Thread: [PS3] Instinct/Blending In

[PS3] Instinct/Blending In

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    [PS3] Instinct/Blending In

    The "blending in" function of instinct mode doesn't work. I have 47 in a disguise and as I try to walk past someone in the same outfit, I press and hold R1 to blend in but instead it shows me the controls for point shooting and 47 doesn't hide his face. The only time blending in worked was in the tutorial. I don't have any weapons equipped either.

    Kinda making the game unplayable.

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    Checkpoint and Disguise Issues!!

    I'm having a seriously ROUGH time with the faulty "Disguise" system Which Hardly works. I get noticed Too Fast and have to restart the level over and over and over, or try to salvage by killing everyone in the map who has a gun, and the Checkpoint thing; I restart from a previous checkpoint only to find that all the Bad guys I previously, stealthly and painstakingly "Took-care-of" are now back where they were, but now I'm just a bit further in the map. Checkpoints are way too few If they Are to work for the player. I've been a fan of the series on the PC since "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" "Hitman: Contracts" and of course "Hitman: Blood Money". This one however is Extremely Hard sometimes, It's almost Not even fun enough to be worth replaying as All the other Hitman games were for years, and I'm only playing on Normal. Please, I hope there's going to be some solution to these Problems in the Near future so that this one May hold it's own replay Value to the rest of the series... perhaps a Patch for the PC Please ...??