Thread: *Official* Post your Contracts here!

*Official* Post your Contracts here!

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    Hi guys, here is my latest contract and I think so far the most difficult, if you are able to finish it correctly send me a friend request if you want, my gamertag is: RafaA07

    Plataform: Xbox 360
    Contract id: 5-1310-125212-RAFA
    Name: Beaver Killer
    Expert mode
    Location: Patriots Hangar
    Base payoff: 235,000
    Bonus conditions:
    -Only kill targets
    -Do not be spotted
    -No disguise changes
    -Hide all bodies


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    Arrow The most hardcore sniper contract ever : 15+ targets!

    File : 3-0110-125463-JACQ
    Code name : "Speed"

    If you were a fan of the Hitman: Sniper Challenge, or even played the contract Sniper Elite (which pale in comparison), here come Speed. The most hardcore sniper contract ever, no less.

    Past are the times where you had 3 ridiculous targets to snipe down. I bring you 15+ targets.

    The twist : none of the main 3 clients has to be hit by a bullet, but explosion.
    Yet another twist : Do not miss a shot, and do not be spotted ?
    Haven't got enough yet ? This contract forces you to interact with SWAT police back up team in Chinatown, which will show up if you take down a lot of cops!
    Have a head to head with one of the SWAT member, ask him kindly his clothes, with or without his boxers, and explode the KING to oblivion.

    This is the hardest sniper contract you'll ever get your hands on, and probably the hardest contract at all. It also doesn't revolve into beating the guy next door at opening the exit door, to have the best score.

    This contract requires planning, skill, knowledge, timing, cold blood, imagination, cunning and Speed. Luck. Script waiting. Kiting. Greasing the exit door.

    Despite the difficulty (you don't have to do all conditions), this is a very fun contract to play.

    Ever wondered what a magazine well was for ? Are you an elite sniper ? Are you 47 ? The world is watching.

    Current top10 world rankings :

    1 DreLL47 281,218*
    2 Trzebiat 272,752
    3 LACHOSESTROGGO 266,151
    4 psychodad 250,100
    5 Shrodax 250,100
    ------------------- Minimum 250,100 for all conditions
    6 DukaUser 236,862
    7 ninearts 228,783
    8 kaishark 227,705
    9 AstarteLuedi 227,345
    10 Neuro 220,046

    *1st hitman to complete all conditions on 01/20/13

    Also thanks to everybody completing this contract before it got featured.
    manu-ed, 9.Cynical [], ssprizma, dimorgano, Dr_Perkins, Arnold Zackmann, artie345, StalinML, dens-123, TuhanTS, Vanchell0, EpicSkillzFox, valentin2, Zhichao

    Honors :

    #1 Most played sniper contract of all times, Purist
    #8 Most played contract of all times, Purist

    ***Discussion thread about this contract :
    On steam:

    Your employer, Jacques Mesrine.

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    Platform: PC
    Contract ID: 3-0210-116428-BENB
    Contract name : Can You See The Light?
    Location: Terminus Hotel
    Base Payoff: 195.000
    Purist Mode
    Bonus conditions : Only kill targets, Do not be spotted, No disguise changes,
    Starting gear: Silverballer, Robe

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    Xbox 360

    Looking for some people to give me feed back on some of my contracts.

    Tried to provide the essence of Hitman from a long time fan. All contracts are normal setting and ment to be mentally challenging. All have stories attached to the contract.

    Here are some of the ones I would appreciate true hitman fans try for me.

    "You get what you pay for."

    "Everyone Loves Good Humor"

    "Hanging around waitin 4 it"

    I am always looking for friends who play hitman my Xbox tag is GREENwizzard. Always looking to try others contracts as well.

    Thanks and hope to see a few more plays and feedback on some contracts I worked hard on.

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    A few weeks ago I made some contracts and I've decided to post them on here. I've tried to give them individual stories so they're interesting and not just random 'kill for no reason' contracts. If you want, feel free to tell me what you think about them on X-Box Live. Make sure to tell me why you're messaging me. If people seem to like these, I can get back into making contracts so people can have fun with them. Ideas for what you might think would be fun for a contract are welcome and I'll make them if I like them enough.

    Platform : X-Box 360

    Contract ID : 5-0920--12235-GAME
    Contract Name : Serving The Lord
    Location : Shaving Lenny (Barbershop)
    Base Payoff : $215,000
    Difficulty : Hard with 3 Targets
    Bonus Conditions : Only Kill Targets, No Disguise Changes, Do Not Be Spotted
    Starting Gear : The Absolver with Priest Disguise
    Description : God has spoken to me during a vision. There are men enjoying the work of The Devil. I am to absolve them of their sins by cleansing their souls with fire. No one else may be harmed while delivering their retribution. I must act swiftly and stay unnoticed to prevent needless violence. May God forever protect my soul from corruption.

    Contract ID : 5-0110--13839-GAME
    Contract Name : Drugs Are Bad
    Location : King of Chinatown (Chinatown Square)
    Base Payoff : $185,000
    Difficulty : Purist with 2 Targets
    Bonus Conditions : Only Kill Targets, No Disguise Changes, Do Not Be Spotted
    Starting Gear : SilverBallers with Dealer Disguise
    Description : This guy lives above my tattoo shop and he makes his living sellin' coke. I can't stand the stuff. I've seen too many people waste away because of it. If you can get rid of him and his biggest customer, you'll be doing a huge service to this city. If you dress like the dealer, you can fool the cops he has set-up in the alleyway next to my shop.

    Contract ID : 5-0210--13867-GAME
    Contract Name : Fix That Elevator
    Location : Terminus Hotel (Lobby)
    Base Payoff : $235,000
    Difficulty : Purist with 1 Target
    Bonus Conditions : Only Kill Targets, No Disguise Changes, Do Not Be Spotted
    Starting Gear : SilverBallers with Electrician Disguise
    Description : Hey it's Cherly, or Mrs. K. as the boys call me. Yeah so the head Janitor here, that spineless Thomas, gives me lip that the elevator needs to be fixed. I don't care if it needs to be fixed, it's loud and a girl's gotsa get her beauty sleep. He keeps telling me to take it up with my husband. Ha, don't know if he noticed but I run this hotel.

    Contract ID : 5-0220--13895-GAME
    Contract Name : Kill The Sound
    Location : Terminus Hotel (Upper Floors)
    Base Payoff : $235,000
    Difficulty : Purist
    Bonus Conditions : Only Kill Targets, No Disguise Changes, Do Not Be Spotted, Hide All Bodies
    Starting Gear : SilverBallers with Blackwater Custodian Diguise
    Description : Please you gotta help me. I live in room 701 at the Terminus Hotel. This guy, I ah . . . I think his name is Roman. It doesn't matter. He keeps me up all night playing his stupid techno music. I've talked to management demanding to make him stop but they won't do anything. I've almost lost my job from falling asleep because of him.

    Contract ID : 5-1120--14058-GAME
    Contract Name : Cheaters Never Win
    Location : Dexter Industries (Old Mill)
    Base Payoff : $185,000
    Difficulty : Hard with 1 Target
    Bonus Conditions : Only Kill Targets, No Disguise Changes, Do Not Be Spotted, Do Not Miss Any Shots
    Starting Gear : SilverBallers with Factory Guard Disguise
    Description : So this guy from work, Scott, he thinks he's amazin' at video games. All he does is cheat and say he doesn't. I'm sick of it and I want you to kill him. I'll challenge him to a rematch tomorrow so that will be the best time to kill him. Show him that cheaters never win!

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    This is my most challenging one yet and people have told me it's one of the toughest contracts out there on the ps3.

    Contract ID : 7-1810-168888-AZAM
    Contract Name : The Impossible Hit
    Location : County Jail
    Targets: 3
    Difficulty : Hard
    Bonus Conditions : All of them
    Description : Merle Ginsberg has been distributing counterfeit cheques with the assistance of two of Hope's finest police officers. Ginsberg, however, has become a liability of late. Your client needs things shut down before the details of his little operation are revealed. But how do you silence a man locked in a cell under police guard?

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    Game Master, I played all of your contracts very fun and challenging. Sent you a friend request. If you get a chance try my contracts it the post before yours. I have a feeling you will like them.

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    Hey everyone, this is my first post, wanted to get some of my contracts out there and thought this seemed like the right place.

    I prefer making the hardest contracts I can, thats where I get the most enjoyment; picking the targets that seem impossible to kill without getting noticed. Playing other people's purist contracts and trying to "solve" them is a great challenge, wish there were more of those around than those annoying spam contracts people make just to boost their accounts!

    I've posted two below that I'm really proud of, and that I know of no-one else has completed! If anyone wants to try and beat my scores go for it, you're in for a challenge!

    All these challenges are XBox 360 contracts, Purist difficulty, with all contract bonuses in effect (No Disguises, No Missed Shots, Not Spotted, All Bodies Hidden, Only Targets Killed).

    "White Rabbit"
    2 Targets

    This one's in the Shangri-La, you have to find a way of luring one of the hippies away from the cops...there's a very specific trick to it!

    "And Justice For All"
    3 Targets

    This is in the Courthouse. You have to kill the Judge with an accident AND hide his body. That means either removing witnesses methodically or timing the hiding of the body with precision!

    Good Luck!

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    Exclamation To Travis @IO

    The most difficult, tricky, fun and outright ridiculous contracts on any system. These contracts need to be featured on XBL so we can get rid of the ones that have been up for over a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Xbox 360

    Creator: Hound of Hades
    Map: Factory Compund
    Diff: Purist
    Description: summary/ test subject 48 is conducting performance evaluation missions. All gear is supplied so go get the targets.
    ID# 5-1140-203537-HOUN

    Creator: Jesus Christ 00
    Map: Prison
    Diff: Pursit
    Description: summary/ Get the target and fiber wire him before the sheriffs have a chance to torture him.
    ID# 5-1720-200377-JESU

    Creator: DxRap, Hound of Hades and Jesus Christ 00
    Map: China Town
    Diff: Purist
    Description: summary/ from the creative genius of the best hitman players comes the most difficult contract to ever be created on any system. Eliminate the targets in whatever fashion you wish, Just don't let anyone know they are gone.
    ID# 5-0110-141772-DXRA

    Creator: DxRap
    Map: Mansion
    Diff: Purist
    Description: The no-holds-bar San Franciso cop is back and he's come to clean up the chicago area.
    ID# 5-0040--13044-DXRA

    Creator: DxRap
    Map: Cemetary Entrance
    Diff: Purist
    Description: Happy hunting. For a competative score shots must be taken from spawn or near the exit.
    ID# 5-2510--18339-DXRA

    Thanks to any and all who play these contracts.

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    Poker Face
    Purist mode
    Xbox 360

    Take out Layla with the fire poker and hide the body, don't be spotted, kill only the target, no disguise changes. Base payoff of 235,000.

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    Cover Up!

    Platform: Playstation 3
    Difficulty: Hard
    Base Payoff: 305,000

    Thomas Walter, Robert Copley and Kurt Bailey have covered up a murder at the Terminus hotel in Chicago, making it look like suicide. Take them out quickly and cleanly.

    Good luck 47

    Hope you enjoy

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    Hi guys, brand new here today, but I've made a few contracts that have had a few plays (around the 70 mark) and no-one's been able to beat, so thought I'd share.

    Name Contract: Poultrygeist
    Platform: PS3
    Code of contract: 7-0040-208045-KARA
    Difficulty: Purist
    Small description: In the mansion from the first level, dressed as a chicken, cause some accidents and hide the bodies. Some have done this one, but nearest score is about 120,000 behind mine.

    Name Contract: Chicken Run
    Platform: PS3
    Code of contract: 7-0330-209480-KARA
    Difficulty: Purist
    Small description: There's one target, but you have to do this dressed as a chicken (again - I went through a bit of a phase!) and get all the way through the train station level as quickly as possible. So far, no-one's even set a score on this one, in 71 plays...


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    Have two more for the world to try out for fun that I made a few days ago. If you want, feel free to tell me what you think about them on X-Box Live. Make sure to tell me why you're messaging me. Ideas for what you might think would be fun for a contract are welcome and I'll make them if I like them enough. I'll make sure to credit you if I use an idea of yours that I like.

    Platform : X-Box 360

    Contract ID : 5-1710-187026-GAME
    Contract Name : Killer of Clones
    Location : Skurky's Law (Courthouse)
    Base Payoff : $235,000
    Difficulty : Expert with 1 Target
    Bonus Conditions : Only Kill Targets, No Disguise Changes, Do Not Be Spotted, Hide Body
    Starting Gear : Swiss Derringer with Tin Foil Man Disguise
    Description : Curse those aliens at the UN! They're trying to frame me for something I didn't do. They had the Illuminati make a clone of me and used it to make me look crazy. I need to kill the clone when it's alone. If I don't, the UN will win and I won't be able to help save America. For Freedom!

    PS : This will require luck and a well used distraction device to complete well as the officer that guards Hawke is somehow able to see through walls making the act of hiding his body more difficult than it needs to be.

    Contract ID : 5-1140-187969-GAME
    Contract Name : Evidence For Payment
    Location : Dexter Industries (Factory Compound)
    Base Payoff : $220,000
    Difficulty : Expert with 3 Targets
    Bonus Conditions : Only Kill Targets, No Disguise Changes, Do Not Be Spotted,
    Starting Gear : Silverballers with Truck Driver Disguise
    Description : Name's Dan or Danny as my friends call me. There's this cow, Tammy, refusing to pay me since I didn't do somethin' to my odometer. I have a wife and kids and I can't have this BS happenin' in my life. Kill that boyfriend she has, Hank, and her ex-hubby Sam. I don't need them helping the cops figure out that me and that fat sow don't get along.

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    XBOX 360

    ''Hammer Killer''



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    Thumbs Up World's Most Unique Contracts!

    These contracts are only available for the Ps3 and they are unique because I've specifically designed them to get you to enjoy them and not rage over them. But that doesn't mean they're easy!

    I've done this how, you ask? Well...

    Apart from being able to start with any weapon or disguise you want, and being able to kill however you want.

    For each contract I've added three different types of targets.

    First, there are the popular targets. The ones that most people like to add in their contracts because they have either lots of alternative deaths or they are just fun and easy to kill. That means you'll get at least this far.

    Secondly, there are the public targets. The ones who are mostly, if not always, surrounded by others. You will need more than mere distractions to kill them silently. Think hard as you'll get no instinct hints.

    Then finally, the hidden targets, as I like to call them. These targets are easy to kill, that's if you can get behind them. They are usually either in restricted areas or simply hard to get to. This will get you scouting the area for alternative ways to go about them.

    I've got about five or six contracts similar to these, but here I'm just featuring the three that were the most frustrating and tricky to create.

    All three have a base payoff of $330,000 and the starting gears are Agent 47's suit and the Silverballer(s).

    Contract No.1: Workers On Strike - Hard
    Contract ID: 7-1130-15448-MX97
    Map: Descent

    Contract No.2: Ghost's Intuition - Hard
    Contract ID: 7-0220-131403-MX97
    Map: Upper Floors

    Contract No.3: Law is Raw - Hard
    Contract ID: 7-1710-131285-MX97
    Map: Courthouse

    Right now I'm also working on a fourth one in the map 'Orphanage Halls'. But there seems to be some sort of problem with the 'Bonus Conditions' feature for that one.

    Anyway, my Ps3 ID is MX9708
    Good luck, 47!

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    Post Couple of new contracts

    These are the first 2 contracts I have created, I hope you enjoy playing them.

    Contract name: God's Work
    Platform: PS3
    Contract code: 7-0440--80170-MISC
    Description: A few of Chicago's finest have been extorting money from your parishioners. Absolve them of their sin and save them from damnation.

    Contract name: That Stuff'll Kill Ya
    Platform: PS3
    Contract code: 7-0110--80584-MISC
    Description: King and his Chinatown contact Mickey Caps are planning the country's biggest ever drug import. Eliminate them before they have a chance to meet. Be quick and escape without being spotted.

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    Another contract for Xbox users!

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    I came up with my second contract and i think its really dang hard. So far 80 people have tried and no one has beaten it once.

    I'm on the Xbox 360.

    Gamer tag is: Trinitarian

    The level is on the penthouse. Come and try if you dare.

    Contract code is: 5-2220- -52121-TRIN

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    I've made couple of contracts mostly on purist and trying to make them challenging to complete with the bonus requirements. Most of these contracts doesn't suit for credit farming, rather they are meant for those who enjoy challenge just for the fun of it. All contracts are on PS3.

    Name: Get creative
    Contract Id: 7-0110--39490-MUSH
    Difficulty: Purist
    Map: Chinatown Square
    Description: A drug dealer and his wife have been putting drugs to the food the wife sells and getting people hooked up. There's also a policeman who knows about this and looks the other way since some money appeared on his account.

    Bonus: only kill targets, no disguise changes

    This one requires some tricks to get through and even though there's no bonus for not being spotted, it's highly recommended to avoid being spotted by the police.

    Name: Time is of the Essence
    Contract Id: 7-0810--35480-MUSH
    Difficulty: Purist
    Map: Gun Shop
    Description: Three people who each wronged you somehow and now its payback. This one requires quite good timing but is otherwise quite simple.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not miss any shots, do not get spotted, no disguise changes.

    Name: He was already dead
    Contract Id: 7-1320--35162-MUSH
    Difficulty: Purist
    Map: The Arena
    Description: It's Sanchez, kill him. This one is really quick and easy and purely for fun and humiliating sanchez with a screwdriver.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not get spotted, no disguise changes

    Name: Slow and Steady
    Contract Id: 7-1140--28563-MUSH
    Difficulty: Purist
    Map: Factory Compound
    Description: There's an arms dealer, his associates and a lot of guards.
    This is propably my most slow-paced contract requiring patience and some planning.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not get spotted, no disguise changes

    Name: Judgement
    Contract Id: 7-1710--26143--MUSH
    Difficulty: Purist
    Map: Courthouse
    Description: There's a corrupt judge, police and a criminal they arranged free.
    This is one of the easier ones, requiring only some careful planning on route.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not get spotted, no disguise changes

    Name: Art day
    Contract Id: 7-0040--22725-MUSH
    Difficulty: Purist
    Map: Mansion Ground Floor
    Description: Guys with gambling depth don't live that long. This is quite straightforward with maybe one little trick, mostly for fun.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not get spotted, no disguise changes

    Name: Just another night
    Contract Id: 7-2220--21864-MUSH
    Difficulty: Purist
    Map: Penthouse
    Description: A love triangle where every one of them has placed a hit on somebody else. This one might take some time to complete but is not hard to do.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not miss any shots, do not get spotted, no disguise changes, hide all bodies.

    Name: What just happened?
    Contract Id: 7-0320--21574-MUSH
    Difficulty: Expert
    Map: Shangri-La
    Description: You had a contract to kill three guys but then some freaky accidents happened. For fun, definedly.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not miss any shots, no disguise changes

    Name: Trust your Instincts
    Contract Id: 7-1820--19847-MUSH
    Difficulty: Expert
    Map: Outgunned
    Description: There're three guys who have been figuring out your hideout location and it would be best for them to be silenced. Requires little tricks and a plan to get out once the actual hits are done. Depending on the way it's completed, the contract might even focus more on the "getting to the exit" part than the actual hits.

    Bonus: only kill targets, do not miss any shots, do not get spotted, no disguise changes

    For those who want/need an extra challenge: use starting gear. Aside from "What just happened?", "Just another night" and "Art day" I did not subdue anyone on any of the other contracts, since it gives the sneaking and route planning more meaning.

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    I have made several 15 second FAST CASH!! grabber contracts I have found certain ways to kill a target, and get the max reward while maintaining the maximum amount of money $260,000 contracts. In fifteen minutes you could have over a $1,000,000 in your account. But I do those to please my fellow gamers, but I have some more challenging contracts on my board this one I am posting is one of those challenging ones for the die-hard Silent Assassins out there. check it out guys

    Name Contract: When the Right Mans Needed

    Platform: PS3

    Map:Orphanage Halls

    Code of contract:7-0610--25415-NOTO


    Small description: Hello 47, your targets are Kenneth Louis,Nelson Curnett,and Walter Williams. Wades right hand men. Led by Nelson a former Spec OP's soldier he is highly feared by his men and dangerous approach with caution. Walter and Kenneth are Wades enforcers Brutal,Dangerous, and Unremorseful. All three must be dealt with 47 to get Wade, Good Luck

    Bonus Challenges: Do not get spotted, and No Disguise Changes

    Weapons Used For Kills: Kenneth Louis (Fire Extinguisher) Nelson Curnett (Syringe) Walter Williams (Accident)

    This is a very challenging contract because of the amount of guards in the level, and the way the contract has to be played out.

    I think this is definitely Featured Contract material, but my friend Blazeatron told me that Eidos quit updating featured contracts so trying to be a great contract maker was a waste of time is that true?

    And if anyone would like to Friend Request me to see what else i have available My PSN network name is NotoriusGod.

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    A Stage for Killing

    Alright y'all,

    I just finishing making my second contract. Took me quite a few attempts and I think y'all will find it challenging. Let me know what you think or if you have any tips for improvement, of course I'd like to get one featured sooner or later.

    Name: A Stage for Killing
    Checkpoint: Hope Fair
    Difficulty: Normal
    Code: 7-1840--86859-JAKM

    Description: Three targets in "Hope Fair." Weapons used are the brick, bare hands, and the sniper rifle. The challenge comes in the sniping shot and disposing of all the bodies.

    Checklist: Only kill targets, no shots missed, don't be spotted, no disguise changes, and hide all of the bodies.

    Have fun!

    *almost forgot: Platform: PS3

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    The Terminus Treason

    Alright y'all, in this contract I went for a more story driven infiltrator feel. If you enjoyed the campaign I think you will find this mission really fun. It's not too difficult but i think it's pretty engaging with a decent pay off.

    Title: The Terminus Treason
    Platform: PS3
    Checkpoint: Terminus Hotel
    Difficulty: Normal
    Checklist: Do not be spotted, Only kill targets, Hide all bodies
    ID: 7-0210-504247-JAKM

    A member of prominent activist group has set a contract on three comembers planning on resorting to violence for their cause. The targets consist of two lookouts and a bomb technician posing as a mechanic. They intend to plant explosives to be detonated upon the arrival of state senator Calvin Hobbes. Make sure this does not happen by eliminating the lookouts and infiltrating the basement to find and kill the bomb technician.

    Let me know what y'all think!

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    Hitman Sniper Challenge:Silent Assassin

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