I am getting mad at this. I have downloaded youtube video of this, still nothing is happening. When Batman have to use the cryptographic sequncer first to lock Quincy Sharp safely, I did it!!! But there after I can't blow any of the control panels, regardless of their difficulties. I have stocked here in this room for more than a week! I already seen enough posts about this gadget, still it doesn't help. In the video, I saw that to blow any panel, the sequncer have to show the brighter green signal continuously, like a computer hang. But when I do any combination(A+D+LMB+RMB), I see the bright green signal occurs & goes away, then again occurs & goes away, and it continues. Why it is not continuous?!!
Please help me. If you can't, then at least tell me what to do or what to click when that bright green light glows. I love this game. I don't want to uninstall it for this little issue. I am at 33% progress, still if I can't find any solutions,sadly I have to uninstall it.