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Contracts Mode

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    Contracts Mode

    I am just wondering, on the PC version of H:A.
    Contracts mode only seems to be for people that are on your friends list on STEAM... I feel this is really lame, as contracts was what i was looking forward to most. I can't see peoples contracts globally, and haveto rely on friends making contracts and inviting me to it. I feel, that i may be missing the "public" selection of contracts... If not, well, i think their should be an option to make contracts public.

    Voice your opinion, i really want to sort this out.
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    you say waht?? that is bull... i don't have friends playing hitman, so ho am i suposed to enjoy the whole game if its onely for listed friends... thats something that should be fixed straight away..
    i have to say that i have not been able to play the contract bit yet, because i just got to play and recived the error message when i tryed.

    but any way, something should be done if its onely for friends...

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    Yeah, that's right mate. From what i have seen, you can only publish a contract and get contracts to play from the featured list "IO Interactive Made" and your friends that have made one. Have not seen a public area.
    IO Dev's can we please get a confirmation as to if you are working on a public contracts mode? Friends list only is a MASSIVE downhill slide.
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