Thread: Hitman Absolution Install from disc help

Hitman Absolution Install from disc help

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    Hitman Absolution Install from disc help


    I bought hitman absolution for pc from a retailer. When i am trying to install it, steam downloads the game instead of installing it from the disc. Please Tell me what i should do to install the game from my disc.


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    pardon if it's a stupid question, but what's the difference? whether it downloads from disc or steam it's all the same content.

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    Installing from internet means my bandwidth will get wasted. From disc means it won't. I don want to download the game after paying for the disc.

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    There IS a few GB update from the disc master to the latest version now (theres been some updates). The disc should/will install what it CAN but anything thats updated on the latest version will be downloaded..

    the steam client tries to be clever too, so if it has a problem reading a disc it will use the internet (as ALL users, regardless of how they bought the game, ie disc or digitally are running the exact same version of the game) <-thas me hehe
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