Thread: Hitman Trilogy Mission Discussion

Hitman Trilogy Mission Discussion

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    Hitman Trilogy Mission Discussion

    This is the place to discuss your favourite missions that you can't wait to replay...

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    You better watch out was always a fav or mine. I actually cant wait to replay a lot of the missions from contracts. I have played blood money to death and the main reason why I dont touch contracts anymore is because of the bad ps2 visuals. I cant wait to see how clean everything looks with the trilogy set

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    Both missions of Blood Money which take place in Las Vegas are really cool. Dont remember a lot of missions of Contracts and SA. I only know that i liked the one with the party in the slaughterhouse very much.

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    Murder of Crows was a definite highlight for me in Blood Money. So many different ways to complete the level and take out the targets. The technology was amazing at the time having the crowds to walk through. Killing one of the targets by havign the piano fall on her is hilarious even now

    The mission where you have to kill that target who the FBI are guarding in BM was good as well. Dressing up as a member of staff and taking the targets wife upstairs was great!

    Flatline is another one of my favourites. This for me was the hardest mission in BM because you don't know who the targets were at first and you have to find your way to Agent Smith. Took me ages to get there undetected and it was fun killing the Mafia guy when he turned on his barbeque

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    Traditions of the trade!!! My favorite thing to do was stealth-fully take out all cops, then employees, then civilians and finally the target. But the rules were they had to be taken out SA style and nobody alive could know anything was wrong

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    Deadly Cargo is my favorite from hitman contract. It really have a magnificent multiple ways how you can approach the Boat/harbor area (as a worker man, as a swat police team, as a mafia guard, etc.)

    sorry for ask question, are hd trilogy will out on pc-steam?
    i know hitman contract is not release on steam, because copyright issue,
    but it will be out on steam anyway?

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    beldingford manor

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    My favorite mission in Blood Money is Curtain Call.

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    well, I can't wait to play Anathema, Kirov park meeting, Invitation to a party, Tracking Hayamoto, The graveyard shift, The jacuzzi job, The death of Hannelore, The meat king's party, Beldingford manor, Deadly cargo, Traditions of the trade, The seafood massacre, Hunter and hunted, A new life, The murder of crows, Till death do us part, A house of cards, A dance with the devil and Requiem

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    I too would love to see the old classics re-mastered, but unfortunately I wont be buying the trilogy as I haven't played Absolution much yet due to an unknown start up error that nobody can or even try to explain, I have posted in several forums regarding this issue, and the only offer of help was advice to clean the disc, even though it was fresh out of the box.

    will the same happen with the trilogy?

    will I get a refund if it does?

    Think I'll keep my cash in my pocket and avoid disappointment...

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    I've also played BM to death so it's mainly about the older games for me. It has been so long since I last played Contracts that I can't really remember many specific missions from it. I vaguely remember one in an English estate and of course the slightly disturbing (imo anyway) slaughter-house party.

    Looking forward to all the SA missions except the Japanese ones, which I remember being a huge pain...