Thread: New Conflict Serie game ?

New Conflict Serie game ?

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    New Conflict Serie game ?


    I'd like to expose my wish to Eidos developpers, me, greatest Conflict Global Storm fan in the world

    Since this game, that i used to play on PC cooperativly with 1 to 3 other players, there is not any game which provides so good gameplay.
    I've discovered it in 2006, and I can still play it without boring me, even with another age graphics and technics, just because of its gameplay.

    This game was so simple that i can't understand why anybody inspires itself from.

    Just need to have various missions, differents maps with more or less number of path, with enemies and enemies spawns cleverly disposed to make the action really intensive, quite tactic, and fun, with friends falling one by one while enemies continue to rush and hurt you, players fearing to loose the mission untill there's no enemie or player left
    Use some medikits, find some ammos and go again.

    So much situations to tell, assaulting an MG nest with a smoke grenade and trying to flank it, being itself flanked from everywhere

    Global Storm make it so easily and simply.
    The AI is certainly very simple but can always surpise and own ourself.

    No need to try to be more and more original with 40 differents weapons, film like rythme (so linear...), scripts, shooting from planes, helicopter, RC car ... (what more, satelite shooting soon ? ).

    No need to try to be too realist with crippling and efficientless cover, just have to duck and lean, leave us our movement liberty.

    I want to quote games like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, even Gears of war wich are enjoyable, but try to overdo so there's something missing.

    There's others like Spec ops, but shame for me, shooter have to be played with a mouse and not a gamepad

    In the end, please, for furthers games of this type, don't try to overdo, just be efficient.
    Problem is nowadays games tends to casual, with auto health regeneration, only one way to go to avoid players getting lost or don't find where to go the first time.
    Risky to say but, it was better before

    I'm french so i expect i've expressed myself enough correctly to be understood.

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    I agree, the old Conflict games were superb.

    My favourite was Conflict: Vietnam, but they were all so enjoyable. I liked how both me and my co-op buddy could each control someone, switching between the 2 as and when. Why has no other military shooter offered that type of awesome co-op gameplay since?

    They were really engrossing, had great tempo (never too rushed) and possessed wonderful gameplay dynamics.

    Please bring out a similar game format/structure to the old Conflict series (pre-Xbox 360 & PS3) as there is nothing on the market like it.

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    waiting for 5 years

    Still waiting for a game like conflict;global storm. cannot understand why eidos taking so much time. Switching between players is really awesome. You can enjoy yourself as a rifle-man, machine gunner, sub machine gunner, sniper when ever you want. I have played all modern games. but none of them are not so adventurous like global storm. Eidos must introduce a new conflict game like global storm, not like denied ops.