Thread: I need help understanding the timeline...

I need help understanding the timeline...

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    I need help understanding the timeline...

    In the past before the HD trilogy came out, I've played every hitman game except Hitman: Contracts. I didn't realize that the plots aren't in order by game release. I had no clue about this until i played Contracts on the HD trilogy and now I am so confused as to what is the order of the missions from Codename 47, SA, and Blood Money. If someone can clearly explain this to me I would greatly appreciate it.

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    The first game is Codename 47 and some missions in Contracts are re-mastered.

    It looks something like this:

    It starts with Codename 47, the first game - all missions in order (old and remakes). After that is Asylum Aftermath, which in itself is "kinda" remake. Then it's Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. After that Meatking's Party, Russia, Beldingof Manor, Randevous in Rotterdam and Cargo (Deadly? Can't remember). Then first 3 missions of Blood Money, then Hunter and Hunted from Contracts and all missions from Blood Money.

    So in short it looks like this

    Codename 47 (with contracts remakes)
    Silent Assassin (all missions)
    Contracts (5 missions I've mentioned earlier)
    Blood Money (3 missions - Death of a showman, Vintage year, Curtains down)
    Contracts (Hunter and Hunted)
    Blood Money (missions 4 to the end)

    Hope that helped.

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    Thank you so much. i understand this a lot better now. But where do the novels "Hitman: Damnation" and "Hitman: Enemy Within" fit into the timeline, or does it have nothing to do with the timeline

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    Damnation takes place before Absolution, like one or two years before and goes into detail about what Victoria actually is, Diana and all that, so this book can be helpful in understanding some things.

    As for Enemy Within, you can say it takes places in nearly the whole timeline. There is 47's first kill, which wasn't in the game, also there's Father Vittorio, so this one is really hard to anwser, but taking time frame of the games into account, you can safely say it takes place somewhere little after Silent Assassin and between Contracts and Blood Money. And little before Codename 47, but that's just a "flashback".

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    Thanks man. you really know your stuff.

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    C47 = Hitman: Codename 47
    SA = Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
    Con = Hitman: Contracts
    BM = Hitman: Blood Money
    Con = Codename 47 AND Contracts.

    C47: Training - None
    Con: Slaying a Dragon - Red Dragon Negotiator
    Con: The Wang Fou Incident - Blue Lotus Negotiator, Blue Lotus Triads (6)
    Con: The Seafood Massacre - Red Dragon Negotiator, Blue Lotus Negotiator, Hong Kong Police Chief
    Con: Lee Hong Assassination - Lee Hong
    C47: Find the U'wa Tribe - None
    C47: The Jungle God - None
    C47: Say Hello to my Little Friend - Pablo Belisario Ochoa
    Con: The Bjarkov Bomb - Commander Sergei Bjarkov, Fabian Fuchs
    Con: Traditions of the Trade - Franz Fuchs, Fritz Fuchs
    Con: Rendezvous in Rotterdam - Rutgart Van Leuven, Klaas Teller
    Con: Deadly Cargo - Borris Ivanovich Deruzhka
    C47: The Setup - Dr. Kovacs
    C47: Meet your Brother - The 48 series, Professor Otto Ort-Meyer
    Con: Asylum Aftermath - 47 escapes Asylum

    SA: Gontranno Sanctuary - None
    SA: Anathema - Don Guiseppe Guilliano
    SA: St. Petersburg Stakeout - Russian General (unnamed)
    SA: Kirov Park Meeting - General Makarov
    SA: Tubeway Torpedo - Mikhail Bardachenko
    SA: Invitation to a Party - General Vladimir Zupikov
    SA: Tracking Hayamoto - Masahiro Hayamoto Junior
    SA: Hidden Valley - None
    SA: At the Gates - None
    SA: Shogun Showdown - Masahiro Hayamoto
    SA: Basement Killing - Charlie Sidjan (first twin)
    SA: The Graveyard Shift - None
    SA: The Jacuzzi Job - Charlie Sidjan's (second twin)
    SA: Murder at the Bazaar - Ahmed Zahir, Colonel Mohammed Amin
    SA: The Motorcade Interception - Abdul Bismallah Malik
    SA: Tunnel Rat - Yuseff Hussein
    SA: Temple City Ambush - 2 Contract Killers
    SA: The Death of Hannelore - Dr. Von Kamprad
    SA: Terminal Hospitality - Deewanna Ji
    SA: St. Petersburg Revisited - Agent 17
    SA: Redemption at Gontranno - Sergei Zavarotko, Sergei's bodyguards

    Con: The Meat King's Party - Campbell Sturrock, Andrei Puscus
    Con: Beldingford Manor - Winston Beldingford, Alistair Beldingford
    BM: Death of a Showman - Joseph Clarence
    BM: A Vintage Year - Don Fernando Delgado, Manuel Delgado
    BM: Curtains Down - Alvaro D'Alvade, Richard Delahunt
    Con: Hunter and Hunted - Inspector Albert Fournier
    BM: Flatline - Carmine Deslavo, Rudy Menzana, Lorenzo Lambardo
    BM: A New Life - Vinnie 'Slugger' Sinistra
    BM: The Murder of Crows - Mark Purayah Jr, Raymond Kulinsky, Angelina Mason
    BM: You Better Watch Out... - Lorne De Havilland, Chad Bingham Jr.
    BM: Death on the Mississippi - Captain Skip Muldoon, The Gator Gang (6)
    BM: ...Till Death do us Part - Buddy Heitch Muldoon, John Leblanc
    BM: A House of Cards - Sheik Mohammed Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa, Tariq Abdul Latik, Hendrik Schmutz
    BM: A Dance with the Devil - Vaana Ketlin, Anthony Martinez, Eve, Maynard John
    BM: Amendment XXV - Daniel Morris, Mark Parchezzi III
    BM: Requiem - Leland 'Jack' Alexander, Rick Henderson, Priest, Franchise members


    Or read this
    Hitmanforum:Hitman Story Dossier

    C47 (1999-2000)

    SA (2002-2003)

    (Can't make sure what time)
    Con: The Meat King's Party
    Con: Beldingford Manor

    Hitman: Enemy Within must be set in 2003 .

    (In 2004):
    BM: Death of a Showman
    BM: A Vintage Year
    BM: Curtains Down
    Con: Hunter and Hunted

    BM: Flatline - Requiem (2005-2006)
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !

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    so each timeline is from September 1999 to September 2006?