Like so many other I experience that Hitman freezes on the startup video. I can escape through the vid, but then again it crashed as i was navigating the menus. Tried many times and got as far as the NewGame start before it crashed again.

I had similar problems on the sniper challenge before you patched it and I was able to play it some after making a speciallized link to it on my desktop.
I was able to play the game to some extent after setting admin rights for the game for all users. The same applies here, but the game still freezes at random points.

My rig:

Intel I7 960
Nvidia GTX 680 with the 306.97 WHQL drivers
6 GB memory
Win 7 *64

ps: tried update to the 310.61 beta braphics drivers, but it still didnt work.
The game seems to have random crashes, but most often on the movie sequences. I cant even get through the introductory part of the game.

pps, have tried to repair game cache too, to no avail.

DXDiag capture

64 bit DXDiag capture