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Thread: STUCK on the first level! :(

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    STUCK on the first level! :(

    Hello, I really am a big fan of tomb raider and love underworld thus far with its beautiful graphics.
    I am on the first level, it is named The Mediterranean Sea,
    in specific on the part of The Norse Connection.

    So there is a room with a gate that is grap-hookable, with two pressure plates. on the right there is a hole in the top of the wall with a pole to climb in order to reach..

    Inside this room the hole leads to there is a pressure plate and two blocks. I have made the pressure plate stay with the blocks, however the guides say to throw them through the door while standing on the plate, HOWEVER IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    While holding the plate at the very edge, capslock(throw) does not let the blocks reach outside the door before it slams shut no matter what angle I am positioning. I spent a good hour or two trying.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE??? I can't even get past the first level! and its driving me sad, and crazy!

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    Try using one of the blocks on the plate instead of her and throw the other one out.
    I could be wrong but I think you only need one box to keep going.

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    The door slamming shut should not be a problem until Lara herself needs to exit (aka after you've tossed the blocks out)...I think you may be going about it the wrong way. If you're looking at the guide on, the part that says to "stand at the edge of the pad and roll forward through the doorway before the door closes" applies to Lara herself, not the blocks.

    What you want to do is move both blocks onto or near the pressure plate so they are in easy reach. Then stand on the pressure plate so that the door will remain open even if you didn't place the blocks on the plate. Now pick up a block and from on top of the plate, toss the block at the open door. It should end up just outside the doorway. Do the same with the other block. Once both blocks are through, it's Lara's turn, still standing on the plate, get as close as possible to the edge of the plate without causing the door to close. Now roll (Ctrl) towards the exit (press Ctrl several times so Lara goes through her gymnastics routine. You should get through with plenty of time to spare.

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