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Thread: Hitman Absolution DirectX Error

Hitman Absolution DirectX Error

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    Originally Posted by Weeke
    I get the same DirectX error DXGI as everybody, device removed... It's weird though, for I played the game yesterday and the day before yesterday, working perfectly fine! I played it for quite some hours in a row, no error at all. Only today, when I was playing the game I got errors, but only at the end of the levels, never in the middle of one! I also noticed that, since this error started occurring, the sound in the cutscenes started lagging, never had that before. I'm running everything on medium quality, msaa and fxaa are disabled, anisotropic on 2× and vsync enabled (like suggested above). This gave me extra gameplay time, but again after a few missions, it crashed with the same error...

    For the dev's, here are my specs:
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Intel core i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80 GHz
    8,00 GB RAM
    Nvidia GeForce GT 525M video card
    DirectX 11
    You have about the same specs as me, although I have more RAM and nvidia geforce GTX 460. I tried turning down all the settings but the only thing that worked for me was lowering the the resolution AND turning off SSAO completely. You should be able to run the game, you just have to sacrifice the resolution for a lower one. Then you should be able to run the game with all the other settings on highest.
    I know the benchmark says you should be able to play on highest resolution, but it is lying. The game is way more complex than the benchmark, which ostensibly sucks balls and is completely useless. JUST LOWER THE DAMN RESOLUTION AND TURN OFF SSAO and all the time I spent researching and testing would have some sort of meaning.

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    I think the problem is finaly solved isn't it? Saw there is a new patch as well.

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    Hi Guys!

    Please, try this one: Hitman Absolution launch screen/Options/Display tab: set MSAA -> Off

    I had the same serial crash with Radeon HD 7770 and this setting has solved my problem.


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    Hi. I just solved the same problem "Directx Fatal Error". I have GTX 660 ti[2048 MB] And also Nvidia driver 310.64[Beta]
    So follow this steps:
    1.Go to the cmd[command line], type bcdedit /deletevalue increaseuserva then press enter.
    2.If your game still doesn't work go to the settings(just before the game), put all the settings on the low[except resolution, of course], VSync too.
    3.Then in the game you can try to put your settings on the max little by little.

    For now the game works for me in max settings. I hope i help you.

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    Registered just to post this...So...We are now in August, 9 months after this error was first reported, and there are still no patches available that fix this issue (nor are there any real ways to manually fix it. It doesn't matter if you run the game in offline mode, turn everything to low settings, and turn the rest off, such as FXAA, Tesselation, SSAO, or anything else, it doesn't fix the problem for me, and I have a powerful computer), and there have been no public announcements about the problem from neither Eidos nor Square Enix for months, and they have completely ignored any complaints from us about the problem for just as many months, including from those of us that ask for refunds. They have remained completely silent in both this thread and other places for ages, apparently dead set on ignoring the problem, and us, their users and buyers of their games, apparently thinking we have no rights what so ever, and/or not caring...

    Are we really just gonna take this lying down? I'd say completely ignoring us like this for so long, and refusing to either help us or give us a refund when they have delivered us a broken product is a breach of our rights as customers. Maybe the rest of you don't care enough, but I certainly don't feel like just accepting this kind of treatment and just saying "oh well, nothing I can do". I paid full price for this game, pre-ordering it from Gamestop, and after all this time I haven't even managed to get past the fourth level in the game because of this error! Eidos and Square Enix are treating us like ! We should *** sue their asses! Now I have had enough! I DEMAND a response from a member of staff on this forum within a week, or a fix for the problem, or a public announcement about the error (or a mix of these three), or I will look into what legal measures I can take, and I hope that I won't be alone if it comes to that, and that some of you guys will be behind me. If they can't bloody fix this problem after all this time, then they should at least pay us back our money, or at least have the decency to reply to our posts instead of ignoring us for half a year! Tell me I'm wrong!

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    i had this problem too playing hitman5 since the release day, already had +20 minidump crash(DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED) on my steam hitman folder (i have legit professional edition on steam).

    i already tried everything that suggest by the internet, and still has the problems 'till today.
    (my driver all uptodate, my temp cpu&gpu are fine, my Rig (3570k+560ti1gb+8gb, OS 64bit system)can handle this game smoothly (in game & benchmark), everything at maximum setting, AA off, FXAA on, 1080p or sometime i lowering it into 1440x900p on old monitor)the problem still occur.

    FYI This problem (DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED error) is not only appear on Hitman5, it also appear on other new DX11 game such Crysis3, ArMA 3, Civ5, even 3dmark, etc etc

    It seems this is a MAJOR bug from Windows/DirectX11 itself, no official documentation by developer or whatever, and still no permanent solution to fix
    (that website say running dx9 is perfectly fine, but problem with dx11)

    crysis3 problem:

    arma3 problem:


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    Hi, first forgive my english lol

    My game crash allways with the DirectX fatal error Out of Memory, and i dont know how to fix that, please help me... if there is no way to fix that, how can i get my money back?

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