Thread: Blood Money will only load in French

Blood Money will only load in French

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    Blood Money will only load in French

    As the title explains, the game refuses to load in any other language than French. I live in The Netherlands and the copy I've bought is available in appearantly distributed in both France and The Netherlands, judging on the language on the box.

    The box says:

    Jeu entièrement en français (Game entirely in French)
    Game in Engels, handleiding in Nederlands (Game in English, manual in Dutch)

    These statements completely contradict each other, while on the same box.
    So far I've tried removing blood money from the HD and setting the system language to "Dutch/The Netherlands" and "English/UK". Both without success, the game just keeps loading in French.

    Cmon this is rediculous, if I buy a dutch game, it should NOT load in French. Either there has been giant miscommunication upon its release or it has been rushed and neglected by the development team, I can't see another reason why this should happen, even after all the potential solutions I've tried for myself. The notes on the DVD are only in French also.
    I didn't buy this game to be displayed in French, how is this going to be solved?

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    I am also interested by this request. Even if i'm french i would like so much being able to load the games in original version but : no option for that.

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    I have contacted the reseller, and we have come to the conclusion that a wrong image was written to all the copy's in the factory. It should probably be the English one, taking the fact that there are no multilanguagal releases of blood money and the game is distributed in multiple countries. So I guess square enix in the UK is responsible for this mistake.

    anyway this problem can't be solved. To all future dutch readers; try to get a refund and ship yourself a copy from the UK, Preferably from zavvi.

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    That's weird because I have the very same edition of the game "Jeu entièrement en français/ Game in Engels, handleiding in Nederlands" (I'm French and I live in France) and my game is in English, as I wanted it to be.

    I'm on PS3 and of course my console language is set to English.

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    Originally Posted by Aegirsson
    I'm on PS3 and of course my console language is set to English.
    Really ? Good for you.

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    It was a hint for the OP.

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    i like so much!!!!!!