Thread: Who Remember's DW and Nintendo Power?

Who Remember's DW and Nintendo Power?

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    Who Remember's DW and Nintendo Power?

    Awesome Penny Arcade Article:
    "How Nintendo Power helped introduce the United States to console RPGs"
    Is the title.

    I remember this, it's why I got Nintendo Power and DW, I was learning disabled and maybe 13 or 12 still with
    reading issues, and my father (never a fan of video games as a medium) got it realized what the NOA president did,
    that it could help my reading skills, and it did Dragon Warrior was to my reading what Mario was to my motor co-ordination,
    although the motor thing was lost a little in future problems, likely neuro. But even now Mario and even Kart helps.
    Video games won't make idiots of people, although bringing voice talent into it (and I am a great advocate and look to
    break into voice work) may ruin the quality of reading improvements, unless you want it an little kid mode.
    Even as a pre and regular teen LD I didn't need it read to me, I was making it quicker and comprehension,
    what followed playing this, I had trouble explaining to my mother what I read in the Ninja Turtle Movie book (I like turtles
    and killing them in Games is a hard thing to do.) and she said think of it as a Video Game, oddly enough drempt up
    an idea for a TMNT one, it was drawn up and not taken. Experience in "Non-Solicited" ideas thing. Although it wasn't an issue just
    refusal on the food fighter one. I am just prattling now, point is, my development was boosted by the wisdom of Howard Phillips,
    not sure if that was the presidential candidate as well, but it's likely a common name among dutch ancestors.



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    I remember Nintendo Power. I loved the Howard and Nester comics!