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Infinite loading on PC

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    I don't know if this issue has already been reported.

    Often the PC version of the game remains trapped in an infinite loading that forces me to manually exit the process. Sometimes it also crashes the computer (I can only turn it off manually).

    This bug can appear when I reload a checkpoint manually or when the game relaod a checkpoint when 47 dies. It happens several times in the level "Blackwater Park" and once in the level "R&D".

    It happens on my two configs (Intel i7 930 + GTX 460 sli + 6BG, Intel i7 3770k + GTX 670 + 8GB). I use Nvidia Geforce 310.70 driver (also happens under Geforce 310.61).

    Is this a known issue ?

    I also take this post to indicate that the game is awesome and very impressive on PC. There is a benchmark and a lot of options => a dream.


    EDIT: I always play online, so the game is patched with version (1.0.438.0).

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    I just want to add that I installed the game from the retail disc version on one of the computers, and with the Steam backup feature on the second.

    The integrity of the cache files has been checked several times but it doesn't help. And it's a huge problem when it crashes the whole computer.