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Thread: STUCK in tomb raider underworld (bug/glitch)

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    STUCK in tomb raider underworld (bug/glitch)

    Hello, I really am a big fan of tomb raider and love underworld thus far with its beautiful graphics.
    I am on the first level, it is named The Mediterranean Sea,
    in specific on the part of The Norse Connection.

    So there is a room with a gate that is grap-hookable, with two pressure plates. on the right there is a hole in the top of the wall with a pole to climb in order to reach..

    Inside this room the hole leads to there is a pressure plate and two blocks. I have made the pressure plate stay with the blocks, however the guides say to throw them through the door while standing on the plate, HOWEVER IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    While holding the plate at the very edge, capslock(throw) does not let the blocks reach outside the door before it slams shut no matter what angle I am positioning. I spent a good hour or two trying.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE??? I can't even get past the first level! and its driving me sad, and crazy!

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    Jumping cubes

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you. I got Trunderworld for Xmas and none of the cubes used for weighting down the plates seem to be co-operating. I eventually got the first ones to work, not sure how, but only after chasing them around the cavern for a good hour or two. Now, here they are again, with the same problem, only I can't even get them to stay on the plates - they seem to have a life of their own. Throwing them at the doorway is not the answer, they always miss.

    Feel I've tried everything now and I'm getting so bored that I may just give up the game. Seems a pity, because as you say it is otherwise very good.

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    Stand on the very edge of the plate. If you step off a little bit more you'll be off the plate. Then, press and hold the throw button and the block will go passed the doorway. You'll have to do this several times more in different areas so it's good to practice now.

    Sorry if this is old and you've already gotten passed this part.
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    I'm having the same problem. I'm wondering if it's even worth continuing in case the same problem occurs again, Certainly very buggy on the PC..

    Don't the developers know about this? Very annoyed because it's clearly a bug.

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