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Thread: Forum comp #10 - design your own forum banner! [winners announced on p19!]

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    Forum comp #10 - design your own forum banner! [winners announced on p19!]

    Edit 17 Nov 2012: Winners announced here:


    It's competition time again!

    (Short attention span? Don't fancy a long read? Click HERE for a super short summary of this contest!)

    We are currently in the process of expanding our forum skin set. On top of the dark themed skin that the TR9 section of the official forums has been sporting since its inception back in the fall of 2010, members will soon also be able to choose from a light themed TR9 skin. It will be similar to the default vBulletin 3 skin that we're using in other sections here. Now, instead of the forum staff or Eidos' web team creating the forum banner for the new skin, as usual, we thought it would be a nice idea to give the community a chance of having their creations in the limelight by displaying fan made banners in this soon to be released new forum skin. So get creative and show us your Photoshop skills!

    The banners you create must be exactly 950 pixels wide - no more and no less! This is because the forum contents are set to a static 950 pixels and the banner must align with this, see example here. The height of the banner allows for a bit of flexibility in your design - you may choose anywhere from 100 to 220 pixels for the height.

    Design Tips:
    • The less high you can make the banner, the better. Sometimes less is more
    • The official media thread is packed with HIGH RES unwatermarked TR9 media and logos that you can use.
    • Don't make your banners too dark. The background color of the new forum skin will be a very light blue - hex code #F1F3F8.
    • Use PNG images instead of JPG/GIF for best image quality.
    • You can use quotes from the game in your banner to make it "pop" more. For example:

    A little housekeeping:

    • Every forum member may enter with up to 5 (FIVE) different banners. Please note that these have to be significantly different banners; if you just slightly edit one banner and post it as a new entry, it will not count. You *are* still allowed to post slightly different variants of the same banner, as we may still use them in the new skin, but only 1 of them will be valid for voting in this competition, so please place all variants inside [ spoiler ] tags and only leave 1 of them directly visible in your post, to make it clear which one of them you want to enter with. Click here to see an example of this.
    • Entries will be collected on-the-fly and placed in the second post of this thread. The second post will be used by the judges for voting. If you wish to edit/improve your entry after you already entered it into the competition, you need to make a new post with the edited banner and request your old version to be taken out of the second post.
    • This comp will run for at least 1 whole month. So plenty of time to create something awesome. Don't rush it and take your time

    There is some exclusive and rare booty up for grabs this time, check out the awesomeness below!

    Prize set #1: Branded Ogio Backpack + Camelbak water bottle + Crossroads Lithograph

    Prize set #2: SIGNED Crossroads Lithograph (Rhianna, Camillia, Karl, John, Noah) + Tomb Raider T-shirt (size L)

    Prize set #3: Crossroads Lithograph + Turning Point Lithograph

    (click image to enlarge)

    An official jury will pick the first and second winner. Third winner will be randomly drawn using to encourage participation by those who may not be artistically inclined. The first winner may first choose which prize set to receive. Second winner will choose as second and the random draw winner will receive the remaining prize set.

    The usual obligatory jury FYI: The official jury will consist of Eidos Forum staff members and/or Square Enix employees. The (forum) names of the jury members and their votes will be publicly available once the winners have been announced.
    How to enter:
    Step 1 - Upload your image using (choose "Entry for competition #10")

    Step 2 - Copy the generated forum BB code and post it in this competition thread.

    (Why specifically this image host? Read info here.)
    The rules

    • Maximum 5 entries per person/household.
    • The deadline for submitting entries is November 6th, 2012 at 12:00 PM CET.
    • Keep your entry clean, in good taste and in accordance with our FORUM TOU.
    • The forum banner(s) to be used in the new skin may be chosen independently on the outcome of this competition. We may also choose to use none of the entries in the new skin, depending on quality.
    • We reserve the right to extend the deadline, for example if we receive a low number of entries.
    • In the event of a tie, the person who posted first wins.
    • Contestants can only win 1 prize; not a combination of for example 1st prize and 3rd prize.
    • In cases of suspected fraud, winners are responsible for proving ownership of their entry in order to claim their prize.
    • Any entry that the forum staff deems inappropriate or not complying with the rules will not qualify and will be removed from this thread.
    • Winners will be notified via PM or email. Winners must respond with their postal address within 2 weeks of being notified or else their prize may go to someone else.
    • Judges decisions are final.

    Good luck, everyone!

    This contest in a nutshell: Create a forum banner for our new light forum skin. example The banner must be exactly 950 pixels wide and must be from 100 to 220 pixels high. Use PNG instead of JPG/GIF for best image quality. Upload your banner using this link and post the image code in this thread to enter the contest. You may enter with up to 5 different banners. You have until November 6th. Good luck

    * * * Forum comp history and previous winners collage * * *

    APR 2010: Forum Easter egg hunt | JUL 2011: Guess the number | AUG 2011: Photoshop caption fun | NOV 2011: Meme comp | DEC 2011: Create a Christmas sig
    FEB 2012: Create your own V-Day card | MAR 2012: Easter Fun | APR 2012: TR Fan Art "By Hand" | JUL 2012: The Fabulous Destinations of Lara Croft | SEP 2012:
    AoD caption contest | OCT 2012: design your own forum banner


    Small print:
    1. Winners will be notified within 52 days of closing date by e-mail or Private Message on 2. A list of winners, including names and country, will be available within 6 weeks of competition closing. These can be obtained by sending a Stamped Addressed Envelope to the Promoter (see 9 below). 3. Square Enix Europe accepts no responsibility for entries/prizes lost or distorted in transmission. 4. There is no cash alternative to the prizes. 5. Square Enix Europe reserves the right to substitute prizes with others of at least equivalent value. 6. Competition not open to employees of Square Enix Europe, their agents and suppliers. 7. The Promoter's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to. 8. No purchase necessary. 9. The competition promoter is Square Enix Europe, Wimbledon Bridge House, 1 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3RU. | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    In this post I will be collecting all entries that will be used for voting.

    Entry # 1001 by FearEffect

    Entry # 1002 by FearEffect

    Entry # 1003 by FearEffect

    Entry # 1004 by FearEffect

    Entry # 1005 by doppeL

    Entry # 1006 by Roli

    Entry # 1007 by doppeL

    Entry # 1008 by FearEffect

    Entry # 1009 by Roli

    Entry # 1010 by Elliot Kane

    Entry # 1011 by Shapeshifter

    Entry # 1012 by doppeL

    Entry # 1013 by Roli

    Entry # 1014 by dark7angel

    Entry # 1015 by adobeARTIST

    Entry # 1016 by adobeARTIST

    Entry # 1017 by dark7angel

    Entry # 1018 by dark7angel

    Entry # 1019 by Roli

    Entry # 1020 by larafan25

    Entry # 1021 by AireTam

    Entry # 1022 by AireTam

    Entry # 1023 by AireTam

    Entry # 1024 by larafan25

    Entry # 1025 by Shaikh

    Entry # 1026 by aragorn2

    Entry # 1027 by doppeL

    Entry # 1028 by Corrupt Templar

    Entry # 1029 by Corrupt Templar

    Entry # 1030 by JiLL_Croft

    Entry # 1031 by JiLL_Croft

    Entry # 1032 by JiLL_Croft

    Entry # 1033 by JiLL_Croft

    Entry # 1034 by JiLL_Croft

    Entry # 1035 by evertjr

    Entry # 1036 by evertjr

    Entry # 1037 by evertjr

    Entry # 1038 by Lizard2011

    Entry # 1039 by JKWhitaker

    Entry # 1040 by JKWhitaker

    Entry # 1041 by Tomb Raider/

    Entry # 1042 by Tomb Raider/

    Entry # 1043 by Zebra

    Entry # 1044 by SimBoy48

    Entry # 1045 by SimBoy48

    Entry # 1046 by SimBoy48

    Entry # 1047 by SimBoy48

    Entry # 1048 by SimBoy48

    Entry # 1049 by laraider

    Entry # 1050 by laraider

    Entry # 1051 by raider3

    Entry # 1052 by redkeith

    Entry # 1053 by redkeith

    Entry # 1054 by redkeith

    Entry # 1055 by lionessrampant

    Entry # 1056 by Corrupt Templar

    Entry # 1057 by Corrupt Templar

    Entry # 1058 by raider3

    Entry # 1059 by adobeARTIST

    Entry # 1060 by adobeARTIST

    Entry # 1061 by Ladydarkrose

    Entry # 1062 by hiropon056

    Entry # 1063 by Coralie

    Entry # 1064 by TombeauCroft

    Entry # 1065 by Tomb Raider/

    Entry # 1066 by Tomb Raider/

    Entry # 1067 by Tomb Raider/

    Entry # 1068 by hiropon056

    Entry # 1069 by Coralie

    Entry # 1070 by Shaikh

    Entry # 1071 by rikardoooh

    Entry # 1072 by rikardoooh

    Entry # 1073 by rikardoooh

    Entry # 1074 by hiropon056

    Entry # 1075 by R_Croft

    Entry # 1076 by R_Croft

    Entry # 1077 by R_Croft

    Entry # 1078 by R_Croft

    Entry # 1079 by larafan25

    Entry # 1080 by crazycordy

    Entry # 1081 by crazycordy

    Entry # 1082 by crazycordy

    Entry # 1083 by dark7angel

    Entry # 1084 by laraider

    Entry # 1085 by ltshaunbrownuk

    Entry # 1086 by _awestruck_

    Entry # 1087 by redkeith

    Entry # 1088 by doppeL

    Entry # 1089 by hiropon056

    Entry # 1090 by Roli

    Entry # 1091 by AireTam

    Entry # 1092 by TombeauCroft

    Entry # 1093 by blackseed32

    Entry # 1094 by ltshaunbrownuk

    Entry # 1095 by rikardoooh

    Entry # 1096 by Foundered

    Entry # 1097 by Foundered

    Entry # 1098 by Foundered

    Entry # 1099 by Foundered

    Entry # 1100 by Foundered

    Entry # 1101 by Coralie

    Entry # 1102 by Coralie

    Entry # 1103 by lionessrampant

    Entry # 1104 by Coralie

    Entry # 1105 by adobeARTIST

    Entry # 1106 by blackseed32

    Entry # 1107 by blackseed32

    Entry # 1108 by redkeith

    Entry # 1109 by lionessrampant

    Entry # 1110 by chibiJack

    Entry # 1111 by chibiJack

    Entry # 1112 by chibiJack

    Entry # 1113 by lionessrampant

    Entry # 1114 by AireTam

    Entry # 1115 by hiropon056

    Entry # 1116 by blackseed32

    Entry # 1117 by Luda

    Entry # 1118 by chibiJack

    Entry # 1119 by chibiJack

    Entry # 1120 by blackseed32

    Entry # 1121 by BrandonDurkin

    Entry # 1122 by BrandonDurkin

    Entry # 1123 by BrandonDurkin

    Entry # 1124 by R_Croft

    Entry # 1125 by PauloCarriel

    Entry # 1126 by PauloCarriel

    Entry # 1127 by PauloCarriel

    Entry # 1128 by PauloCarriel

    Entry # 1129 by PauloCarriel | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    Ooooh, you totally did take the idea and make it into a comp I'll get right on it!

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    good luck everyone looking forward to see your creations

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    i'll look forward to this thread and maybe i'll create a banner too

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    Hi, very good idea !

    Mine (First) :




    Last (Fifth)
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    This is very good!!

    I have no clue how to do such things and can't wait to see more awesome entries Do it like a Dudette! signature image

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    Want. That. Backpack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hiropon056 View Post
    This is very good!!
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    Aaaaah, this is the best competition EVER.
    OK, I grab my Photoshop... xD

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    Great competition. I wish I have a good photoshop skill.

    Fantastic entries FearEffect. Looks like FearEffect was ready before the competition starts.

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    hehe, FE is one of our resident Photoshop gurus. He's setting the bar high right from the start, I see! I like it | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    Yeah now others have to do super awesome stuff to surpass him. Looks like an amazing competition ahead.

    BTW one question, we have to use quote from new Tomb Raider only or we can use a quote from Legend, Underworld or any other Tomb Raider title?

    EDIT: Oh I guess its from the upcoming Tomb Raider considering this is for this section only.

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    @FearEffect: wow you are awesome!

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    Aww, so love them!

    Edit: just a short question: If I post a banner, then I add some effects on it (so posts both versions) that counts 1 entry or 2? Thank you!

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    i love the theme of competition!
    This is my first entry bassed on japanese tablets

    Hope you like!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Driber View Post
    hehe, FE is one of our resident Photoshop gurus. He's setting the bar high right from the start, I see! I like it
    A wild adobeartist appears and challenges you
    "Die Potato" "Not today!"
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    Well, have fun with this!
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    Damn, gotta install PS on my new PC, this looks like fun :3

    And nice job, FE, really like the third one, the colors, the sharpness and blurrines, font, the situation, nailed it!
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    you guys really rock this competition! Do it like a Dudette! signature image

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    Entry #1 (spent almost 6 hours on it LOL)

    Alternate versions:

    Entry #2

    Alternate versions:

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    :O 6 hours??! wow!
    It looks really good! Do it like a Dudette! signature image

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    Yes, you know cutting (worst part), coloring, try to find the best font, investigating, ect.
    Or it's just me who like "sitting" on something. xDDD
    Thank you, glad you like it!

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