Thread: CheckPoint Big Bug !!

CheckPoint Big Bug !!

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    CheckPoint Big Bug !!

    hi to all.
    hitman absolution is really great ... really ...
    but there is some wet blanket problems.
    I am playing the game for second time and now I try to spend levels with out any disguise but I find out a problem in checkpoints !!
    I never change my suit in the game, when I am playing there is no this problem but when I quit the game and run again and its loading my checkpoint ... I see that its changed my suit and my 47 has a police suit ! but I never have to change my suit and disguise before in the game.
    this is very bad problem because no body can to spend level with out disguise with this big problem !!!
    please fix it

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    if on the first time you finished the game you had the police suit on, then it will reload the lvl like that...I noticed if you choose a lvl instead of playing the story mode from the beginning it will load whatever disguise you had at that time. Unless you're playing story mode from the beginning and it did that then it's a bug I guess.

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    I wish they'd go back to the 7 saves per level and difficulty. I also wish they'd make the checkpoint saves hard saves so i don't have to start at the beginning every time. It boggles my mind why devs make save points like this.
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    Hi guys I am agree with chalkman And I hope really have 7 saves to make game more fun because checkpoint system isn't good ( How come after save in checkpoint and then restart I found the men I was Killed is still alive ?!!) and I can't see checkpoints on the little map ? why? sorry but I hope they make it better if they can't change it thanks

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    the best check point is when do a mission and then game saved!
    but in this game there isn't this.
    so after die, you should go again every thing of level.
    this is bad.
    a gamer don't like to repeat all of works that have do.

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    ya, i dont understand in a game full of challenges and different ways to play the same scenario, WHY there is no manual save feature or quicksave. the devs must be masochists.