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Thread: Vent your grievances thread

Vent your grievances thread

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    The games great, if they fixed the bugs and allowed us to use all weapons...poisoned needles, tommy gun etc. (and more than one at a time) in the campaign it would be perfect. Could have a all custom weapons mode after you finish it once. They made a facebook app instead of fixing the bugs that was a bit disappointing. Really want an all weapons mode not one at a time, and grow tired of the bugs like being spotted through walls.

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    I just read that "most players will only finish 20% of the game" interview for the first time, and coincidentally I'm exactly 20% of my way through the story -- I'm also increasingly sure I'm going to throw it up on Craigslist and see if anyone bites.

    The great thing about Hitman was always worrying about the how and not the why. It really throws me off to see me work through a level just to see a pre-rendered cutscene with no real satisfaction for my efforts.

    But my two big gripes are the disguise and scoring mechanics. For a series that's always been about open-ended sandbox gameplay to basically tell me I'm doing it wrong every time I do something violent just seems incredibly counterintuitive. I don't see any reason to throw that kind of real time scoring into the main story and not just make it exclusive to contracts mode. Disguises bother me for the same reason. The task is no longer about remaining undetected, it's more about remaining unseen. If the devs thought that disguises were too easy to exploit in previous games they should have just done something to make accessing restricted areas more difficult -- I.E. making sure you caught some important info from an NPC conversation, or tracking down access codes for doors, or shutting down a security system, or making you find a creative way around metal detectors a la Blood Money, etc. I'd be much happier if 47 working outside the Agency meant that the player had to do more information gathering on-site, instead of just making 47 feel more inept and exposed all the time. The helicopter chase sequence at the start of the game is just everything wrong about Absolution in a nutshell--booming soundtracks, big action set-pieces, cut-scenes... it's an unwelcome departure.

    People are making a lot of comparisons to Splinter Cell: Conviction. I enjoyed that game, in part because while it played around with the mechanics it still felt like a Splinter Cell game. Playing the hotel mission in Absolution after recently playing the hotel mission in Blood Money makes this game's faults all too apparent.

    Basically I just wish I read the Telegraph's review before I bought the game -- I'm a very dissatisfied customer right now. Really hoping that rumoured Hitman HD remake collection comes along soon.

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    Originally Posted by GTRrocker
    The story in this game is awesome. Anyone putting down the story... I have a grievance with

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    WOW! ive only just caught on to the news of the Hitman Facebook app!!. Seriously!! you created a BULLYING APP!!. You must all be very proud of yourselves!. This is one to forward to new agencies? Has any of the large news sites picked up on this?!.

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    Originally Posted by sickofthis
    First of all while we are all waiting for a proper patch to fix this game, you are working on awful apps like this.

    Promoting bullying. Great job. Can't wait till a lawsuit kicks in. Haven't you guys even read about the trends this year. Yeah its anti bullying, and yet you are promoting, and yes I know you have pulled it already, but the damage has been done. Shame on you. I will not be buying the next hitman title, and I will not be playing this one anymore. You have dug yourselves a grave you will not get out of this time.

    R.I.P hitman
    Couldnt of said it better


    Is there noone in the offices at Eidos that thought
    " you know what guys, maybe this app is just a crude way to taught and bully people over there appearance, i don't think we should release this, maybe we should just concentrate on culling the QA department and fixing the HITMAN movie, oops sorry, HITMAN game we released recently!"

    Im just waiting for the new report that someone has taken out one of their friends because they smell bad and have bad hair!!? any publicity good publicity these days?

    This is a cliche said a lot by ranting fans i know, but I will NOT be buying another HITMAN title.

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    Originally Posted by dannybohy
    Lets just say you have a special quality and I am sure the forums are better place for Eidos with apologists like yourself to address the balance. Your ability to take things so literally is . I am fully aware of the difference in regulations.
    Now firstly, I am not taking this as an insult nor a direct attack but I still feel that it warrants a public response.

    I am not an appologist, but I also do not like to see mud-slinging matches either. Allocating blame does nothing to help matters and more often than not makes matters worse (from my professional experience). IMO it is better to be part of the solution than to sit on the side-lines and do/say nothing.

    Originally Posted by dannybohy
    Fact is I was giving a refund straight away, the store had already refunded for the same game, i get a refund if something is faulty either way, always have.
    No harm, no foul, wrt your case then - you got your money back.

    Happy Christmas all.

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    IO Interactive - Notes for next time

    Hi all - and IO Interactive

    Firstly, IO Interactive..... I love you guys and the hitman world you have created with the dark humour and amazing visuals, but there's a few things missing from Absolution which were in previous titles...

    Now that's not to say this wasn't a good game.. Oh no! Overall, I really enjoyed it (more so than Assassin Creed 3 - which to me was a bit of a flop. >>AC1<< and 2 are good - the rest are a bit rubbish to be honest.) Absolution looks STUNNING thanks to the Glacier 2 engine and hard working developers, coders and designers at IO Interactive.
    Not only does it look good, but it plays well too. The control system and movement is fantastic, as is the way you make your way through living and breathing world - The controls and the level design pretty much work hand in hand with each other.

    The character design is brilliant too - 47 looks better than ever, and the bad guys look rather sinister (whether they are or not is to come later on)
    I did feel immersed in the world I was playing in as there was soo much detail in the levels, it really made it believable.
    The crowd mechanic was also mind-blowing.

    There were some moments where I held my breath - creeping around the police and rolling from one cover to the other just in time before a torch/flashlight was directed towards my previous position.

    I could actually go on and on about the core gameplay as it's brilliant, but we haven't got time... However I would like to express my feelings towards the other layers of the cake, or pieces of the puzzle which are... let's say, a little disappointing and therefore make it a good game but not a Hitman game that us hardcore fans knew and loved.

    Before you read on - Please do not be put off purchasing this game. This is my opinion, and although I'm sure a few other hardcore fans would agree with me on my points, IT DOES NOT MAKE IT A BAD GAME. In fact, I would go as far to say that it's one of the best games I have ever played.. Yep!

    Nevertheless, IO Interactive have some work to do for the next instalment of Hitman- if they want to keep us hardcore fans happy. It's the finer details that make the bigger picture, so let's begin......

    1. Lack of the sandbox playground: Yes there were times when I felt that I could run freely around a map (Hope Town and the corn fields) and kill off my targets, but on the whole - the game was far too linear with the 'start here and end there' feeling each mission. That's not to say it wasn't enjoyable, but the whole premise of the previous hitman titles was to have a lot...a lot of freedom. Absolution limits this... It kind of reminded me of the Splinter Cell titles (especially Chaos Theory) which are great games and designed for the story and the characters - but remember > 47 is not Sam Fisher.
    IO Interactive > In the next instalment, can you please bring back that open playing field feeling again as it's much loved. However ironically, it would be good to keep some of the linear story telling aspects in it - just to keep the momentum going)

    2: Disguise system: I really enjoyed the VAST amount of disguises you can use in Absolution, but do they really work? Not really, no. I wore a chipmunk costume at a Chinese New year Carnival (body and face completely hidden) and was just walking amongst the crowd - the police and the targets still got suspicious. In some ways I can kind of understand the police wanting to know who's in the costume - but the targets shouldn't have even known I was coming to kill them... And remember, this level is based in a fun and celebratory setting - so why wouldn't a fun costume like that work?
    The chipmunk costume wouldn't work in a factory - I can fully understand that.

    Additionally, if the AI you just killed is wearing a mask, then let 47 use it. If he's wearing some form of a mask, then it should make it harder for the AI to detect you - this isn't the case either in Absolution.

    Furthermore, EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE... This is kind of understandable in Hope, but in Chicago.... Really??!
    I think it's a little harsh at times, however - I did enjoy the fake arrest at times - it really makes you feel like your the boss! BUT, when you're trying to get a silent assassin rating it can become rather irritating.

    3: Story: I really enjoyed the fact that there was a more concentrated focus on the story this time round and that it was based on human emotion rather than Agency Vs Agency, but again there's some flaws.

    Hitman2: SA did it well - A hard ass hitman goes out to save someone who took him in and did not judge him on his past (probably because 47 gave him loads of money haha) And for 47 to start up the killing again and travel all over the globe in order to get his friend back (WITH AN AMAZING FINAL LEVEL) really pulled me in (it's safe to say a lot of other fans will agree)

    But let's not talk about the success of the previous titles but more about the story of Absolution... This story just didn't really pull me in as much as I expected. The girl was just the core idea of the story and nothing else. I didn't feel like I was going through all the hassle of being hunted and going after the bad guys for a good enough reason. I wanted her to feel like she was worth protecting, and she wasn't really - just a MacGuffin.
    I also wish that it tied in better with 47's past - there were flashbacks but that was it..
    I also think there wasn't enough focus on 47's guilt regarding the death of a friend... For this hard faced clone (that we have grown to love) to show some emotion and remorse should be magnified in the story, however it just wasn't enough.
    I really enjoyed the relationship 47 and Diana had in the previous titles - the odd bit of banter and light flirty fun that Diana gave to a straight-edged cold blooded cloned killer made it really enjoyable - she really does care for him. Unfortunately the voice actor didn't really have the chance to do any of this as Diana was suffering or whatever... This needs to be brought back in the next instalment.

    The fight and cutscene with the bad guy in the basement with all of the pipes and steam (without spoiling it - you know the one I mean) felt a little lackluster. When I watched the trailer for it, this guy looked really bad ass and a bit of a threat to the skilled assassin - but he was nothing more than a glimpse in a cutscene. SUCH A WASTE - especially when the killing of this character was delivered with such a forced attempt and no creativity.
    The killing of the main bad guys could have been enjoyed a little more by creating some form of a chase perhaps... to make the player feel like they are a hunting them down.
    I liked the way you kill the bad guy in the final mission of Hitman: SA as I got the chance to slowly and silently make my way towards the target, taking his henchmen out one by one. I did it in this manner as I didn't want to risk the priest getting shot - That was a good feeling...
    I thought the final mission could have done with a bit more work too...
    On a good note, the cast and voice acting was.. well.. AMAZING. The dialogue was really good to, but the story plot just needed some work as there were too many gaps or dull points. Final point on this, good choice to bring David Bateman back!

    4: Characters: As I said before, I was hoping for the bad guys to be a bit more bad ass. I was mesmerised by the 'Attack of the Saints' trailer, and it really got me excited. In actual fact, the attack was such an anti climax. I really wanted to see a few more cut scenes with the saints, in between each section or as you got closer to them - I really wanted them to convey to me that they were MAJOR *es and worth killing. I wanted Lassandra to resent or envy 47, and that they had the pure passion to kill him - enough that were a threat. They weren't really.. I wanted a little bit more of a back story as to why they were called the saints and why they dressed up like nuns in the game. It's kind of impossible to have them as targets again in the next instalment, but I really want them to be - but a little bit more refined next time as there's just something about them. They are really unique. It's a shame that we'll never see them again.

    All in all, I don't think it felt compelling enough to kill the bad guys in Absolution, which is weird - as they are constantly in cut scene's doing and saying bad things. As Hitman has gone down the story focused route - Maybe there should be a bit more of a chase? Or where 47 comes close to killing certain targets but then something goes wrong and they slip through his fingers (kind of like the white house mission in Blood Money)

    5: Music: I actually enjoyed the cinematic sounds this title had - it was really thrilling and compelling - and at times gave me shivers down my spine... However! What Jesper Kyd gave us was melody and a beat. That beat made you feel like you were a bad ass guy, strolling down a corridor with your ballers on the offense, shooting the AI as they panick. It felt like... Like a spielberg film without John Williams.
    I'm not saying bring Jesper Kyd back (even though he is class) What I am saying is.. bring back some of that powerful slow-paced beat and melody or powerful choir pieces you had in the previous titles, whilst still keeping in the orchestral crescendo's and the odd bit of silence that Absolution gives us.
    I also liked the use of the upbeat music that was in previous titles (i.e Vegas) but I know in my heart of hearts it wouldn't have worked to well in Absolution. Which brings me on to my next point...

    6: Location, location, location: Why wouldn't the upbeat music work in Absolution? Because you are constantly under-fire and hunted by the police. In the previous titles, for most of the game, the AI were oblivious to the fact that there would be an assassin in the vicinity - Therefore you could take your time and plan your assassination, and the music supported this. As you are restricted to Chicago, Hope town and a graveyard - It's hard to be able to relax as you are constantly being watched (less prominent in Hope)

    What was really good about the previous games was that you were jetted around the world (or at least different areas of a country such as the large USA) where it would cut off the hunt from your foes. Not only that, but the change of scenery was refreshing, and it acted as a kind of marker which told the player - 'you're getting closer to the plot!' rather than 'when is this hell going to end, police leave me alone now' and 'this district looks rather familiar'

    The previous games had a whole variety of races, faces and languages - it was a globe trotter. Absolution restricts you to 3 locations, which dulls the game down and fails to meet fans expectations.

    7: Weapon choice: Now, I kinda liked finding weapons across the game and using the environment around me to kill - but I did miss going through a huge arsenal of gear and making a choice as to what gear I would use in the mission (there's that word again - choice) - rather than HAVING to use a fire hydrant or strangle the AI because I don't have a silenced pistol and I want to keep quiet.
    I missed the upgrading factor that Bloody Money had too. I wanted to be able to earn those upgrades through the hard work I put into the mission.
    And most importantly - I missed the briefcase!! Carrying that beauty around made me feel so cool and indestructible - because nobody had any idea that a large lethal and dangerous weapon was inside it! It was a brilliant feeling.

    8: Interactions with other characters in the game: In previous titles, you could speak to so many people - the hotel receptionist, opera house receptionist, barman, stripper, prostitute, ty CIA Agent Smith, Chinese Triad Leader, Jade figurine guy, Asylum staff, doctors etc etc etc. INTERACTIONS pull players in. On the whole, it's something the players can choose to ignore if they want to, but it's there for players like me who like to hear 47 talk and find out various bits of information from people that can help with the mission.

    All in all, it was a great game to play and I hope I haven't spoiled anything or put people off buying it. The reason I have been so critical is because I am a hardcore fan of the series, and couldn't help feel a little upset with a few of the changes IO Interactive have made. I just hope that this is not falling on deaf ears, and that these flaws in the new game are addressed for next time round for the 6th instalment...

    I mean let's face it - Games are made for players, so surely they should be somewhat tailored to what us fans ask for?

    IO Interactive - I hope this has been helpful, and all the best for your next project in the pipeline! Can't wait to hear what it is...

    Many thanks and best wishes,

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    I spent so much time on this game.

    I would complete a mission on Hard, then replay it on Normal multiple times until I had all challenges completed.

    I play today on the mission where I must infiltrate the facility on Hard, cursing the whole time with the ridiculousness of being constantly spotted across the map, and I finally get into the elevator at the end with a guy spotting me and bullets riddling me as the door slowly closes.

    The only enjoyment I'm currently getting is knowing I'm making progress and completing the levels as well as I can with just the goal of getting to the end. I'm literally just trying to race through the game, because I've already grown tired of it.

    I've got my 100 challenges, so that is out of the way. There's really little left to have fun with.

    Anyways, after the door of the elevators close and the cutscene plays, the next mission starts to load and my game freezes. I reset my xbox and there goes my data. Corrupted savegame data is just ridiculous.

    This game is now officially sold. It was more of a chore than an enjoyable experience and that data wipe was just a quick release to a slow suffering. I'm very disappointed with this game and will be very cautious in the future.

    How does a 6 year hiatus result with such an unpolished turd? Must have been some serious constipation problems. I've never rolled my eyes and uttered "I hate this game" so many times with any title ever. This is a no-brainer created with no brains.

    Business is common sense. Please your consumer and GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT or close up shop. You're on a dangerous path.

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    Originally Posted by h4x3r101
    where is your question? I'll assume the last paragraph was your question and I'll answer you.

    Even if they took time to fix audio for bateson (their fault for not including him from the beginning, I followed that story and Bateson said he wanted the job) and the saints issue as well...don't you think they should be really keen on making sure the game has no flaws? Since what they wanted is to please the core fans of course.

    One more thing...Bateson was added at the end, that means the game was already done and tested. So no excuse there for all these bugs and problems.
    (My post was just one paragraph...)

    If you'd just read my post slowly you'd seen the question. I'll rephrase it for you:

    Was too much time spent adding in the voice of Bateson and chopping down Saints scenes instead of working on tweaks for the final release?

    It's a fair question IMO. Did the changes warrant more time to work on the game? Did they have to sacrifice scenes that the original voice actor had done to save time? How much development time and effort did it take to cut out Saints material? Should they have delayed the release date?

    Don't forget that these were changes that the community demanded and IOI or SE decided to listen, either out of loyalty or for business reasons. You can say they should have known better and cast Bateson from the beginning but I can just as easily say they should have given the community the finger and gone their own way since this community seems to be extremely ungrateful and childish.
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    I will definitely be grateful once I can complete the game.

    After having my savedata corrupt this morning, I created an account here to see what was going on.

    I tried to fly through it on Normal this evening before returning it and I got further than the compound, but I still locked up after the scarecrow level and lost my savedata yet again.

    It's so disappointing and irritating. I just want to get to the end. The experience is kind of dead, but I may as well see it to the end and get what achievements I can, then be done with it.

    I was hoping for a lot more and I don't think I was being selfish or childish about it. Based on track record, there was great potential and this title isn't quite what I was expecting.

    I am still enjoying some of the work done in the game, but it's not evolved rather than degraded. Blah blah blah....

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    Originally Posted by uppyb0t
    I will definitely be grateful once I can complete the game.
    From what I can tell, the main issues are being experienced by those players that go through more than a couple of story levels in a single session.

    I have managed to complete the game on the PS3 without save corruption, and my sittings have not lasted longer than a couple of hours/levels at a time.

    Contracts mode does not seem to experience the same issues.

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    Originally Posted by Avenger132
    I'm enjoying Absolution as it is - sure disguises may be broken pretty quickly in some cases, but from doing challenges on previous Hitman games, Silent Assassin Suit Only was the way to go - so no problems with disguises, instinct or checkpoints.

    What I would like to see is some preventative measures against abuse of the online leaderboards. Some are doing it blatantly with single massive multiple million scores on a single contract. Others are doing it by setting scores that are merely above the maximum possible for a level (contracts mode, all objectives met, 0 second bonus).

    How easy / hard would it be to add a check - if the score is higher than the maximum possible based on the scenario of the contract then it gets blocked.
    I actually did a contract with all conditions met within two seconds in a legit way, The conditions were one accident and one bare hands kill. So i timed it that they would both be poisoned (poison counts as bare hands) and die within seconds of each other and just stood at the door until I could leave.

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    This is by far the Worst Hitman game i have ever played.

    NOT EVEN A SINGLE LEVEL IS ENJOYABLE as they were in Silent Assassin.

    Kane & Lynch devs have ruined a game, THANK GOD . EIDOS MONTREAL will handle the next iteration.

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    At first I was against the idea of, Absolution being a "Blood Money 2.0", like so many people wanted. As I do like change - (within reason that is). But after playing, Absolution, I actually would have been a whole lot happier with, "Blood Money 2.0". Because at least that's an assassin game. An assassin simulator. Whereas the more I play, Absolution the more I feel like I'm playing a Fugitive / Splinter Cell game.

    I don't feel like an assassin while playing, Absolution. I feel like I'm playing the video game version of the Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones movie, The Fugitive.

    47 on the run. Again. Just like he was in the first and last mission in, Hitman: Contracts. But what's worse is that it makes up like 99.9 percent of, Absolution. When I first saw the, Run For Your Life footage last year, I thought that type of thing was only going to be for one single mission. Two at the very most. But that certainly didn't turn out to be the case. As it turns out, 47 has to evade the police practically every step of the way.

    Christian Elverdam actually thinks that being a fugitive on the run throughout the vast majority of the game is fun gameplay?
    Especially for a game that is supposed to be about a Hitman?
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    I give up

    So, after about 2 weeks with absolution, awaiting some sort of a patch for 360 to make the game not so horrible, i decided to give up and take it back. I realized even if they do make a disguise patch, the level design is so linear and subpar that i dont think i would find it enjoyable anyway. Its a real testiment to how poor this game is. I hung on to blood money and contracts and SA for YEARS because they were so replayable and the maps were so open. It amazes me that that cant create a better game than they made that long ago. There are 4 levels in this game worth replaying, and after doing contracts on them for a couple days, i grew bored of those too, becasue the game offers the illusion of multiple ways to kill an enemy but there really isnt. I got far cry 3, loving every minute of it, 100 times better than absolution. Whoever makes the next game really needs to go back to the roots of what hitman is.

    a long time, loyal, and disgusted hitman fan.
    good job ruining a franchise.

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    Originally Posted by drdooby43230
    I got far cry 3, loving every minute of it, 100 times better than absolution..
    Yes. It is indeed. Very much so. I was playing my friend / roomates copy last last night on his Playstation 3 while he was sleeping. From 9 pm until 2:30 am I could not put the game down. It is so fantastic and fun. As soon as I get more money, I will buy it for my PC.

    Far Cry 3 totally knocks, Absolution right out of the water completely.

    Absolution doesn't have anything at all on Far Cry 3.

    Far Cry 3 = Game Of The Century.
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    Originally Posted by Sean Rubin
    Far Cry 3 totally blows
    Guess I'll give it a miss then.

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    Originally Posted by Vincent_
    Guess I'll give it a miss then.
    No. That's not what I meant.

    I meant is that it blows Absolution out of the water. Meaning it's better than Absolution. I guess I will have to rephrase it to avoid future confusion.
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    Originally Posted by Sean Rubin
    I meant is that it blows Absolution out of the water. Meaning it's better than Absolution.
    And that's the problem of Absolution. The gamestyle changed so much, that it can almost be compared with Far Cry. Blood Money would have never been compared to that type of game because of it's outstanding unique SLOW style.
    47: "Names are for friends, so I don't need one."

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    The change of gameplay is fine... really it is an upgrade over Blood Money. As a top assassin you should be able to pull off shooting far better than what it was in Blood Money. You should be able to hide behind things and all that.... I think the gameplay itself is great in Absolution. The problem is 2 things in particular...

    1. The missions are nothing like Blood Money. The awesome thing of Blood Money is the free roam type missions where you're just like everyone else... you can walk around freely unless you're trying to access restricted sections. There are only a few levels like this in Absolution yet this is where the focus should have been. Contracts.... not the sneaking around countless enemies type missions the game is full of. As long as they add new maps for contracts mode and fix #2 the game will be great.

    2. The disguise system. Pointed out at length obviously but it really needs to be fixed. Recognizing 47 in a costume from half way across the map is just dumb. Wearing a mask and walking around yet being noticed is dumb. Being a street vendor and being suspicious for walking around is dumb (shouldn't be allowed to walk behind another street vendors stall, but walking around in general for sure). Common sense really that I don't know why wasn't straight forward from the start.

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    It's pretty clear that this was a case of Hitman after 12 years telling it's fanbase that it wants to see other people. Absolution is emblematic of the problem with modern gaming, mass appeal is more important than loyalty to the people who made you. Codename 47 struck gold with it's format. Let people have their wicked way with an open level populated by reasonably dynamic characters and give them the objection to kill one of them. It's a great format but it's admittedly constraining. If you didn't like the first game you didn't like any of them but that's the beauty of it. Like the company is so proud to point out Hitman is the original, it's not trying or pretending to do anything except be Hitman. And that's what they've given up. Absolution wants to be Uncharted, Metal Gear, and Assassins Creed so bad that it's abandoned the idea of being Hitman.

    There's no question about what they did wrong, Absolution tried to go completely mainstream and forgot about everything that made us fall in love with it. I'm sure Absolution is going to make alot of people happy, alot of people who like sneaking past guards and touching doorknobs like virtual hide and seek, people who like watching their games instead of playing them, people who think quicktime events are just the bees knees. But if you've been here from the beginning Absolution is a major letdown.

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    Absolution vs. Far Cry 3??!!! LOL Come on guys! Lets not be silly Why not compare it to Skyrim or Carrier Command? If you REALLY think in these terms then maybe it's time for you to give up on Hitman all together 'cause I don't think you're fully linked to reality
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    Originally Posted by Burnout
    And that's the problem of Absolution. The gamestyle changed so much, that it can almost be compared with Far Cry
    Absolution is nothing compared to Far Cry 3.

    Far Cry 3 is a much better game. More enjoyable and better put together.
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    Not comparing them in that way. The only reason I brought that game up is because they both came out at about the same time. I took back absolution to get it and I am not disappointed. Way better. You know what's really sad?? The assassination missions in the new far cry are more fun and can be tackled in more ways than absolution. I'm not exaggerating one bit. Now that is depressing. When I think of what I want I in a hitman game I think of levels like "Kirov park meeting" and the one where you have to kill the Nerd in the basement. Forgot the name. How did they mess it up so bad. It's astonishing.

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    I think the leaderboard setup is wrong except for 1 section Richiest assassin however the other 2 Most popular assassin and deadliest assassin are wrong in my opinion.

    Most Popular assassin is a popularity contest the person or Assassin with most friends who have the same game via Console or PC can manipulate the most popular assassin leaderboards just by clicking each others friends contracts and giving a thumbs up or liking each others which is unfair to the more solitary people that play this game.

    And Yes I know there are other people in the world however I have addressed this below in next paragraph.

    Plus again with Most Popular Assassin how is it fair on people who create contracts, Their contracts that they have created are downsized by stupid people that do not know how to complete the task at hand, Or perhaps even hate the person who has created the contract and sabotage their chance of moving up the popularity leaderboards, These are just some examples that are wrong with most popular assassin

    Most popular assassin should be removed

    Assassins are mostly solitary people they are trained not to become or have attachments to others such as having friends ,Because in doing so clouds judgement.

    I don't even know how Deadliest assassin leaderboards work, If some one can enlighten me on how this works that would be great until then, I would of thought it would be Deadliest assassin leaderboards that have leaderboards within deadliest assassin. That consist of (the individual that has the most Silent Kills), (The individual that has the most Beserker kills,go out guns blazing), (The individual that has the most think on their feet kills, kill target with a object or cause accident other than just using guns and fiber wire)
    and most of all (the individual that has the most kills overall).

    I do think having a scoreboard or leaderboard of your own country (national) and of the world (global) is a good idea because this would let you know how you stack up against assassins in your own country, And how your own country stacks up against other countries in the world.

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