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Thread: This is all you could do ?

This is all you could do ?

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    Hitman Absolution Fans Request.

    Yes, you got your achievement - Big noisy Hitman Absolution. Great.
    But after a week of great selling days - the world reached to one point - It just sucks.
    And I professionaly mean it. You got about 13 missions, ok great.
    2 of them are based on nothing.
    End of the Road - Aim at Lenny and press Triangle near a car.
    One of a kind - Get a disguise.
    1 of them is based on opening doors
    Birdie's gift - Get your silverballers / AKA Hide in a corner of an officer untill someone comes - Fiberwire him and get a notebook.
    Great - 10 missions left.
    Those 10 missions are short, tacticless and some of them are pointless.
    You worked 1 year for a game and you threw it up like nothing.

    A very very good advice to you, start working on True Contracts as DLC Missions.
    Playing in the Singeplayer's missions and picking up to 3 targets is already boring.
    How Blood Money came so great and Absolution not ?
    Instead of re-texturing old games (Which is totally fantastic and I appreciate that) work on Absolution.
    Get DLC Content up with missions updates and what-so-ever.

    This topic wrote in the name of Hitman Absolution Fans.
    Reply here with supports to get the Community Teams' attention and the Devs attention.

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    Dec 2012
    I too agree. After being a devoted Hitman fan since the Ps2 days I was bitterly disappointed in Absolution. A poor disguise system that is broken without "instinct" mode; this turns it into Splinter Cell, not Hitman! Bring out some redeeming, sandbox DLC.

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    Jesus People!!!

    What DLCs? This game is done. It´s over... Play it or leave it, hate it or love it. Why still this? HD trilogy is in making as the new Hitman Game... So what the f***??? This game is as it is, with its pluses and minuses. Accept it! I am starting to be alergic about this kind of threads. Stop it...

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    Who the buck do you think you are?! You don't like the game and think you can speak on behalf of everyone?! Get a clue and play some other game for god's sake!
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    As some of you can see, some people are saying that I am not speaking in the name of Hitman's fans.

    Let me make my point a bit more clear:

    IO abandoned these forums and Absolution?

    Respawning Enemies

    PETITION - Huge SaNDBOX Levels like Blackwater park as DLC

    Not impressed

    This game is so frustrating

    How the next Hitman can succeed

    Hitman: Absolution New Contract Maps

    This is only a small group of 1 page, Imagine the other 32 pages I haven't checked.

    I hope you understand mine, and the community thoughts.
    You should act, and act fast. Otherwisely it's a bad name of IO, Square Enix and the Hitman Series.

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    Dec 2012
    I do not HATE this game, there are flaws, but it is still better than 89% of the games out there in my opinion.
    There should be better support from the team addressing player issues and work on some GOOD dlc...47 is back, maybe not in the form some people wished for...welcome to the real world, stop *ing and move on

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    Why don't we talk about this in the ABSOLUTION FORUM.