Thread: PC Game keeps crashing

PC Game keeps crashing

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    PC Game keeps crashing

    AMD 4670 Crossfire, Windows 7 x64
    The game crashes during intro video if I don't hit esc. Then random crashes in game. Game freezes, if I switch out of the game, hitman5.exe crashes

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    and with exclusive full screen off, if I switch out of the game, it disappears in task bar but still runs in background.....
    so many problems...
    Actually with exclusive full screen off the game crashes in 15s.... so whatever.... this

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    btw the crash happens at every movie.... after 47 got the girl and started the car, freeze again...
    the mouse icon can be shown in the middle of the screen when I move it (in a small square in the center of the display), and that's it... if I ctrl+alt+del, it crashes

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    hitman5.exe? thats not the name of the exe.. can you please confirm exactly the filename of the error.. are you just taking the name that taskman states?

    What cat drivers you running? <-thas me hehe
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    Catalyst 12.6 and 12.10... 12.11 beta is not available for HD 4670
    Will crash dump help? I have like 20 dumps in game folder. I will double check the system log later on today.

    btw I am using HDMI for audio so audio card driver should be irrelevant I think

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    dumps and dxdiag here

    tried different video settings even lowest, still crashes
    benchmark runs fine avg 30fps medium 1680*1050

    tried disabling desktop composition, did not help

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    The game freezes in every movie scene.... if i don't hit esc to escape it.. not always crash at the same scene tho
    And random freezes during gameplay. After it freezes I hit ctrl+alt+del it's like shown in pic hitman5 crashed...

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    Having the exact same problem.
    I've reinstalled the game 3 times now, doesn't work, i even validate my steam files and they are 100% okay.
    I can start the game but the moment I click on "New Game", the woman starts talking and my game crashed.
    Any other suggestions that I can try to make it work?

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    I can confirm steam file validation and reinstillation does not solve any problem.
    I contacted support and got an automated response....

    Eventaully I uninstalled AMD driver and the game seems to be working now... without crossfire and anything that requires the AMD driver.....