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Thread: What do you think of Nosgoth? - Win a Custom Forum Title!

What do you think of Nosgoth? - Win a Custom Forum Title!

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    Cool What do you think of Nosgoth? - Win a Custom Forum Title!

    Hi all!

    We would really love to hear your positive thoughts about Nosgoth in one simple sentence, and you have a chance of winning a Custom Forum Title in the process!


    • Your sentence must be no longer than 30 words in length, and must include the word "Nosgoth" somewhere within it.
    • To enter, simply reply on this thread with your sentence using the format in the following example:
      "Nosgoth is great!" - Xenonetix
      (Your sentence in quotes, followed by your username. If your username is different on Steam from the forums, you are welcome to use that name instead.)
    • You will be entered into a Prize Draw for a Custom Forum Title. 3 people will be randomly selected for the prize.
    • You may participate as many times as you like, but your name will only be counted once in the prize draw.
    • Any copying of previous entrants will be discounted.
    • Competition closes at 10pm UTC/GMT on Thursday, 22nd May 2014.

    It's as simple as that! We look forward to your participation,

    ~ Xenonetix ~

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    "Nosgoth, because how else am I going to murder a human and then drink their blood without getting sent to jail?" - Squigiligimous

    Also holy crap this competition has one heck of a short timer... anyone else frustrated with the inability to put a line through words? Was hoping I could strike through "Murder" and put "Harvest". Oh well

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    "Nosgoth evokes both the effortless grace and power of the vampires and the gritty, determined ingenuity of the humans, bringing out both kinds of warrior in the player.” -Hashakgik888

    "These vampires are dark gods, and thinning the herd has never been as viscerally fun as in Nosgoth." - Hashakgik888
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    "Nosgoth grants us a chance to see a new part of the lore never experienced and see the setting of Legacy of Kain from a completely different perspective." -Khalith
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    "Nosgoth shows us what REAL vampires are (sorry, Twilight-Fans)!" ~ Varulven

    My english FTW!
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    "Nosgoth be like all vampirey and stuff. And you get to bite people. It's like vampireville meets zombieville." -cmstache
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    "Nosgoth is a gateway to a whole new, great and exiting experience to play vs other players in a competitive match, never have I played any other game like Nosgoth, giving it a whole new game feeling that many other games fail to do in this age of gaming." -ICantPauseItMom
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    "Nosgoth, here there be monsters"- Sanguise

    "These aren't your daughters vampires in the land of Nosgoth"-Sanguise
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    Nosgoth let's you be the thing that goes bump in the night, and then let's you shoot it in the face. -BOOMstyx

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    "Nosgoth is an amazing game with an incredible community of players and developers!" -MasterZtark

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    "Nosgoth combines gripping graphics and ceaseless entertainment similar to L4D without safe room rush, a solid foundation players and developers tinker with much potential to expand." -GluttonyFang

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    "Nosgoth is my childhood reborn, a rekindling of memories, a glorious whirlwind of blood and destruction. Nosgoth is entertainment at its finest." - Diaphonos
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    "Nosgoth is a shining example of a competitive game that rewards skill and teamwork, while still appealing to everyone and being incredibly fun!" - Cintax

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    "Nosgoth is an amazing fast paste multiplayer experience and it comes with a free nostalgia trip that we remember from the Legacy of Kain series" Soiu

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    Nosgoth brings a fresh new take on the classic 4v4 arena game, the visuals are amazing, and the balance is pretty good.

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    "Nosgoth is a promising addition to the "Tactical Action Multiplayer-PvP Arena Xenogeneic"-genre (short: Tampax ®) and has its roots in a dark, gothic game-world where morality is a twistable thing." -ThomasterXXL

    "Nosgoth is a genocidal potato-salad that tickles your anus in a good way." -ThomasterXXL
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    "Such Nosgoth, such fun. All this in an addictive vampire/human pvp game"


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    "Nosgoth is the ember of rebirth for the long extinguished inferno known as the Legacy of Kain; and I, along with countless others, will fuel this ember until that inferno rises once more like a phoenix from the ashes of its dormancy." -Livin

    (Drops mic and walks off the stage)
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    "Play Nosgoth because the vampires don't sparkle!" - Saybel

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    "A game that has asymmetric teams that requires finesse and proper teamwork to win: Nosgoth, coordinated slaughter" - Forbidden_Ally

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    "Nosgoth isn’t just an amazing game that you lose a couple of hours in - anyone looking at its history will find themselves among a very large and amazing community." - neoVictrix

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    "Nosgoth doesn't have a proper abbreviation for it's genre. MOBA technically fits, but as that term is used to describe other type of games, it needs something else." -Diexna

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    "The intense asymmetrical combat of Nosgoth is fresh and gritty, and something I've never seen before." -Myth

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    "Nosgoth - It lets you bring glory to the Clan Lieutenants, and then shoot their spawn in the face, ten minutes later. Win-win. Can't beat that!" - Black Cardinal Peaches

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    Black Cardinal Peaches, at your service. I stream things sometimes. Wanna see?

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    "Nosgoth is a game at which I'm not good at all but keep on playing beacause it is so much fun, also, legacy of kain ftw" -Phil four fingers

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