Thread: Pyro Studios is now Pyro Mobile?!

Pyro Studios is now Pyro Mobile?!

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    Pyro Studios is now Pyro Mobile?!

    Anyone know why they have renamed to Pyro Mobile?

    Hmm, this is a strange answer, but I'll ask: Did Pyro still own the rights for Commandos or no?

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    R.I.P. Pyro Studios!

    I always thought that was Pyro Studios' subsidiary for casual games. So I don't really understand the need for "Pyro Mobile".

    According to this site Pyro is still the owner of the word mark COMMANDOS. But I have no idea if the info is up to date.

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    I too don't understand.

    We need someone to explain us!

    I can say with a hand on the heart that I'm one of the most biggest Commandos fans ever and I leave with the
    thought that I'll never see a new game from the series.

    The first time I have played Commandos (Commandos 2) was when I was 11 years old, now I'm 29 and I'm still playing all the games.

    I assume that all of the guys that were working on Commandos has left Pyro and that's why they are not developing video games for PC/consoles anymore and are now Pyro Mobile, but maybe I'm mistaken.

    The other thing that I don't know is that if Ignacio Pérez Dolset (the main designer of Commandos and the founder of Pyro) is still working at Pyro.

    I'm still asking myself "Why the hell they do that?", but I can't fin an answer.

    I'm hoping that Square Enix will do something about the series, because this is shame and disgrace for the guys that were and are still working at Eidos / Pyro Studios to forgot one of the best real-time tactics games in the gaming history.

    EDIT: I searched over Google about Ignacio Pérez Dolset, and on his Linked-In profile that is in Spanish I see that his position now is: Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Product & Innovation Officer at ZED GROUP.

    I'll be happy if there's a way to contact him just to ask him if there's a future in Commandos (I don't care if he is working or not at Pyro anymore), but I don't know Spanish and whether he will answer me, that's the problem.

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    I've already written some info about this here:

    About 12 people who worked on Commandos left the company and went on to form a new studio.

    Pyro also had a number of games that were canceled so that might explain why they moved to the mobile market.

    As far as I can tell Ignacio Perez still works at Pyro.

    Regarding a possible new Commandos (I forgot about this):

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    Hey @m, thanks for sharing this piece of information!
    I never thought that we get an official statement by Ignacio Pérez Dolset himself

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    Thanks, @m.

    Hmm, what he want to mean with "not in the short therm"?

    IMO there's too much potential in such games like Commandos, but Pyro decided to go in the wrong direction and develop only fg useless mobile games.

    Damn, if this is right that we will never see a new Commandos game, then this is a big disappointment for the fans of the series like me that I'm hoping to see a new game from when the last Commandos game was released (Strike Force / Destination Berlin).

    However, I'm going to ask Pyro on their official Twitter page just to see what they will say.

    EDIT: I have tweeted to them. Let's see what they will answer.

    Here is their official Twitter page if you are lazy to search.

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    sp00kythekiller ‏@sp00kythekiller

    @PyroMobileGames I'm fan of Commandos and I want to know the following: Is there a chance for a new Commandos game in the future or no?

    Pyro Mobile Games ‏@PyroMobileGames

    @sp00kythekiller Unfortunately a new Commandos is not planned... for the time being

    "for the time being"

    Maybe there's a chance to see a new Commandos game. The time will tell.