Hi all

So, Absolution is out and we're very happy about that. We can also see that a lot of you are pleased with the game but obviously also a lot of you are commenting on various issues that need to get fixed or we need to learn to make an ever better game next time.

PLEASE make sure you look over the current threads before posting. There's a VERY high chance that other fans have already posted a thread that you can contribute to, which means you don't need to create a new one. In the last week or so, we've seen over 500 new threads appear on these forums, which means we are totally swamped. A lot of those threads a duplicates of others and it makes it extremely hard for us to respond effectively.

Please also make sure you post to the correct forums. Technical issues or gripes should go to this forum.

We truly, really appreciate any and all feedback you bring us - good or bad. My job is to make sure that feedback gets transmitted back to the developers and beyond and I'm doing all I can to collect your feedback. Please make it easer for me and my team to do that effectively by minimizing your creation of new threads and by keeping discussions going in the larger threads.

During the rest of this week, we'll start shutting down/merging duplicates to get some more focus on the topics and to make it easier for everyone here to contribute in a way that ensure we all get the informatin we need. If one of your threads is suddenly closed or merged with another, it's nothing personal - just spring cleaning the forums.

In the threads linked to below, we will reply to the topics described. Please go there and read our comments/feedback and discuss the issues or post questions for us, if you want to make sure we see your post.

Welcome Thread
Absolution FAQ
Post your contracts
Top 5 good and bad feedback thread
Sniper Challenge discussion thread
Disguise system discussion (please note, disguises will be patched)
PSN Community thread
Post your questions to IO here
Crashes and Save Game Corruption
Contracts server issues reporting
Vent your grievances thread

We are also currently seeing people hand out some unwarranted abuse in many threads. While you may disagree with people and their comments, please keep a civil tone and don't attack people just because they have a different view from you. We will be somewhat more harsh towards this type of behavior on the forums from now on to ensure people feel it's still nice to be here.

Thank you!