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    Dear Eidos/Square Enix,

    I purchased Hitman: absolution, the professional edition and received it today. I wanted to install the game but found that it only installed Steam and took 30 minutes for that - mostly because of steam updating.

    Now that it has installed Steam it is trying to download the entire game through it and after ~30 minutes it's at 2%. I simply do not understand why the entire game is downloading through steam when I have the DVD set.

    I tried browsing the DVDs but there's no setup file for the game itself. At this rate it'll take 24 hours to download the game which is frankly ridiculous. Please help

    - Kasper

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    The game disc would definitely have a setup.exe on disc 1. alongside a few depotcache files

    30 mins to install steam? steam is only a few MB..

    I take it you now have steam installed and have activated the code for your account yes? <-thas me hehe
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    This is correct. The only setup file there is is for steam (disc contents:

    The installation of Steam wasn't the issue, but after I installed it I got a window that said "updating steam platform", which took 30 minutes. After Steam had installed and updated it prompted me for my DVD key for Hitman which I entered and it started downloading the game.

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