Ohey everyone, entirely new here so I apologise in advance if I've posted this in the wrong space

So I have the Tomb Raider: Trilogy game for PS3, I'm guessing the Underworld game was previously a PS2 format so I don't know if anything needs to be done differently.

Anyway, I myself didn't come across the Midgard Serpent bug, however my game still bugged in a way that I haven't read about anywhere. What happened was that I'd missed the first run back to the entrance from completing the second puzzle, so went to re-try the first, only to find that none of it was interactive anymore, so the wheel cannot be turned to re-open the entrance. I'm sure that I took a wrong turn somewhere to cause a bug of somekind, because I got hellishly lost on my motorbike and had to refer to a walkthrough, by which time it was too late

I tried the use of save games by downloading them and moving them across to my PS3 via USB, which went without any problems, however after disconnecting from the internet and deleting the data (both game and saved utility data) I found that the save games I'd then tried to move across would not show up in the game at all. I also tried to remove the trophy data patch but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do this so it might just be this that is stopping the games showing up.

Any help on this would be so so great, I totally cried when I ended up with not even a bugged game to play on