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Thread: Stuck up at Obelisk of Khamoon

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    Stuck up at Obelisk of Khamoon

    Hello Guys,

    just wondering if anyone can help me with this...this has happened to me twice now... i am playing tomb raider on my laptop..In Obelisk of Khamoon when you enter from the left bridge, there are few traps...first blades, i crawl down under then so no issue, then a ditch with a pillar, i jump to the pillar then ahead, again no issue...then a moving brick which come the problem starts the next one where again there is a ditch with a pillar and at the same time moving blocks...i cannot cross these despite my best efforts...i read all the walk through, video walkthroughs, tried jumping just when bricks are about to open but in vain...lara either jumps direct in the ditch or on the pole and brick walls crush her.. this happened to me 3 years back also and i left the game at that point and its happening now also.... Can anyone help???

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    Sounds like a direction problem. In this game, the point of view dictates which direction
    button to use during a jump, i.e., viewing her from the rear, the up button is forward.
    Viewing her from the right side, the right button would be forward and so on. Try that.

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