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Thread: Crashes & Save Corruption issue

Crashes & Save Corruption issue

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    Nobody is working on a patch ? Are you serious ?

    I had like 20 freezes on PS3 yesterday and the day before, all worst each others !

    - PS3 Slim 160 go
    - Happen like every 2 or 3 hours of restarting from the first checkpoint regardless of difficulty mode.
    - Not went to XMB menu or pushed select.
    - I've noticed it may happens when restarting ourselwes while we are killed and the screen goes gray. Not sure about it.
    - It WILL HAPPEN FOR SURE when there is the sound bug : you can't hear any voices, you're sure it will freeze during the game or at the end of the mission. For sure : the sound bug is linked to the freezes.
    - Freezes are recurrent, happens all the time on PS3 when playing for a long time and restarting from the first checkpoint.
    - Save of the level played is lost and have to do again the level.

    Can you stop ignore it and fix it ? We PAYED for this game and it doesn't work. Yesterday I had 20 freezes at least and the last one was the worst : screen turned black in the middle of the level doing no specific action, and the console was totally frozen : couldn't even restart it with ON/OFF button : it was stucked ON with the green light and impossible to shut down the console, had to unplugg it... I thought Hitman killed my console and I was about to kill you guys.

    I'm preparing my fiber wire in case you don't fix that bug !

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    a couple of crahes... the last one destroyed my saved game

    xbox 360

    1st crash: 3 blinking red lights
    2nd crash: game froze. After restarting, no save game.
    As I'm playing in "purist" I cannot do custom saves

    basically, I've payed 45 bucks for a broken game

    too bad, the game was nice

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    My copy started crashing on Xbox 360 as well after 2 months use. On every mission, the console locks up after the first 5 seconds of the mission intro video. On every single mission. I have to hard reboot. I have reset the cache and refused to apply the Hitman update, so I'm playing offline.

    Now the video sequences play flawlessly, but the missions don't load afterward. Every single mission. I just stare at a barcode screen. So I install the update. Now the videos again crash.

    I went to gamestop and purchased a second new copy of the game. Guess what, same result. I clear the cache, now the game doesn't even boot (crashes with black screen).

    Is there a solution or work around?

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    Originally Posted by Za Fuuru
    Why didn't you back up your save file on another drive? It's easy and it's the best solution to solve this kind of problems.
    Because the game should run smooth so we don't need these alternative routes!
    They sold us a piece of garbage what could have been a badass game!

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    Thanks for the broken game Eidos. The freeze glitch has happened to me so far 3 times on my XBOX 360 Elite. I love that no one is actively working towards fixing this broken pile.

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    I lost my save as well. 15/20 levels complete and it's over. I've been a Hitman fan and played them all but this is upsetting an frustrating. Mine froze as it autosaved during a cutscene at mission start. Very disappointed in Eidos for the bugs and the lack of a proper fix!

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