Thread: Mt. Corel - Huge Materia - Train Stopping Issue

Mt. Corel - Huge Materia - Train Stopping Issue

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    After defeating the final sets of guards on the Shinra train with the huge materia, I can't seem to interact with the levers to slow the train down. I've hit every button and it does nothing. I just sit there until the train crashes into Mt. Corel.

    Anyone else have similar issues? I tried re-binding the keys required, but nothing.

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    I've just recently completed that part and had a hard time with the control of it (I think that's due to the combo and how I have the keys set), but was able to get Cid to move the handles twice I believe. My other two characters were saying something like "Stop messing around Cid" and so on, but the train ended up stopping lol.

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    I had to use the keyboard controls instead of the 360 controller.

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    I can't get Cid to move the levers at all either.