i'm fan of hitman and just finished playing hitman:absolution. it's great game with much improvement from previous game. but i found 2 ridicolous gameplay i want to share. with hope that eidos will make patch to make it right or at least as note for next hitman game.
one more thing, from other people experience and mine too. in level like birdie's gift. even if you play it without subdue/kill anyone, or taking disguise, or get spotted, in the end you will only get the VETERAN. what a disappointment.

1. rating/scoring/ranking system
if only you know many people already complaining about the rating system. i'm really okay with the new point system if only the creator of this great game consistent about it.
for example if there is a level with two segment; assassination segment and "pass the guard" segment. you will only get SA as total score if you messed up the 'pass the guard" segment badly ( like kill anyone, spotted many times) and then play nicely in the assassination segment ( you know, don't kill anyone but the target, don't get spotted).
but if you play nicely on both segment (not get spotted, not kill anyone, get the evidence) you will only get SHADOW rating, even when your score much higher than SA gameplay i mention above.

2.disguise system
if you play on hard difficulty and above this system is frustrating. i think blood money is much better in this part (more real too). in blood money, people with same clothes will suspicious if you too close (mean reaaaaaaaaly close) or pass them. but in absolution, people with same clothes will suspicious of you from miles away (it's just an expression though, i mean far), or even when they are not looking at you, or when you wearing a mask. i understand that the creators want this game to close to reality. but i mean, not everyone in the same clothes know each other, or what is the point of disguise system when you can't blend in with people of the same clothes.

o yes, one more little thing, the reaction to take action is very slow (like picking evidence). it very frustrating if you quick enough not to get spotted but you cant pick the evidence right away because you have to wait some millisecond to pick it and get spotted because of it.
that's it, i hope you great guys who create this great game will make it better. comment everyone?