List

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    Hi, could you fix the audio on PS4?

    The sound is oversaturated most of the times and there is almost no sound in certain cinematics because of that, it's very annoying!!!

    I'm very surprised nobody reported this, there is a major sound issue with the game!

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    70% of the game, when loading a saved opens a black screen
    hear sounds but can not see anything and do not move

    I have attempted recommended actions for a solution:
    Clear local saved data from console, uninstall game, reinstall, re-sync with cloud= FAIL
    Disconnect from internet and attempt to load from console ONLY= FAIL
    Power cycle XBOX ONE= FAIL

    gamertag ViableGrub330

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    PC bug found: TressFX sometimes is transparent, when getting off the ship as soon as Alex died, the water seems like *Overtaking* TRESSFX hair, making it invisible until the splash effect disappear. Also sometimes the shadows of TRESSFX is showing the ponytail on front of Lara's face.
    I'll take a screenshot soon.
    Intel Core i7 4790 4GHz
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 TI Pre-overclocked 2GB
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    1TB HDD
    Running on 1080p ultimate settings.

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    FIXED (TU#3) - Stuck in Shanty Town | PC | Mar. 7 | link

    I am still having this issue - albeit on xbox one. Is there a fix/workaround for this by chance?

    Issue - died by a stick of dynamite after seeing Grim and spawns me behind the bridge I crossed with a wall blocking the path back to where the fight was.

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    Free Falling Issue - PS4

    Quote Originally Posted by imhere4theglitches View Post
    I have Xbox one (tomb raider definitive edition) and am getting the free falling glitch after camp three (I can't progress up the mountain) is there a fix for this??
    I'm having the same issue on PS4 Definitive Edition. Free falling at the top of the Mountain Temple stairs after the zip line. Please help! Can't continue.

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    I couldn't find anyone with this problem, but I'm having my game constantly crashing the moment I access the multiplayer loadout/character selection screens in PC. I can play the game fine but it crashes when I try to access those 2 things. Is this a new bug?

    I've already reinstalled the game plus verify the integrity of the game. Still having the same problem.

    Solved*: The game crashed because I was using the Hitman Absolution DLC guns. Once reverted to vanilla guns, the game no longer crashes.
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