Thread: xbox 360 game not working at all

xbox 360 game not working at all

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    xbox 360 game not working at all

    This game is broken beyond belief. i tried it on my halo 4 xbox slim, downloaded the patch, when you start a new game it gets to the start on the intro, the screen with the io interactive text and the back drop on the city, it then freezes completely, resulting in turning the xbox off at the mains as my entire console locks up. sooooo went into settings on the HDD and cleared the entire system cache, this time did not accept the patch to down load, little more success this time, started a new game as normal, and the intro actually ran all the way to the end, the bit with the icecream van at the gates to some sort of mansion, so the screen then goes into a loading screen, the black screen with the "hitman absolution" text and the hints and tips at the bottom that just cycle round untill the game loads......the game does not get off this screen, i let it run for over 15 minutes and it just sits there spewing out stupid game tips, i have tried this on my old phat xbox and it behaves in exactly the same way....IO interactive this game is a pile of rubbish, it DOES NOT work with the patch and guess what it DOES NOT work without the patch

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    Have you tried installing it on HDD? Some games on xbox sadly have problems, because of the crappy DVD drive although installing them sometimes fixes it.

    Or have you tried exchanging it for another copy?