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    Exclamation FED UP!

    I must say, I was so excited when Eidos came out with Tomb Raider Anniversary. And, truthfully, up until the Centaur battle, I was loving this game! After months of trying to beat these beasts (which I must say, cheat or not, this battle is completely impossible) I finally passed, with 2 health packs left and 0 ammo, and moved on with the game.

    It has been quite awhile since I played, but found that I had some time on my hands and went back to battle the level that I am stuck on this time. What is wrong with these game designers to have impossible levels such as the incubation level in the Great Pyramid section?? I have been on the 4th level of this horrible room for weeks now, and still do not have time to shoot TWO gargoyles, shoot the button again, jump to the ramp, grab on to..not two, but THREE poles (with a switch of direction on the second) AND then grapple the ring that has dissapeared like 12 seconds before I can even make a swing on the third pole!!! AND that is if I even survive the damn gargoyles who give me NO chance to do anything, because they are shooting fireballs at me!

    Let the record show, that I am playing on "easy" mode!

    I would LOVE to finish this game, and then sell it, or burn it, whichever comes first. What a fantastic idea to "remake" our Tomb Raider games (I sure hope they remake TR2 TR3 Chronicles and Last Revelation) however, I will be equally upset if they add such impossible battles. It's one thing for a game to have challenging bosses, jumps, puzzles etc....BUT it is another thing for them to make the game virutually impossible! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY! I sure hope EIDOS will re-think their design strategy, NOT to mention marketing strategy when, and if they remake other Tomb Raider games.

    I have tried everything to pass this level, I am very quick with my buttons combinations, and have excellent coordination. I can honestly say, it is not me, it IS the game.

    If anyone has any ideas for me to move past the awful 4th, 5th, and 6th level of this room, I'd appreciate it wholeheartedly.

    Thanks for listening!

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    I can't remember how I beat the game, but the centaurs were difficult, and the pyramid level, too. But the final boss was a nightmare. Dozens of attempts, maybe more, and I finally beat her. I agree, though, it was much harder than it needed to be - brutal, in fact, which took a lot of the fun out of it, at least at the boss levels, though overall the game was excellent.

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    You have to master the adrenaline dodge. I know this is really really late. I used youtube to help me with walkthroughs. You use the adrenaline dodge and shoot at them when you hear a beep and see the two targets line up until it's read. You shoot at them and their shield is exposed with a grappling ring. You have to work quick to grab the ring and pull it then when the Centaurs use their stare which turns you into stone you can pick it up and hide behind it. I would stick close to the shield so you can use it quickly. I grabbed both shields from both centaurs so they can't use it to dodge your bullets. So, after you have shields it's easier. When they do the stare you pick up the shield then they turn to stone. You shoot at them and they lose health and when you keep shooting they are back to normal (no longer stone) you will probably do this about three times until they explode. Then, you repeat this for the second centaur.
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