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Thread: *Official* Top 5 good and bad

*Official* Top 5 good and bad

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    Haven't done this in a while, I'll keep it short.

    1. Superb graphics, and not heavy on the good ol' laptop.
    2. Outstanding voice acting. Yes, Keith Carradine.
    3. A good use of ridiculous but sexy elements, totally out of place.
    4. Improved everything in the gameplay, so well.
    5. Replay value, interesting cutscenes, AI dialogs, and such.

    THE BAD:

    1. David Bateson's voice sounded strange, and not because of him but because it felt like his voice was processed differently or recorded with a cheaper microphone, I don't know.. Also the way he pauses between words in the level where you choose to kill or spare that punk in the desert is just plain awkward and unacceptable. I mean c'mon, guys - "Don't............... stop." - "Start.............. walking." - no professionalism in the way this is pronounced whatsoever. And I don't mean to bash David as he is truly the only, I repeat - ONLY voice you can ever use for 47, but this time this really disappointed me, and I'm sure it wasn't even his fault. So what was it? And why did you leave it like that?

    2. C'mon guys, a fat guy with a robotic hand smoking a cigar is the head of the agency? A team of slim and sexy *es wearing some seriously sexy latex clothes and boots are "big agency assasins?" This isn't a damn Power Rangers movie for 10 year olds or a James Bond parody, have some good taste next time!

    3. You know, the usual - "agency's gone, missions are not the same, the game is too linear, hits have no memorable characters to study before the mission, while choosing and modding your weapons for the hit, after the hit you don't get a newspaper with interesting stuff to read about your kill, you just get crappy generic stats". You know why people keep saying that? There's a good reason.

    4. I don't wanna write more bad things, we both know there's alot but the game is either way amazing, but unpolished, and too far from the original. Just try to listen to most of the "bads" here and correct them next time, keep up the good work!

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    The Good

    (1) It's already been said. Amazing graphics, atmosphere and tone of the game. It was bordering on Grindhouse and sometimes Gonzo cinema, however with a darker tone that kept a seriousness of it all, even in "weird" cinematics. Bravo.

    (2) Keep the same guys who wrote the NPC dialogues and the dialogue of the hits in game

    (3) Instinct should return, but just as it was on Hard/Expert/Purist difficulty it should not be used to see Patrol paths or enemies behind walls. Instinct as usual should be used for Point Shooting, seeing where targets are, Blending in with conjunction with with disguises as standard. Unless the disguise contains a mask, you should be immune to suspicion. The disguise system should be further tweaked, once you are backing someone from a distance they shouldn't suspect you. As usual the closer you get, the easier for them recognise your face as it is now. However even on the highest difficulty Instinct should be useful for locating ammo, key cards etc, as long as you are in the same room as the item is, and not seeing them through walls.

    (4) Keep the cover system, melee and game mechanics. For example eating Donuts to hide, sweeping the floor. However this should be even further expanded upon, make numerous objects in the map interactable. For e.g You should be able to sit down outside the Do-nut shop in Shaving Lenny pretending to drink Coffee ( if you're wearing the suit ). Read paper at stands, washing you hands at the sink. Using a plunger in a toilet ( if in Plumber disguise ), small things like that go a long way. It's however disappointing with the hiding in closets 47 couldn't slowly stick the nozzle of the weapon he has equipped through the crack, to dispatch someone while he is hidden.

    (5) Fantastic mission design. I understand the plot of Absolution had 47 moving quickly or escaping, however the Assassination small sand-box missions are still fantastic, and the standard we expect from I/O.

    (6) No map. Its good that there is no starting map, map watching was a bad habit of mine in the previous games. It should remain this way. However an improvement of the radar. Instead of a circle in the bottom left it should be a square, and as 47 explores that square begins to fill out, from being entirely grey to conform to the landscape. Walls, doors, vents then would appear in the "radar", but only to places 47s body has physically touched! In addition with the enemies, this is the ideal scenario.

    (7) Contracts mode was a fantastic addition and can be expounded upon.

    (8) Thomas Bärtschi did a fantastic job on the soundtrack, and some of the radio, club, television tunes were fantastic. For the next Hitman Bärtschi and legendary Hitman composer Jesper Kyd should do a collaboration soundtrack. I feel their two influences combined could be even more amazing.

    Since the game isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination there are very few complaints really. Keep doing what are you doing and do not change a thing in the mindset of the studio. Do not listen to these people saying killing women is disturbing. Why? Are women deities? Do not ever censor yourself as a studio to appease demagogues and gender ideologues. In any case, a game could always use improvement.

    The Bad

    (1) Animation is still sorely lacking. This was an issue that has haunted all of Hitman games actually. The lack of/or unconvincing animation. Drawing and holstering weapons realistically, or even pulling out the fiber-wire. Open doors, even walking animations you sometimes seem stilted, which stands out now because of the immaculate presentation. Animation should be heavily worked upon for 47 and enemies. Realistic momentum for body weight shifts and tells. Just a few things that can be improved upon.

    (2) No way to delete created contracts.
    (3) Unable to look through key holes, unable to push NPCs without beating them to a pulp, and close doors manually.
    (4) Why doesn't the Ps3 controller vibrate along with the heartbeat noise when an enemy is close?

    As you can see I'm struggling for negatives, just small nitpicks. I am immensely enjoying the game and wish I picked it up sooner, if not for the negativity and hyperbole of "fans".

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    1. Graphics
    2. Voice acting
    3. Not so bad AI

    1. Cover system(why even add it to a Hitman game? I don't know)
    2. Disguise system
    3. All the story and cinematics are cringeworthy(much sex and cursing, looking after a girl - why the hell would cold-blooded killer do that?)
    4. Too much focus on a story than on a hits
    5. No Jesper Kyd
    6. Magic pockets
    7. No save system(but it was better in for example Contracts than in Blood Money)
    8. More linear levels

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    Post Good and Bad

    First of all, I'd like to say that I've been a fan of the series for, at least to me, a long time now. My favorite Hitman game by far was Blood Money, so keep that in mind with this list.


    5.) The shooting mechanics were done better. I've noticed that the very first Hitman games' shooting was a little off center, so to see the bullets actually go in the direction I'm aiming is very satisfying.

    4.) The environmental weapons were a really nice touch. This way, 47 no longer had infinite gold coins to throw everywhere.

    3.) Being able to hide your face or blend into the environment. It really makes you see how resourceful and tactical 47 is. The other abilities are cheap, to me, but I'm just more of a purist, I guess.

    2.) I actually really liked that 47 took the girl back to the church/hospital place. It shows that, although 47 is killing again, that he still respects and remembers his time in religion and he has connections with them and such.


    5.) 47's Bar code. It's the most iconic part of him. I understand why he removed it, but... I don't know. Just feels wrong. Same goes for his briefcase.

    4.) 47 was too easily beat when he firsts tries to assassinate that huge guard of the main antagonist. I understand how he was a big guy and all, but I think 47 would have rather planned it out better and NOT attacked the giant with a piece of string or at least not been seemingly instantly knocked out, with little harm to the target.

    3.)His style near the beginning of his "new beginning. I'm sorry, but that popped collar just looked weird. 47 shouldn't be so sloppy and different, even if he did have to kill Diana. He was designed to be a heartless killer, so, I feel he should have held up better. Or at least not used his suit as his new disguise.Also, he really shouldn't have eyebrows.

    2.) Hitman Absolution was TOO goofy. I know the games always had a sense of humor, but it was always subtle. In the background. In passing. Or in easter eggs. But, in this game, it's just goof character here, dick joke there, weirdo over there. It was just overdone and way too much.

    1.) 47 is supposed to be cold and distant. I can see him having an attachment to people, especially a fellow clone, but he wouldn't let anyone see it unless he was forced to, and then he would only show the bare minimum. I felt he was way too "loving" to the little girl in Absolution. Really clashed with his established character and demeanor.

    Honestly, being a fan of the old games, there was more bad than good. I was struggling to find good and struggling to choose what was worst. Linear levels, no more "business", more personal contracts. He no longer carries around big weapons, they mysteriously disappear. It just went to mainstream, to be completely honest. It decided to go more with what the general style was, rather than going with it's own. Don't get me wrong, I DO like the game and have beat it and know how to beat some levels multiple ways. I just didn't get anywhere near the same experience I did with Blood Money. I think I speak for all old-school fans when I say that too many unwanted changes were made.

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    Top 5 Good Points:
    5. DIFFICULTY (Although Purist is Expert without UI)
    2. GRAPHICS AND GLACIER 2.0 (Ragdoll physics are still comical though)
    1. DAVID BATESON (Why William Mapother?)

    Top 5 Bad Points:
    5. WEAPON UPGRADES (Meaningless 3-time upgrades, and could only be used for Contracts)
    4. EVIDENCE (Should stick with Surveillance cameras and stealing video tapes)
    3. SHOOTING MECHANISM (Should add crosshair without zooming, but keep the zooming function, something like Warframe)
    2. COMPLICATED CONTROLS (T for disguise, E for use......Should stick with the "scrolling" controls like the previous games)

    A huge thanks to IOI for putting in the effort for keeping the Hitman series going by developing Hitman 6. Looking for more news in the future!

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    I'd like to say firstly I am a long time Hitman fan, no other games holds my respect more than the hitman franchise.

    The Good
    1: The story, much better than the old "Target A is a bad man, kill him."
    2:The look and feel, dark and gritty, great choice with Chicago. Had me humming Blues Brothers songs all way through.
    3: Contracts, almost endless Replayability.
    4: The Saints are definately my favourite Hitman baddys. Nuns and guns? Oh yes.
    5: Kept the usual play how you want. Loud and proud or quiet and efficient.

    The Bad
    1: I much prefer Blood Moneys take on the way 47 moved and interacted. In Blood Money he would draw his pistol and keep it behind him hidden. Long weapons were carried in hand or in a case, not up his sleeve. You could knock out a target before killing them, possibly to drag them to a ledge and causing an accident.
    2: Dissapointed there was no Walther 2000 Sniper rifle or Case. For me 47 Isnt complete without his Fibre Wire, SilverBallers and Walther rifle.
    3: You can bring firearms that you have collected from the story into contracts, but what about other objects like knives, axes etc
    4: If you havent previously liked a contract because you skipped forward accidently you cannot go back and like it.
    5:Some levels feel linear and not the usual hitman sandbox. Checkpoints too are horrible as stated before.
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    Hm I see I'm what, two years late? I know that you probably won't have any use with these answers anymore, but I'll still give it a go.

    The Good

    1. Controls. They are much smoother and accessible than in earlier titles. I'm now speaking only from a consolegamer's point of view, since I've played Absolution only with my PS3. I like the buttons appearing next to you rather than having to scroll through a (sometimes massive) dropbox of options.

    2. Contracts Mode. It's the thing that saves this game in my eyes. I can't wait what we can do with it when we can use it in actual open levels.

    3. Taking cover. It's a leap forward from the stiff movement 47 used to have.

    4. Instant dragging after the garrote animation. I remember spending that one extra millisecond when choosing "drag" over "take clothes" from the dropbox and got caught. In this one I do it more rarely.

    5. Improved firearms using. Although I never use them, because I want to play the "right" way, but after one playthrough it is fun to have a tiny massacre. So yeah, shooting was better.

    The Bad
    1. The disguise system. I didn't like that it was tied to Instinct. You shouldn't have to press a button to hide when you are in a freaking disguise. The AI recognizes you way too easily. I'd allow the player to walk by a guard within arms length if he just walks past swiftly and is not making a big whoo of himself. If you stay near the guard and hump his leg then sure, blow the cover. I like the disguise system in Contracts the best.

    2. Checkpoints. What - were - you - thinking. The manual saves do their job so much better. And on top of it all, the checkpoints FORGOT what you did before, if you had to start over from one. That was sometimes a massive gamebreaker.

    3. Linearity. Where were the open levels where we could assassinate our target in various ways? Was Chinatown, Hope and Blackwater it? The majority of the game was just going forward in a hallway (rosewood...) or dodging guards in a smoke cloud. I'd like the levels to be like they were in Contracts and Blood Money. Open for me to explore.

    4. The story. Honestly, I don't know how it's on the good side on anyones list, but after all it's all an opinion. The overly childish foul language and B-side villains don't impress me. Story wasn't so big in the last titles, but the villains felt dangerous and worthy. Not like a damn wrestler or a redneck billionaire who is stupid enough to be only after some ransom money. Big titted latex ninja nuns? Oh where has the class gone.

    5. The lack of social stealth aspect. If this list should be in order of importance, this should be number one with the disguise system. The "suit-only" style of play was done well, but you forgot the other, in my eyes the more important style of playing. I want to take a disguise. I want to interact with the AI in the level. I want to be able to walk around freely. The incompetent disguise system made this impossible. You only could crouch in corners and crawl through vents. That's cool and should still be an option for "suit-only" but the efficient use of the environment and disguises is the reason I fell in love with this series. Remember your roots.

    6. The soundtrack. It's boring and not memorable. I know you probably won't bring back Kyd who mastered all the past four titles (I listen to all Hitman 1-4 soundtracks on a regular basis) but next time just try to pick someone who can make the game feel better than it really is. My suggestion would be going back to the mix of electronic and orchestral music.

    7. Quick-time events. JUST NO. PLEASE NO. Spare me from them. That defiles everything in gaming.

    Now I know its top 5 good and bad but I just couldn't drop any of those in the bad list.

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    +Good Points+:

    - Awesome graphics
    - CQC system (punch fists and kicks, etc...)
    - EPIC gunfights, avaiability of using anything as a weapon
    - Awesome cinematics and cutscenes
    - Amazing crowd managing (was already great in Blood Money but gg still)

    +Bad Points+:

    - No more weapon selection (plus debriefing)
    - Instinct Mode to forget, like...forever
    - Linearity (go point A to point B, no more Open World)
    - Fake stealth mode: we have to take cover to avoid enemies, mandatory like in Deus Ex HR
    - No more real "custom mode" for weapons
    - No more lock picking, unless to pass checkpoints
    - Disguising mode: forced to use instinct bar everytime, we have to "put the cap down" constantly, not interesting anymore to change disguising, unless you turn into a bird...
    - Bad scenario: storyline and characters original but 47 gets wounded, smashed like a noob, he is supposed to be a genetic super agent, Diana getting back to life after all the drama...
    - Missing Jesper Kyd's work
    - No more replayability
    - Puzzled maps, cut in parts
    - No more "incognito": everybody knows who 47 is.
    - Scoring system: good feature but in story mode it breaks the immersion. We always feel like we have to be better, attack from a different point of view, we lose the focus on the actual gameplay to focdus more on how we are going to make it, when on previous games it was at the end, we had that "suspense" moment that makes us focus on the game, and only on it.

    -NOTBADNOTGOOD- Bringing a sentimental part to 47 was interesting (protecting the girl who had issues like him) but we lost something about him being a superkilling clone.

    ---> More details on this topic:

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