I've been playing this on and off since it's launch and decided to complete the latter levels of late. However, I'm stuck on the final boss which is a shame as i don't think I'm going to complete the game.

I can manoeuvre around no problem, avoiding fireballs and enraging Natla as I should. As soon as she charges at me I hit the adrenaline dodge combination. Again no problems there. The the two white targeting reticules appear as they should but never meet or go red which is annoying because the dodge can only be successful if this occurs.. The law of averages would say i would at least once.

However, I tried this on an Xbox controller and after the first adrenaline dodge the reticules turned red no problems and i got a shot in. Problem is i struggle with the combat on the controller.

I'm beginning to think this a bug in the game when using keyboard/mouse combo as i described above

Here is a good guide for the section in a spoiler tag so you can see what I'm on about.

Anyone else had problems defeating Latna with mouse/keyboard combo?

Many thanks