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European PSN DLC!

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    Thumbs Down European PSN DLC!

    I have signed up today as I am a little annoyed, I have had Batman Arkham Asylum for some time now and Enjoyed it very much so.

    But my PS3 recently flat lined and I had to get a new one, And foolish me I could not remember the Login ID for my old PSN Account.

    Now when I came to download the DLC for Batman AA again it had all be removed except the Villain Challenge Map.

    So where is Play As The Joker Challenge Map?
    Where is Crime Alley Challenge Map?
    Where is Dem Bones Challenge Map?
    Where is Insane Night Challenge Map Pack?
    Where is Prey In The Dark Challenge Map Pack?

    All of these have been removed from the EU Market but are still up on the US Market!

    Why are we Europeans being left out here? It still says on Brand New Platinum Versions of Batman AA "Play As The Joker Challenge Maps". But this is a lie since the DLC has been removed from the Market and can now only be found on the Game of the Year Discs.

    As a consumer I find this unacceptable and it is also false advertising! I am not going to go out and pay another £25-£30 for a game I already own when the DLC should be on the market place still.

    I seriously hope this will be rectified as soon as possible.

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    Probably a glich, go buy arkham city
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    Originally Posted by Batman The Trailer Hunter
    Probably a glich, go buy arkham city
    Its not a glitch, and I own Arkham City and have beaten it many times. Still not as fun as AA