Thread: Never ending loading - PC Version

Never ending loading - PC Version

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    Never ending loading - PC Version

    Sometimes when loading the level it seems like it never ends. On my PC levels usually loads in 10-20 seconds. But sometimes level can't load even after few minutes and i'm forced to shut down the game. Do others have the same problem? Or it's something wrong with my PC? It happened on Windows 7 and on W8 as well.

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    It happened to me too. Look like it start to happen after the latest patch.

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    Have you tried verifying the local content cache in Steam?

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    Data is ok. Loading never ends to me to rarely.

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    I reported the same problem in this (ignored) topic :

    This bug already appeared before the last patch (so under 1.0.438.0). I reload very often the checkpoints for hi-scores but the bug appeared again and again only in the level "Blackwater Park". And only once in the level "R&D". At least for me.

    The local content cache in Steam is always ok. I checked it after every crash and it never replaced any file.

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    Some precisions: I don't encounter this bug during the levels after "Blackwater Park" and was able to finish the game, even with heavy reloading.