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server help

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    server help

    my name is Prowtowes and I just perchist the game today it looks rely fun but i have a problem i cant play on any server right now. i wold like to know if some one cold help me switch the server I'm playing on or tell me how to do it so i can play asap. can't what to play.

    PS i only have 3k of the blue stuff and it states 4k any idea why

    TY fore any help

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    When in game there is an option to select EU Server or NA server (the screen where you select which type of game you'd like to play). Try selecting a different one, alternatively try to force it to change server by closing the game down, waiting a moment and logging back in...sadly there isn't a way to manually change the server.

    If you've not received all of your Runestone entitlement please report this to the SE Support Centre by raising a work ticket and they should be able to assist.

    Welcome to Nosgoth!

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