Thread: *Official* Top 5 good and bad

*Official* Top 5 good and bad

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    Guys, come on lets not be repetitive. Three pages almost identical. Lets try to add something new to the list. We all agreed on almost 90% same things we like/dont like.

    I love the way people fall when they got shot down by any firearm, knife, axe etc. Especially shotgun! Looks very realistic and Devs did a great job on that field! Keep improving that!

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    1. The sound design is excellent and IO's sound team obviously have lots of talent. I loved the sounds for everything you were doing. Dumping a body into a bin was a very on edge experience because of that resonating tone. The dialogue and conversations were another high point because they brought the characters to life and made the world believable.

    2. Graphics. The graphics were really nice and set the mood for the world 47 occupies. The artistic style was pretty much spot on and every object in the world (down to a cardboard box) looked lovely and crisp. It really helped with immersion and conveying the tone for the world. The artists, like the sound team, are some talented people.

    3. Hits! Eliminating the King of Chinatown remains one of my favourite missions in the entire story. This is Hitman at its core and that (at the end of the day) is what we want. Hitman games were never that story driven. The small briefing gave you just enough information. The targets remained mysterious enough that you wanted to find out more about them during the level. King of Chinatown is a crack-head for example. His flash car and his attitude also tell you a lot about who he is.

    4. Challenges. Who doesn't love a good challenge? These obviously give the game extra replay value. There's not much more to say here because they are really quirky and fun.

    5. Contracts. While I don't think most of the levels from story mode are suited for contracts, this is a very welcome addition. To elaborate on that, the story levels are built FOR the story. Most people are creating contracts within the more open sandbox levels because of that fact. This brings in a problem where contracts is slowly degrading and getting boring because I'm killing the same targets (in the same levels over and over again). Still, contracts is a lot of fun at times. I think if it could be improved, let us choose melee weapons in the load-out.


    1. Disguises. Instead of going on and on, here is my thread with proposed fix: *CLICK*

    2. Save system. Again, I'm sure you are aware of the fan hatred towards this and the total reset of all NPC characters. I'm not sure why the team just couldn't do a save system like the old games. It's 2012.

    3. Story. The story was rediculous. Police running into a burning building to risk their lives for an unknown man? Dexter wanting 10 million when he owns a massive weapons producing factory that probably makes billions? What? Don't get me started on the Mexican guy... Okay, he looks like a super mutant on steroids. I'll say it again... Hitman is not about cliche characters (maybe weird cliche characters though ) or 'cinematic' story twists. He is a Hitman and he preforms hits. That's what we truly love about the games.

    4. AI. We were promised such clever AI (as usual with games industry). What we got was super detection, hive-mind, terminator-esq AI. It was an improvement but it just wasn't good enough. How can I shoot someone (silently) from across the room, my disguise gets blown and they know where I am? That isn't fun or realistic at all. I would suggest doing something at least similar to last known position AI at least.

    5. Smaller non-Hitman levels. Not going to drone on again as you probably already know about this. Please make up for the small levels by doing some decent DLC maps with proper Hitman ethics. Who doesn't want to work with our red-haired lady again? I think if you do more maps the first one should be free (so we can test it out to see if you are truly listening to our feedback).

    Thank you Nick! I hope we get listened to at least. Saying you may not be changing stuff hurts a bit, but at least you said you are listening to what we want. I will be watching to see what you guys do! Please don't disappoint us.

    Originally Posted by markoN1
    Guys, come on lets not be repetitive. Three pages almost identical. Lets try to add something new to the list. We all agreed on almost 90% same things we like/dont like.
    That is fine where Nick is concerned. I bet he is mainly looking for trends so he can take the MAIN issues back to the developers. Tallying up the same responses helps show what people really want fixing and the feedback will make the DLC/future games better. At least I hope it will.

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    First of all, I'm sorry for my english, I speak french, so if my tone could apper a bit rude, this is not my intention. And as a big fan of the series, I have to say that the more I play, the more I'm disappointed...

    The Good

    1. Living breathing world. Outstanding job!
    2. Graphics
    3. Cover system
    4. Overall ingame atmosphere. Outstanding job!
    5. Cold blooded executions and gunshot impacts. Outstanding job!

    The Bad

    1. No more "infiltrate-assassinate-escape" levels, everything is cut in sections. This destroys the entire gaming experience. The checkpoints are completely useless. Every targets you have to kill are in the sections you have already infiltraed, and it destroyed the potential of contract mode as well. In a total of 54 sections (I hope the count is right), only 19 are assassinations (including Diana, Lenny, Skurky which are scripted), the 35 sections left are point A to B sections completely linear and whith a limited interest. Where are the open sandbox levels? And come on, Chinatown two times, Shaving Lenny in two parts... Why?... So frustrating...

    2. Nonsense actions: 47 does not know how to close doors, but has endless pockets, magic holstering, and x-ray view! He's unable to push or break a neck standing behind a target, but can kill someone whith a single hit of a bottle.

    3. Loadout and suitcase. If not in the story mode, then put it in contracts mode at least.

    4. The AI need to be improved (killing unoticed and sometimes the one you have killed spots you), as well as the disguise mechanic: 50 cops and immediately spotted if disguised in one of them, but a single chef in a house and nobody spots you? nonsense.

    5. Contract mode needs to be improved. First of all there should be more bonus conditions. For example, if the initial contract was made without hiding the bodies, we should have a bonus if we can hide them. Secondly finding a contract is completely random, the way of browsing the contracts needs to be improved. Finally add more targets, five should be better...

    6.(Bonus) We need DLC Maps, I Mean Real Hitman maps "infiltrate-assassinate-escape" in one entire section, such as "Traditions of the trade", "Lee Hong Assassination", "You better watch out", "Beldingford Manor", "A House of cards"...

    Again, I hope my post is not too rude, I have great respect for the developpers, I know that they made some hard work on that game... But not in the direction I expected.

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    Top 5, good:

    1. The possibilities in the environment in the (too few) sandbox-missions.
    2. Voice Acting.
    3. Trying to implement a story in a hitman game...
    4. Cover works perfectly.
    5. Challenges and Contracts mode.

    Top 5, bad:

    1. Way way way too many linear missions where getting from A to B is the main objective. I feels like Hitman has turned into Runman, which i do not like.
    2. Disguises are useless, and AI interaction with disguises is unrealistic.
    3. No post-game weapon selection/upgrading, etc.
    4. Having to use magic powers to cover your head seems comish to me.
    5. Checkpoints just makes more "smaller" mission with no hits, which takes out the fun.

    Extra: It is insanely annoying when you have to wait for a conversation (i remember the "Wade'll rip us all a new ***"-line from the Rosewood-mission) before you can actually move into the mission again. Or in the 3rd part of the Dexter Industries level where you have to run down the wooden scaffold to actually retry the mission. Those small things makes up maybe 15 minutes in total for me when i retry every mission 1000000000 times to gain the perfect score.

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    i know i was pretty hasty on the team right away but there is some good...

    1. shooting system... really good.. i even like point shooting

    2. Art - the art in the game is really really good (when it looks like hitman and not another game) ... the cut scenes not so much but in game is really nice at parts

    3. throwing objects - i like the add/increase... it's interesting and sometimes even a little fun

    4. the cover system is good and has improved the 'sneakiness' of 47

    5. challenges - i like the challenges a lot ... haven't gotten too detailed with them yet but i feel like there could be an easier way to pull them up ... (pressing select makes you load an entire screen to see them - maybe it could be pulled up like the maps used to be)

    bad - they have been talked about over and over

    1. QTE's

    2. Linear levels

    3. Copy cat graphics/levels/and game play (uncharted, batman, splinter cell)

    4. disguise system

    5. story - i feel the story has taken a hit... diana may be alive but this add of victoria is a bit weird and all too fast... 47 showed a bit more of his personality in Absolution and i like the idea of that but it came through a little weird and inconsistent of him

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    top 5 good:
    1: Many ways to make the kill

    2: The gunplay and combat system are way way better than any of the other games, i love how you can focus your shots

    3: The contracts mode is a really good idea

    4: Lots of attachments for guns in contracts

    5: Good story, the ending had me mad that I couldn't see what happens next!

    top 5 bad:
    1: No loadouts in single player, where do the guns that i collect in each level go at the start of the new one??

    2: Can only choose one weapon to take with me in contracts, include the sniper case in this

    3: No big hotel map :'( This one hurt the most, both in hitman contracts and hitman blood money the big hotel missions were my favourite

    4: The disguise system, though i do love the idea of it, maybe give us a little bit more time before they notice us, but all around a great addition

    5: When you load a checkpoint, all the people killed/subdued previous to the checkpoint respawn :O

    I absolutely love this game, I really hope you'll make a couple changes (which is obviously why you made this thread) and i'm so excited for the upcoming DLC, and upcoming games. Great job guys/gals

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    no weapons screen - i didn't think this would effect the game so much...

    i really liked upgrading weapons and choosing what to bring on missions as well as the newspapers screen

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    The Good:
    1. Visual presentation & atmosphere
    2. Plenty of missions
    3. Story
    4. (Concept of) Instinct mode
    5. Replayability & Contracts Mode

    The Bad:
    1. Botched disguise system (fix this ASAP!!!)
    2. Crappy checkpoint system & respawn of guards
    3. No map or compass
    4. No equipment loadout screen
    5. Score in Story mode is irrelevant (there's no reward for it, like money in Blood Money)

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    1. Controlling 47 and gunplay much more realistic.
    2. PC version beautiful. Does not feel like a half-assed port. Well done!!!
    3. This is a great game, but not a great Hitman game.
    4. Contracts mode brilliant.
    1. Hitman should be based off hiding in plain site, not sneaking around.
    2. Load outs prior to story and contracts mode is a must. To hell with the story aspect, I want to play the game my way.
    3. Contracts mode not polished. Searching for contracts is cumbersome, cannot delete contract, no way to tell if I've played a contract unless I load it up.
    4. Unrealistic Purist difficulty. The way to beat it is simply timing from one hiding place to another, no real strategy or skill required.
    5. Checkpoint system useless. Saves better.

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    1. DAVID BATESON as 47!
    2. Game engine (sounds, visuals, kill animations etc.)
    3. Cover system
    4. Contracts mode - awesome addition to the franchise.

    1. LINEAR levels... Almost no real Hitman sandbox style levels at all..
    2. Checkponts.. Going from point A to point B - it's not what Hitman is all about..
    3. Magic Pockets.. Makes game so unrealistic
    4. No suitcase, W2000 sniper rifle
    5. Terrible disquise system that must be patched asap.. - Enemies seeing you from 50ft away, srsly?
    6. NO LOADOUT! We wan't the Blood Money loadout system back.

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    1. Great Graphics
    2. Gore and bullet wound in bodies
    3. Good voice acting
    4. Contracts mode has alot of potential
    5. Good ending, set up for return of Blood money style gameplay.

    1. Lack of Sandbox levels
    2. No sniper case and magic pockets
    3. Lack of exotic and colorful locations
    4. No Community mod support
    5. Too much hiding and sneaking

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    I could have gladly done a list of ten on both, now I have to be more ambiguous.

    The Good
    1. General improvement Blood Money: more fluid controls, graphics, better story, better combat system

    2. Throwing things, improvised weaponry, good selection of guns and melee weapons, variety of accidents

    3. Music, sounds and atmosphere building, I miss Jesper Kyd's more pompous and ponderous classical based themes but for this, more contemporary Hitman, the soundtrack songs work great.

    4. *redacted**

    5. More realistic feel to enviroments, much more to see and feel. That you listened to people and added Contracts.

    The Bad
    1. General script and event problems that partially debit to the savepoint system as well. Unresponsive scripts, some levels their triggers are ridiculous. This feels unpolished.

    2. Hiding in plain sight didn't really work. The balance between Instinct usage and disguises is quite retarded. Guards detect the most ridiculous things I'd understand this for higher difficulty but now it just forces everyone on the same sneak routes. With high detection risk and a savepoint system, this doesn't encourage playing around and trying different stuff.

    3. Lack of big open city/village maps to plan actual assassinations in. What makes Hitman standout for me, is cold-blooded planning and execution of an assassination, "a hit" in a big spaced maps. I'd hope Hitman would be less "gunndowneveryoneman"/ "runningawayfromcopsman/ "Sneakythroughloadingscreenman" in the future.

    4.Useless weapon collecting: I love to collect these things in previous installments but now? I can't take more than one in Contracts, I can't get to bring any melee weapons, though I collected them in game for some achievement, it takes some of the point of a fun thing.

    5. This game needs a serious patch and Contracts needs buffing up. And we'd love to see some old maps reworked for this engine, we'd totally dl that too.

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    The Good

    1. David Bateson

    I'm not a big fan of 47's new "personality", but for me, Bateson saved the game. As a long time fan there are quite a few things i'm very dissapointed in with Absolution, if Bateson was replaced by that other guy on top of all of the other changes, it would've ruined it for me. Bateson seemed to be the one thing that tied this 47 to the old 47. Bateson has an iconic voice which is almost instantly identified with 47. He's voiced the killer from the beginning and as long as he's willing to voice 47 I fail to see how it would be in IO's interest to drop him. I'm glad that our voices were heard in this regard, and have to give kudos for bringing him back.

    2. Voice Acting

    I'm not necessarily talking about the characters from the cutscenes/story, (I'll write about that in the "Bad" section below), but just the normal NPCs throughout the game. It was very well done and helped the game seem more realistic, however in some areas it seemed to be overdone and a bit cheesy. For example nearly all of the cops had the same annoying new york accent and talked to each other like they were looking for hidden treasure, not hunting for an armed and dangerous murderer. With that aside, though, it was well done.

    3. Additions to melee combat

    I enjoyed the ability to walk up to people and beat the crap out of them. It's a welcomed upgrade from the previous headbutt that 47 only knew how to do in Blood Money. Some of it looked pretty brutal too. That's good. After all, this is the best assassin in the world.

    4. Stunning graphics and detail

    I first have to say that I thought that some of the color filters/sepia were used way to much, for example in the hope missions. But with that aside, the environments looked great. The detail is amazing. I liked the little details like how 47 looked wet when in the rain. All of it adds up and makes the game feel more immersive and realistic.

    5. Contracts Mode

    I liked contracts mode, it's probably the best way to introduce multiplayer for the series. If only we had the old sandbox levels to go with this. Perhaps remake levels like Traditions of the trade for DLC?

    The Bad

    1. The Story / Over the top & cheesy characters

    The Story - This is one of my biggest disappointments. The story seemed extremely cheesy, unrealistic, and un-hitman. The most powerful, notorious, professional, and cold blooded assassin is running around Chicago killing no-name randoms to get to a little girl? This of course ended up forcing the levels to be designed around the story, which were equally as disappointing. Hitman has always been about traveling the world, getting hits off on important and influential people, and leaving. Not running from police in every level and killing people who are of no real importance. I sincerely hope that the end of Absolution means we're going to go back to contract killing.

    The Villains - The villains were an absolute joke and seemed like they came straight out of a comic book. The head of THE AGENCY, the organization that is higher than the fbi is some fat incompetent guy who has a mechanical hand. The giant wrestler guy? Really? The worlds most professional, notorious, and cold blooded assassin is going to dress up like a wrestler and fight him in a boxing ring? "Birdie" who is supposed to be an ex-agency worker and have all of these connections is couped up in a barn with a bunch of birds and speaks like he's drunk/high on crack? Not to mention the cowboy guy and the other morons like "limp dick lenny". I know the intentions were good and the team put alot of effort into them, but these characters seemed to be a joke and not fit for the Hitman series. We want more professional and realistic characters, not characters from a comic book.

    2. Point A to Point B missions/ No big sandbox levels

    This is almost as disappointing to me as the story. What made Hitman great were the giant levels and "sandbox" missions, not these cutscene story driven levels. We can get story/cutscene levels like this from any other game. Hitman was unique which made it attractive. We miss the feeling of being hired by a professional agency to perform hits on important people in foreign & exotic locations. Not random no-namers in run down Chicago buildings and alleys. These new levels give the optical illusion of being big and interactive, but they're actually pretty small and feel extremely linear. They did not have the huge open feeling of the past games. it didn't help that in nearly every level we were being chased everywhere by cops, that was just another factor that made me feel discouraged to fully explore the level.

    3. Basic things missing

    Alot of these things have been mentioned before, but I feel like they really do need to be addressed. No sniper rifle case, can't close doors, removal of the arial map, no animation for taking out weapons, magic pockets, not starting the missions with syringes, silverballers, etc. These things have been in the series from the start and are basic functions of the game - Why would they be removed? IO seemed to put so much effort into making the game seem realistic, yet we're putting sniper rifles, assault weapons, and machine guns in our suits. Just a few things that I think could be patched.

    4. Ability to choose weapons before mission/ Agent 47's suit

    I didn't like how sometimes we started off with a really crappy weapon, or no weapon at all. We've always had the silverballers which were iconic to 47, why wouldn't we start off with them? Also, I didn't like how 47 didn't have his suit alot of the time. Maybe add an option before the mission to start off with certain disguises or suits? Sort of like in Contracts mdoe.

    5. Instinct

    I don't see how putting my hand over my face is going to make people who would otherwise find me suspicious suddenly drop all suspicion. It's almost as if we're performing jedi mind tricks. I preferred the old system of the arial map alot more to the trails of fire telling players exactly where the guards are going. It seems a bit cheesy.

    In Conclusion:

    The title of the game is Hitman. Not action hero battles evil mobsters to save little girls. 47 is a cold blooded assassin who kills people for money. Not someone who wastes his time in run down buildings and alley ways killing nonamers to get to a teenage girl. I hope the next game(s) goes back to its roots and tones down the obnoxious story and goes back to killing people in exotic locations for pay. If not, then I fear that it'll be the downfall of yet another great gaming franchise. As a long time fan, I sincerely hope that that doesn't happen. PS: For the next game, please bring back old employees who actually worked on the old Hitman games. I get the feeling that alot of the people working on Absolution weren't involved with the previous games.

    I also have to completely agree 110% with a previous poster here:

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    The Good.

    1. Graphics are really nice.
    2. Superb Environment and voice acting.
    3. Disguise system that forces you to think and plan ahead (this is a bit flawed at the moment)
    4. Contracts mode! Keep developing that one further!! We want more maps and biggest!!
    5. Guns and weapons that look and sound amazing! (more weapons!!)

    The Bad.

    1. We can't delete our created Contracts!! An option to remove and edit them is necessary.
    2. No animations when holstering, drawing weapons, we can't open and close doors, and there isn't blood trail...
    3. No Sniper case and magic pockets. Bring us the option to throw weapons!!
    4. Add an option to enable/disable the parts of the HUD.
    5. Buggy disguise system.

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    Absolution is a good game but this is why I feel Hitman is not Hitman anymore:

    The good:

    1) Better graphics

    2) Great voice acting

    3) Alot of ways to kill

    4) Better controls

    5) You can hide more bodies in containers

    And now my bads:

    1) Where is my First Person view? I use to play this game in FP. Not having that choice really annoyed me.

    2) Where is my map? I loved using it to plan my kill. Not having it just doesn’t feel like the Hitman I know and loved.

    3) No weapon choices? I also loved choosing my weapons before a mission. Finding and collecting them was also part of the fun.

    4) What’s with the linear levels? The heart of Hitman is the huge open levels where you can approach your mission anyway you like. Linear levels is not Hitman, it’s Splinter Cell, which I don’t like by the way.

    5) What’s with all the evading levels? Hitman is just that… “Hitman”. I want to plan and kill targets, not evade policemen.

    6) Getting spotted systematically when crossing people matching your disguise? I preferred the old way, getting spotted because you acted suspiciously not because you’re dressed like someone. Trying not to look suspicious was part of what created the tension in the previous games, and the fun. Now you are just ending up trying to find a path that evades similarly dressed foes. Again too “Splinter Celly”.

    7) Where are my Silver Ballers? Playing half the game without my Silver Ballers, that’s just wrong. I rarely used them but just knowing I have them makes me feel like a Hitman.

    8) I could add a few more annoying stuff like no save system and not being able to close doors.

    I love the Hitman series and I think when you have a hit series like that, you can add stuff to improve it but you don’t remove stuff gamers are used to have. Especially if they are part of the games success. I hope they bring back the stuff I loved in the next one…

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    My Top 5 Good and Bad


    1) The assassination missions are very well designed, I find myself going back to it more and more.

    2) The the form of Challenges, level selection, and rating system.

    3) Contracts mode is a very needed and great addition to the game

    4) A very well developed PC version, I encountered no bugs or bias controls.

    5) The whole fact that the devs are asking for community input!


    1) Modes higher than Normal discourage me from using the Disguise system. I feel handicapped if I put one on during the later levels. Using Instinct just feels like i'm pressing an Easy button.

    2) Too many linear levels, there needs to be more assassination missions with open ended maps.

    3) A lack of a save system, even if it would be only one save per level.

    4) Some more functionality in the contracts mode, like being able to edit or delete your saved contracts.

    5) Can't think of a fifth fault!

    It may seem repetitive for people's lists but that should show where the game shines and doesn't shine.


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    I've an acc. just to reply to this thread. I'm a big hitman fan, I've completed Blood Money several times, it was just so much fun.

    I feel like this game had a lot of potnetial but its ruined.. its a mixture of hitman, splinter cell and max payne... I give it 4/10. I had huge expectations.

    Good things:

    1. Graphics are AWESOME
    2. The guards-find-you-suspicious is a nice idea, but HEAVILY flawed.
    I understand if like, guards working in a strip club find you strange,since hey know each other, but the whole Chicago police forces know everyone ? Scientist can recognize me in my chem suit ? C'mon.. Please fix that.
    3. The atmosphere is great
    4. Agent 47's voice
    5. The music

    Now the bad things.. oh boy...

    1. The biggest flaw and disappointment is the level design.. my goodness...
    I want it to be like BM, open world, lots of opportunities.. i want to buy intel, think of strategies, customize my kit, i dont care about the story, i just want: Mission 1, Mission 2, Mission 3.. Hitman BM got it right.. I hate these linear levels

    2. Cant close doors (!!!) nor look thru keyholes
    3. Dragging bodies is kind of strange..clunky..
    4. Make the level whole, don't chop it up into several parts. (Explained in 1. )
    5. No map like in previous games.

    I don't want a max payne x splinter cell x hitman mixture. I want blood money with absolution graphics and atmosphere.

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    The Good

    1. Great story and writing
    2. Disguise system is original
    3. More variety in gameplay/ mission structure
    4. Point shooting is fun
    5. Art direction

    The Bad

    1. Trophies are kinda generic and arent creative enough
    2. Disguise system too sensitive
    3. The end boss fight was a door
    4. Levels were smaller than previous games
    5. Not enough exotic locals

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    Good +

    1- A Storyline. Bloodmoney was fun and all, but it was just scattergun anecdotes being told to a reporter that didn't flow.

    2- Challenges. I'm replaying each level over and over for 100% completion before moving on, great replayablility.

    3- Contracts mode. Again this fleshes out the replayablity, though I think the interface and method of searching for fan made content could be tweaked somewhat.

    4- Disguise Changes. I for one personally can't stand all the whining about the Disguises being ruined. It makes much more sense that people who work with/know each other wouldnt at all be fooled by some muscular bald chap wearing their friend's clothing. I like that it significantly reduces the detection metre at a distance, but doesnt make you "lulz invisible".

    5- Proper Pc Port. It's sad that this has to have its own entry as specifically being mentioned as a 'good' thing, but in this unfortunate day and age of most dev teams not giving a flying toss about the Pc market, its nice to get a proper pc game as opposed to some half assed console port.

    Bad -

    1- Checkpoint system. (Yes yet another mention, the more we do the more it might drill in) It's funny, my last positive comment was the great pc port...yet you've given us consolitis checkpoints as opposed to a proper save/load system that has been present and mainstream in pc gaming for nigh 15+ years....(not to mention literally the previous hitman game) this is 2012 guys...
    Also npcs respawning/not where they were when you activated the checkpoint isn't just 'annoying', but can be downright broken at times, see below.

    2- Bugs/Lack of playstesting? Hopefully this one can be easily patched, but corner cover at doors.... yeah 'E' both makes 47 change cover and open the door at the same time (cue restarting due to being spotted many times from this..). Same with crouch height benches at cover with radios. (E turns them on also) Also holding right mouse to throw an object, then pressing left to actually throw causes 47 to melee attack nearby npc's...I'm somewhat surprised no one picked these up during playtesting to be perfectly honest...
    On the checkpoint system, I can remember one time already where reloading my checkpoint resulted in an automatic "Spotted" failure state by an Npc (who was absent upon the activation) staring right at me since I was wearing the same disguise. (Vixen club, lap dance checkpoint, bouncer disguise if your wondering)

    3- 'Bag of holding' style pockets. Not that one should generally use guns/weapons in a proper stealthy approach in hitman games, but Why can I hide any number of Dual Smg's/Rifles/Large axes etc in my coat? I couldnt in BloodMoney, this one just seems like an unnecesary step backwards of the series.

    4- Lack of Contracts mode Optional Clauses. I mentioned Contracts in the good, but there could be some improvement. Include the evidence collected yes/no in the 'clause' for scoring for example. Another thing, I made a somewhat difficult contract requiring alot of stealth/throwing of objects for distractions, and I knocked out no-one - only to realise there was no "no pacification" 'clause' - meaning my "difficult sneaky" contract becomes a lame "knock out the guards that are currently in the way if you want" contract.

    5- Masked Disguises. As I said I don't really have a problem with the disguise system for the most part, but I will concede that it becomes somewhat ridiculous when I'm wearing a full face mask (S.W.A.T Uniform) and people can still see through it.

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    I think a lot has already been mentioned, but as a big fan of the series since Silent Assassin, I felt compelled to add my input.

    The good:
    1. Great atmosphere and presentation
    2. Improved control system/UI
    3. Sound cues work very well (although I still think the music is lacking post-Jesper Kyd)
    4. Losing the omniscient map. The instinct works much better and makes much more sense.
    5. Challenges are a nice touch

    The bad:
    1. Levels are far too constrained (small) to offer long-term replay value. This is a detriment to the otherwise brilliant Contracts mode. The levels simply won't offer enough scope to sustain it without major changes to the design or gameplay.

    2. The Checkpoint system. The ability to save at any time makes the game easier, sure, but it encourages experimentation. The checkpoint system just basically works like a save system, but much weaker. I'm forced to memorize where the checkpoints are, then go to them when I want to save my progress. Adding to this is that they reset all the NPCs, so what's the point?! I haven't seen any positive comments about this feature.

    3. Disguises. I'm a fan of them in theory, but the execution is off. There needs to be some sort of scaling in effect. Why would a cook in a stand recognize another cook is an imposter in Chinatown? This makes sense if the workforce is 2 or 3 people, but past that I think scaling needs to be accounted for. Speaking to the instinct portion, why wouldn't 47 always cover his face when passing other employees? Maybe this would work best if you were recognized if you were right beside others. I don't know, but as it stands now, I'd rather have it removed all together.

    4. Linear gameplay ruined many of the levels being broken into smaller parts.

    5. The hide-and-seek gameplay. This game is not Splinter Cell

    Ultimately, there's a lot of core elements in the game that are at fault. These culminate in distraction from what otherwise could have been an excellent game. Really I applaud the effort and experimentation. I am thinking that these things cannot be solved in a patch, so I'm hoping the next installment of the series brings back the game elements we play Hitman for.

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    the good/ bad begins & ends with both absolution & contracts, in terms of being spotted; on purist.

    the good:

    contracts: innovative & free. alot of possibilites, thus allowing for many variables, tricking players into doing (or not doing) something they might not have realized; the perfect "puzzle".

    absoution: a ton of replay value. sections of levels can be replayed at will once beaten, completeing challenges leads to higher scores, for both modes.

    the bad:

    contracts: simply put, theyre easier to create & complete; opposed to compete & complete.

    its true that if a contract has been created, it can be completed.

    thats mainly because creators can see potential cover blowing npcs coming, because of the "mark" icon, therefore, theoretically, can be circumvented more easily. this is especially apparent in areas with large numbers of npcs, on purist.

    absolution: much like contracts, avoiding getting spotted requires either distraction, hiding points, (disguise) blending into a crowd, or timing/ luck, where applicable. cover isnt always the answer, because it simply isnt available everywhere.

    especially purist, in which disguises are very rapidly a bust (at any distance) & instinct burns at a ridiculous rate. not that you ever know how much you have.

    (suffice to say that lower difficulties are not so problematic, which is understandable. there has to be a bit more balance, in terms of how instinct functions on purist, imo anyway)

    one last thing:

    anyone notice how 47 cannot use instinct when hard aiming, like he could in the sniper challenge?

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    I discussed those things a lot at the german page where actually the negative critics are increasing as more players going on in the story and getting more and more disappointed. Dear IOI, you failed in some very important parts of the Hitman game.

    But first the good parts:

    1. Graphics are wonderful. Hiding in the shadows works most of the time. If it's raining it really feels wet. Good job.

    2. Weapons handling is much better than before. While shooting always felt a bit out of place in the former Hitman games, now it works great and fits in the gameplay. Maybe the Silverballers are a bit too strong, because you can even point a headshot over more than 50 meters without trouble.

    3. The AI is better, but still far away from really good. I like it, that guards don't stop searching after a while when they found a body. Also their communication and tactics feel more realistic. Calling for backup, replacing killed guards and so on.

    4. The intense sound engine (NOT the soundtrack). I especially like it, that you can actually hear very well, where the guards are. That's a great improvement.

    5. The possibility to use averything as a weapon. Killing with a coffee mug or bong is really some kind of fun.

    Well, and now the bad parts, and I'm afraid a top 5 wouldn't be enough but I will give it a try. I won't mention the disgiuses because I heard, that IOI is already working on it.

    1. The really poor level design. Way too many A to B levels. There are about 4 or 5 Missions that feel at least a bit like the Missions Hitman used to have. Even Hope, as one of the biggest levels in the game, is just an uncreative little area which seems to deliver more ways to kill the targets but in comparison to even the smallest Mission from Blood Money, it's just boring. It feels, like everyone was very concentrated on the story but forgot about the levels. This broke the game for me completely. After finishing the story I'm not really interested in playing it again.

    2. And that's something, were I seem to disagree with a lot of people here: The voice acting. There are some exceptions like Wade or Dexter, but Bateson as 47 sounds unmotivated in a strange way. After all he's talking too much in general. And nothing against Marsha Thomason, but she doesn't even come close to Vivienne McKee who voiced Diana Burnwood in the previous games. But the biggest problem is the voice acting of the policemen and guards. First they are talking all the same and there are not more than 3 voice actors. 1 for the police, 2 for the guards (male & female). That happens, if you don't change places in the story and let it all play in the US. No foreign languages, no accent, nothing.

    3. Purist mode. Great idea, bad implementation. Thinking, that taking away instinct and hud and add some guards would be it was a big mistake. Hitman Blood Money was hard on higher difficulty levels because the guards became suspicious much earlier and could see you from a longer distance if you were carrying a weapon. You also died much quicker. That's what I call increasing difficulty, not adding guards or something.

    4. Realism. Now, 47 can carry 4 pistols, one smg or assault rifle, some explosives, a sniper rifle and a proximity mine und his suit. But only one knife or scissors? And he can't even drop the weapons except knives, bricks and so on. This was NEVER possible in any Hitman game before. Who the hell messed this up? You can't look through keyholes, can't close doors but you can open up a crate you climbed in up to 20cm and nobody can see you.

    5. So much more, that made Hitman Blood Money a great game and was left out in Absolution. The Soundtrack (Jesper Kyd was a genious, he always gave the game that special atmosphere), being searched for guns, unique locations and all the rest of it.

    So I follow Itsrob and also agree with this quote:

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    The good:

    1. Graphics, animation and voice acting are great (especial dialogs in the crowd).
    2. Contract mode.
    3. Challenges and worldwide rating system - excellent reason to replay.
    4. Many ways to kill a target.
    5. Amount of weapon.

    The bad:

    1. New disguise system (it's really kill all fun. Useless. Hope in the next game will be classic system).
    2. Levels design - sandbox is too minimal.
    3. Too linear game (move from A to B point in small levels, but not a full freedom in one big sandbox levels).
    4. Instinkt system (Hitman game has no need in such system)
    5. Checkpoint system.

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    5 Bad / Edits.
    . Not being able to bring up enemy MASKS as part of diguise

    . You should be able to unlock extra WEAPON LOAD OUT SPACES.
    For a maxim of 3 unlockable Weapon slots. (Melee/ small guns / big guns)

    . WHY CAN'T I BRING EXSLPOSIVES INTO CONTRACTS MODE!.....I want to blow stuff up right off the bat and design the hits the way I want and a chance to get creative in missions.

    I would really like to see more relaxed missions, like everyday life. At a zoo or in a tourist crowd in Jamaica. Example: house of cards, just felt prefect because you are not being hunted and you enjoy pretending to be a normal person more than other missions.


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